LED chandeliers with remote control

LED chandeliers with remote control

Modern chandeliers look more like a complex electronic device than a familiar lamp. The appearance may not differ much from the usual devices. But the traditional incandescent lamps have long been replaced by economical LED.

Remote control LED chandeliers are very convenient and beautiful, and therefore are confidently gaining popularity. Using the remote control, you can adjust the degree of illumination from any corner of the room. But not every model will suit your apartment. In the article we will figure out what to look for when choosing a modern chandelier, what functionality it should have and consider popular models.


The chandelier has a built-in receiver that receives signals sent by a transmitter located in the remote control. It is through these commands that the light is controlled. And you don’t have to point the remote directly at the chandelier to do this. You can even control the light from the next room..

Also, inside a modern chandelier with a control panel, there is a transformer that is responsible for the operation of the LEDs. Its task is to lower the mains voltage and extend the life of the diodes. The base of the structure fits snugly against the ceiling and hides all internal elements and wires.

The main advantageous difference between LEDs and conventional bulbs becomes noticeable at the very first turn on of the light. The brightness of the diodes is much higher than the glow of the usual lamps.

In addition, a chandelier with LEDs allows you to save energy and, therefore, pay less bills. And such devices can be used for main, decorative, accent or local lighting..

The LED lamp is safe for humans, and unlike luminescent, it does not contain harmful mercury vapors. In addition, a chandelier with diodes does not heat up during operation and therefore can be used in rooms where there are stretch ceilings and similar coatings that are afraid of high temperatures. LEDs can even be directed towards the surface of the web.

Each chandelier for the home is unique, has several operating modes, backlighting, the ability to adjust brightness, several shades to change color, light music, etc. The remote control has several buttons, each of which is responsible for a specific operating mode.

Some models of LED ceiling chandeliers have a timer with which you can set the parameters for turning the light on and off. Such a device is suitable for families with children when the child sleeps in a separate room and is afraid to fall asleep without light..

The installation process of an LED chandelier with a control panel is not much different from the installation of a conventional chandelier. As a rule, the central part of the room is chosen to place the ceiling chandelier. All chandelier models are divided into two types: recessed and overhead. Fixtures are mounted on a special hook or with dowels.

Recessed models have a rim that must be embedded in the ceiling surface. For this, a special hole is made. Thus, the surface of the luminaire is flush with the ceiling. But often such chandeliers are attached in the usual way, because an additional 2 centimeters high rim does not stand out from the overall picture..

Despite the high cost compared to incandescent lamps, a diode chandelier has a more attractive appearance. Therefore, when choosing a lighting system for an apartment, house or office, decide what is more important to you: design, price or economy..


LED chandeliers can be different, but basically, all models differ only in external data and additional functions.

Before buying a chandelier, you need to pay attention to some nuances:

  • The size of your ceiling chandelier is very important. Before buying, you need to be sure that this model will be appropriate in this particular room. A large chandelier in a small living room will be absolutely out of place.
  • A ceiling chandelier for false ceilings can act as the main light source or can be complemented by spotlights. This combination looks appropriate, but not with all models. If you plan to organize lighting using several types of lamps, choose lightweight chandeliers without long elements..

  • The purpose of the room is also an important point, for example, a musical chandelier will be out of place in the hallway.
  • Modern backlit models can work without main light. The backlight can turn on and off color effects of different shades: blue, yellow, green, red, purple, etc. The color-changing chandelier creates a festive mood and can be completed with a column and a flash drive with your favorite songs for musical accompaniment. Depending on your wishes, you can change the lighting in the room, smoothly alternate colors or achieve a good combination of lighting and music. With light and music, the lighting and intensity in the room will change depending on the melody.

  • A dimmer is already built into modern lighting fixtures. Such functionality allows you to adjust the brightness of the light – to dim or maximally illuminate the room. Luminaires with built-in dimmer are an excellent choice for a bedroom or children’s room.
  • The most common LED-systems have from 2 to 4 operating modes: low lighting (half of the various lamps are working in two versions), turning on all bulbs and turning them off.
  • You can also control any chandelier using a conventional switch. It is better to immediately take care of connecting a two-key product. And it is important to remember that it is possible to operate with the remote control only when the switch is in the on mode..

