Gimbal lights

Gimbal lights

Today, the range of lighting devices includes just a huge selection of all kinds of products, therefore, not the slightest problems arise with the choice of the appropriate option for each type of room. One of the most popular types of lamps are gimbal models.

These types of lamps are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Every year gimbal lamps are gaining more and more popularity and are in great demand all over the world..


Almost everyone has come across gimbal lamps in their life, but not everyone knows that gimbal lamps are also called spotlights. At the moment, gimbal technology is used for the manufacture of most lamps..

A feature of gimbal lamps is a special structure that allows you to control the flow of light and direct it to the desired area of ​​the room.

Arranged gimbal lights are quite simple. The cardan is used in them just to correct the direction of the light flux. It consists of a double ring, the elements of which are placed one in one. They are connected with each other by special mobile connections. Also, these devices are equipped with a gyroscope, hence their other name – gyro lamps.

The outer ring of these light sources is attached to the lamp body in a movable manner. And the lamp itself is installed inside the central ring. Thus, the mobility of all components of the lighting device is ensured, and it also becomes possible to change the vector of the light flux.

The lamp device consists of the following elements:

  • Light sources, as which led-bulbs are often used, halogen models are less often used;
  • Solid metal panels, of which the lamp body consists.

Gimbal luminaires allow you to adjust the orientation of the light flux both vertically and horizontally. The gimbal-type lighting device can be built-in and overhead.

In fact, gimbal lamps are a number of rotary lamps combined with each other using a common body. Black, as well as gray and steel versions of lamps look very nice and stylish. Such options will look perfect in any modern interior..

Features and Benefits

Before purchasing gimbal-type lighting devices (overhead or built-in), you must carefully weigh all their pros and cons. The main advantages are:

  • Extensive functionality;
  • The ability to regulate directionality of the light flux of the lamp;
  • Long term of work;
  • Simplicity and convenience operation;

  • Wide range of models, allowing you to choose the right device for your room;
  • Excellent decorative properties – gimbal lights fit perfectly into any kind of interior. They are very versatile – they are suitable both for lighting large office premises (offices, warehouses, shops, etc.), and for creating pleasant cozy lighting in your apartment;
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors.

It is very important that the owner of these lamps has the ability to finely control all their settings: the brightness of the light stream, its power, saturation, uniformity, as well as tones (choose between cold and warm).

It is also worth noting such an important point – gimbal lamps do not overheat the body during their operation. This plays an important role in ensuring complete fire safety..

The lamps can be mounted both on the wall and on the ceiling, which is also very convenient. And if you use these lamps complete with led lamps, you can significantly reduce the amount of electricity consumed..


Nowadays, the range of gimbal type lamps is quite large. There are some differences between different models.

According to the installation method, ceiling and wall models can be distinguished.. Gimbal ceiling luminaires can be mounted using one of the following options:

  • hook;
  • spreaders;
  • brackets.

All three installation options are very popular today and are in great demand..

Cardan-type lamps (both wall and ceiling) are also overhead and recessed.

  • Overhead lamp types more versatile, can be fixed on any planes made of a variety of finishing materials.
  • Recessed luminaire has a narrower focus – it is fixed mainly on suspended structures to the ceiling, structures are made of plasterboard materials, as well as PVC films (used for stretch ceilings).

Cardan lamps are also divided into:

  • Single-module – spotlights for suspended ceiling structures (often built-in lamps);
  • Modular – the luminaire body consists of several rotary structures, which are combined with each other using a rectangular rail (most often these are overhead models).

Applicable lamps

Very often, halogen bulbs are used in these lamps.. Their advantages include:

  • Spot color capability, which allows you to accurately transfer all shades;
  • The luminous flux of the bulb allows for very good and clear viewing any little things in the interior of the room.

Today halogen bulbs very often used to illuminate all kinds of cafes and fast foods. Also commonly used metal halide bulbs. They provide a fairly uniform luminous flux. However, in terms of color quality, these devices are inferior to halogen products..

Another option for bulbs for use in gimbal luminaires is LED technology light bulbs. They are immensely popular and in demand..

Gimbal LED luminaires have a lot of advantages:

  • Led bulbs make the stream of light bright and contrasting enough;
  • High level of color rendering;
  • Can be used for both outdoor and indoor lighting;
  • Significant energy savings – about 80%;
  • Reliability and durability of devices;
  • Lack of heating of bulbs during their operation;
  • The ability to use both as a general light and as a backlight for any areas of the room.

The only drawback can be considered only the cost of led bulbs, which is significantly higher than many other options. However, their cost quickly pays off due to energy savings..

How to choose?

Of course, it is very important to choose the right device so that it is ideally suited for the tasks and the interior of the room, as well as meets all your requirements..

When choosing gimbal luminaires, you should consider the following nuances:

  • Features of the premises and its purpose;
  • Suitable place for installation – ceiling or wall;
  • How much light should be in a particular room;
  • Pros and cons of each version of the lighting device and the bulbs used for it;
  • Color rendering level;
  • The need to combine the shade of a stream of light.

If you think over all these points in advance, then you will be able to make the right choice quickly and easily, and the result will certainly please you..

Do not forget that a properly selected gimbal can provide high-quality illumination of all areas, both inside the room and outside – outside it. With a little creativity, using gimbal lamps, you can create not only a warm, cozy home interior in the living room or bedroom, but even stunningly beautiful and stylish lighting for showcases in the niche of shops and other trading floors. The most important thing is just to choose the right lamp and install it correctly..

You can take a closer look at the Grazioso 2 LED 2 * 30 gimbal LED lamp in this video.

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