Italian sconces

Italian sconces

Among all the lamps, it is the sconces that have the most ancient origin. They belong to the very first types of residential lighting: fire torches, which were attached to the inner walls of ancient palaces and castles. Italian sconces are very popular.

Design features

A sconce is a type of lamp that is attached directly to the wall. These luminaires are small, have one to three lamps, and provide a stream of directional light. Most often they have a shade, provide direct light flow to the ceiling or to the floor. There are sconces that are open on both sides and allow the light to travel in both directions. A standard wall sconce equipped with one lamp can illuminate an area of ​​4 square meters.

Placement and application

In modern interiors, sconces are often placed in offices, hallways, corridors or large halls (ballrooms or conference rooms), however, such lamps may also be appropriate in children’s rooms or bedrooms..

Sconces are usually placed three-quarters of the height of the wall between the floor and the ceiling so that they can be either at human eye level or higher.

Since these luminaires are often used to highlight specific points on the wall (works of art, plaques) with the help of light, their placement depends on the location of the lighting objects. In theaters, a directional light is used to illuminate the path between the seats when the overhead light is turned off. For this reason, these bras are often placed at ankle level..

Italian sconces meet high performance standards. Italian lighting fixtures are considered the best in the world. They have an aesthetic appearance, conform to a certain design direction and provide a high level of illumination. These characteristics are not accidental, they are the result of a successful combination of modern design trends with ancient manufacturing traditions..

The high level of Italian lighting fixtures is controlled by the state, to comply with the “Made in Italy” label, all lighting fixtures must comply with government certification.

According to a certificate that guarantees the quality of Italian products, all the production of lamps must be carried out in Italy. The product must be made from elements processed in Italy – and exclusively using high quality materials.

Standards and work practices are mandatory. Thus, the state takes care of preserving the age-old traditions of glass-blowing masters and maintains the impeccable level of Venetian lamps, a distinctive feature of which is a long period of operation..

The main characteristics of the traditional Italian production method:

  1. Abandonment of mass industrial production methods.
  2. Combining different styles.
  3. Particularly meticulous processing and manufacturing of luminaire parts.

Italian sconces are usually part of a collection of lighting fixtures created by a particular artist-designer. They have a reputation for being elite in the lighting world. They are copied by manufacturers around the world (like all masterpieces of design art), but products similar to the originals will never be able to provide the same level of quality of materials, workmanship and light output..

Manufacturers overview


This brand produces sconces made of exquisite Murano glass in delicate colors. Small plafonds resemble refined buds of purple, olive or amber flowers.

In the art deco style, two-lamp elongated shades are performed, illuminating both the top and bottom of the wall. Such models have a delicate golden or silvery sheen, these shades of color are called “sugar amber” or “sugar white”. Among the products of this brand, there are also techno-style sconces with spectacular details..

Reccagni angelo

This brand represents a strict classic Italian style, the models are often made of white glass, decorated with ivory painting. Plafonds, made in a traditional shape, are decorated with brass, dark bronze and wood frames. Pleated fabric is often used for lampshades, usually silk or matte organza. For decoration we use magnificent Scholer crystal pendants. On one base, there can be either one plafond or a pair.

St luce

This manufacturer produces sconces in high-tech, art deco, modern and floral styles. A distinctive feature of ST Luce lamps is the absence of plafonds or their deliberately utilitarian design. In models belonging to other directions, shades are often made of textiles, decorated with feathers and multi-colored crystal ice..

Odeon ligh

Odeon Ligh, in creating its collections, follows the standards of two design directions: techno and modern style, alternating from time to time with playful floristic-style lamps. Crystals, various metals, wood, textiles are used in the decoration of the shades..

Crystal pendants can be transparent or multi-colored.. Metal plating in lamps created in Art Nouveau or Art Deco style is performed with the effect of aging bronze or white gold with a patina. Minimalism is characterized by chrome and copper details.


This manufacturer makes many models minimalistic – for example, wall sconces with semicircular shades. However, among the products from Vitaluce you can also find floral lamps that look like bouquets of graceful flowers, as well as rustic sconces made in the classic tradition. They look very gentle. Forging stands out among the materials, you can often find complex shades of metal: black or white with silver, black gold, blackened silver.


Cavalli is a manufacturer of designer wall lights. These are memorable models made in Art Nouveau and Art Deco styles. Shapes of shades are easily recognizable – among them such options as a stylized image of a lady’s hand holding a small cup, as well as shades in the shape of a cup and a coffee pot.

Cavalli’s signature detail is the presence of elongated hollow tubes at the ends of the sconces, resembling the outline of an octopus tentacle. Some sconces are shaped like a bunch of grapes, on which the most delicate violets are scattered instead of berries. In the Cavall collections, shades can be made of both double-layer Murano glass and corrugated textiles. Decorative elements are copper or made from the famous Swarovski material.


This manufacturer presents luminaires in three main directions: classic, eclectic and unique Ottocento style. These are chic sconces made of Murano glass, with shades of the popular “Damascus” shape, which are decorated with sparkling pendants. Multicolored crystal beads, gilding, organza and printed silk lampshades are transformed into luxurious models with a classic form.

Meeting the demands of the times, designers offer lighting fixtures made of high-strength white plastic and decorated with wooden details..


Produces lamps in loft and modern styles. The Lussole loft is a pronounced industrial classic, the shades of such sconces can be in the form of gas lamps, horns and taps of the early 20th century. Interesting models are made using metal aging technology. Art Nouveau-style hemispherical shades are decorated with glass pendants and nickel-plated fittings, cylindrical shades benefit from the transition of frosted glass to transparent and an abundance of tiny LED bulbs.

Arte Lamp

The catalogs of this brand contain sconces for every taste – from classics and country to hi-tech and modern. Each product belongs to a specific collection.

Glass shades with metal-like inlays, lampshades made of fabric and light plastic, made in the form of weaving, look modest and sophisticated. The metal has various coatings: bronze, silver or light gold.


This manufacturer usually produces semicircular wall lamps, as well as classic sconces and models that resemble antique lanterns. They are made in various styles: modern, retro, cottage.


The brand presents models in the style of techno-minimalism, the basis of which is galvanized steel and aluminum. The plafonds are made in the form of glass cubes. Classic wall lamps can be made in the form of candle-lamps, located in bronze or brass candlesticks.

Art Nouveau and classic can be easily distinguished by the traditional shape of the lampshades, made of frosted or pastel glass.

For an overview of Italian sconces and floor lamps, see the following video.

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