Popular forms

Modern manufacturers offer a large selection of LED chandeliers for various interior styles: from high-tech to classic. And each of them can become a decoration of the room..

Crystal chandelier with beautiful details looks like a genuine work of art. Such models can resemble a cake in shape – a chic design, neat details, a lot of glass pendants and wonderful color overflows. Some models can be as if decorated with burning candles or voluminous meringues. Diameter can be up to 60 cm.

Chandelier “Saturn” has a simple and laconic design, such a model with frosted glass will perfectly fit into the interior in the style of minimalism, hi-tech or eco. Such a device does not have much functionality, but it is possible to change standard colors to suit your mood. There is no light and music function in the design, but such a chandelier can be connected independently and, importantly, it has a more democratic price..

The “Starry Sky” chandelier performs two functions at once: main lighting and decorative design. This is the personification of endless space in one room. The twinkling stars on the ceiling are mesmerizing and eye-catching. Definitely, a room with a part of the Universe will become the most beloved place in the whole house. Manufacturers offer Starry Sky chandeliers in three sizes: 98 cm, 142 cm and 187 cm. All models have a 2-year warranty..

Rectangular lamps and chandeliers in the form of a “tablet” are often used in the design of the Art Nouveau style. Such models do not take up space and are great for rooms with small ceilings..

Color solutions

Each chandelier model can be made in different colors. For a living room or dining room, diffused moonlight is perfect. And for the bedroom – the soothing light of a hot candle. In the study and kitchen, it is best to use LEDs with white cold light.

The color of the chandelier body is also important. It can be a matching shade with a ceiling covering or a contrasting color. Dark and brown look mysterious and sophisticated. And light and white – easy and concise.

LED bulbs let you play with color and spectrum. Moreover, each chandelier has its own set of modes. This can be a smooth change of colors or setting a certain shade to create the necessary environment..

Choosing a color palette:

  • Soft tones of yellow or transparent are great for home lighting. This light helps to quickly relax and does not tire the eyes..
  • White daylight helps to tune in to work and serves as a kind of stimulant..
  • Red color speeds up heartbeat and increases blood pressure.

  • Green helps with creative or meticulous work.
  • Light blue helps you relax quickly and works well for a bedroom or children’s room.
  • A sunny orange color is best for the kitchen, which increases appetite and improves mood..

Multi-colored chandeliers made it possible to transform the interior of a familiar room. And they will not leave indifferent any connoisseur of comfort and luxury. Although this function is not useful as such, it is very interesting to use it. With the onset of the evening, a colored chandelier will help change the atmosphere and mood.

Manufacturers rating

When choosing any device, you must first of all pay attention to the brand and country of the manufacturer. Most of LED lights are made in China and Germany.

Chinese chandeliers are not synonymous with low-quality cheap lamps. Often, goods of European and American brands are produced in the Celestial Empire. Such devices are of excellent quality and do not differ from Western and Japanese manufacturers..

Each model must have:

  • Quality certificate – if the seller cannot provide this document, most likely, you are offered to buy a fake.
  • Warranty period – the more the manufacturer is confident in the quality of his products, the greater the guarantee.
  • Strong and intact packaging.
  • Name of the manufacturer and supplier on the packaging, as well as contact details of the service center.


Modern chandeliers with a control panel are not yet in every apartment. Nevertheless, many have already appreciated the know-how of the lighting industry. Many buyers have appreciated the “Starry Sky” lighting system, which has a modern and stylish appearance and leave only positive comments: the reliability of the luminaire design, simple installation, long service life of the diodes and the indescribable beauty of twinkling stars. The lighting level can be adjusted and changed depending on the mood. In this case, you can turn off the main lighting and admire the flying stars. As commentators note, it is much easier to relax and unwind in such an environment..

Some users leave ambiguous comments about cake-shaped chandeliers. The advantages include a beautiful and unusual shape, functionality and the ability to use in a small room with low ceilings. But the disadvantages include bright color lighting, from which the eyes get tired, and a large number of small decorative elements that require special care..

Saturn and classic models in the form of a plate are easy to install and do not take much time to install.

As you can understand from the reviews, it is possible that the owner of the LED chandelier will have to deal with the repair of the device. And buyers are complaining about multiple LEDs failing because it can be very expensive to replace multiple bulbs..

Also, negative reviews refer to the malfunction of some components in the design of the chandelier. For example, most often you need to replace the receiver or the remote control itself..

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of LED chandelier with remote control:

  • The main and main advantage of a chandelier with a remote control is its convenience. No need to get out of the couch or bed to turn off the lights or adjust the brightness. You can turn on all the lights or only part of it, without interrupting the movie. You can also make the lighting more subdued. Everything can be done with one finger.
  • Chandeliers with diodes are also distinguished by their speed and noiselessness. The change in shade occurs as quickly as the moment of switching on. No pulsation helps to cope with eye fatigue.

  • For continuous operation, it is only necessary to periodically change the batteries in the remote control, as a rule, these are two little finger batteries.
  • Savings – firstly, the ability to control the light level allows you to consume less electricity, and secondly, the LEDs require little power consumption to operate.
  • Significantly longer service life. Such models will last for 50 thousand hours, which is about 10 years. And at the same time, voltage drops are not terrible for LEDs..
  • You can control the chandelier using the remote control at a distance of 30-100 meters, depending on the model. At the same time, the wall is not an obstacle for the signal passage..


  • The main disadvantage of modern LED chandeliers with a remote control is the price. The cost for such improved models with great functionality is much higher than for conventional chandeliers. But any model will pay off within 4 years..
  • The price of light bulbs is also added to the total cost of the device. Buying and replacing diodes is a considerable expense.
  • LED bulbs are afraid of moisture, therefore, chandeliers with diodes are not recommended for use in the bathroom.
  • Another important disadvantage is that there is always a chance of losing or breaking the remote control..

How to turn on?

The main thing to pay attention to is the type of wiring. Modern LED chandeliers with a remote control are best connected to a three-core wire. But if two-core wires are used in the apartment, it is also possible to install the device..

The connection diagram is quite simple and is indicated on the body of the internal elements of the chandelier. It will not be difficult for an experienced electrician to install the chandelier. The entire system is located at the base of the luminaire and only needs to be connected to a switch. The structure is attached with four brackets. The radio control unit or controller and electronic transformer remain in the interior of the chandelier and are carefully attached to each other.

All bulbs are connected to the controller beforehand. All wires must be insulated during wiring. After installing the luminaire, the correct connection of all contacts is checked and the voltage is turned on. The main thing is to remember that the chandelier should not be placed at the junction of the ceiling stretch canvases..

The power of the luminaires is determined by the purpose of the room. For a living room, for example, the required level should be at least 200 L. For a kitchen, the same power will be enough, but it will be necessary to organize additional illumination of the working areas. For comfortable lighting of a bedroom or nursery, 150 L lighting is sufficient.

Some models have a built-in Wi-Fi unit, which allows you to turn on the chandelier through your phone or other modern gadget. To control from Android or another system, you need to download a special program.

Beautiful examples in the interior

LEDs began to be used for ceiling lighting relatively recently, so not everyone has yet had time to appreciate these devices. LED chandeliers are the most economical and modern.

The most unusual lamp is, of course, the Starry Sky. It fits perfectly into any room: living room, bedroom, nursery, office or even a hallway. This chandelier will surely appeal to children of all ages. In addition, the “Starry Sky” can be used in the design of cafes, restaurants, spas and retail premises..

Lamps with frosted glass are suitable for a living room, bedroom or children’s room. By scattering light throughout the room, they create a relaxing and welcoming environment..

In an office, classroom or studio, you can use LED chandeliers of simple shapes. White light will help you quickly tune in to the working mood, and the ability to adjust the brightness of the light will allow you to adjust the lighting and not strain your eyes.

The chandelier, unusual in shape, will perfectly fit into the interior in the Art Nouveau style. But when buying such a model, it is important to remember that such products require careful laborious cleaning. Chandelier with numerous rain beads suitable for a Parisian living room.

A beautiful chandelier can also serve as a luxury item.

In this video you will find an overview of the LED lamp with the Estares Saturn 60w remote control.

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