Linear LED Downlights

Lighting in the room and its quality are the key to comfort and coziness. Indeed, without good lighting, it is impossible to read your favorite books, do housework, cook a delicious dinner and gather at the same table after a hard day. Poor lighting makes you feel worse and affects your mood. High-quality lighting gives us a sense of peace and gives us the right level of light to the overall environment in the room..


It is very easy to choose a linear LED suspension, paying attention to some features, namely:

  • LED lamps are non-toxic and have no harmful components in their composition. Therefore, they are safer and will not harm human health. It is important that they do not overheat the air when switched on..
  • Economical compared to other types of lamps.
  • Evenly illuminate the space of the room, provided they are correctly placed.

  • The increased brightness of light due to the similarity with daylight does not tire the eyes. Concentration and density of light is ensured by intensifying lenses at the base of the LED lamps.
  • Will give comfort to your home for forty thousand hours. In addition, you should not be afraid of the detrimental effect of high humidity on the lamps. This quality guarantees their durability..
  • The linear LED bulbs are self-cleaning. This quality comes in handy if you want to use LED lights in the exterior of your yard..

Linear lamps will do without additional maintenance and repair throughout the entire operating time.

They are perfect for installation in hard-to-reach places, for example, at high altitudes..


Built-in LED luminaires are the optimal solution for rooms with stretch ceilings, but this is far from the whole sphere of their use. They will come to your aid while decorating walls and decorating individual elements..

It is the built-in lamps that are suitable in order to bring to life the most daring design ideas..

Thanks to the versatility of recessed luminaires, you will be able to:

  • Play with the drawbacks of the room while emphasizing its advantages.
  • Make lighting of furniture, stairs and decorative fireplaces, if any in your room.
  • Refresh the exhibition display and add the necessary accents with light.
  • Light up the work area in your room.
  • Suitable for both external and internal lighting.

Built-in lamps are designed for modern interiors, but they will look organic even in classic style..

Built-in linear models are multifunctional, if desired, they can act as both the main and additional lighting of the room, while the classic version of the chandelier will disappoint you with the accumulation of a stream of light at one point. Built-in lamps emit a uniform, diffused light that is pleasing to the eye and will appeal not only to you, but also to your guests.

LED luminaires are applicable for a wide variety of premises, namely office, home, production, sales area or educational institution..

On the Russian market, this type of lighting device appeared relatively recently, but has already managed to win its buyer due to the mass of positive characteristics. Their service life is more than twenty years at the rate of ten hours of work a day. At the same time, the strength of the stream of light does not weaken over the years..

LED lamps can be confidently classified as environmentally friendly, which means that they do not require special utilization. When choosing LED lighting, pay attention to the quality of the lamps. After all, the illumination of low-quality LEDs is perceived as unpleasant, cold.


It is worth noting the fact that foreign manufacturers have introduced LED lighting in many areas of life. The most significant implementation successes are from German, American and Japanese companies, while China is famous for its low cost LED lighting and is therefore popular in the Russian markets. Domestic manufacturers are working to ensure that LED lighting of their production successfully combines not only an affordable price, but also high quality..

Today, LED lighting has found its place in the following industries:

  • industry;
  • street lighting;
  • commerce;
  • architecture.

The main incentive for the creation and improvement of LED lighting is, first of all, the desire to save on electricity due to its rise in price..


LED linear luminaires can be conventionally divided into classes:

  • external ceiling;
  • built-in;
  • diode devices with sensor.

All of the above devices are used as a ceiling suspension for efficient lighting of premises. Ceiling lights come in a variety of sizes and shapes. To illuminate one room, you can use either one lamp or several that will complement each other in the interior. A huge number of types of lamps will allow you to choose the appropriate pattern and color, which is also important.

Built-in linear luminaires are designed for suspended structures and stretch fabric on the ceiling. They allow you to make your interior lighting unique. In the off state, linear lamps will delight you with integrity with the canvas and a single appearance.

Linear illumination is distinguished by a very simple installation system, while you should not forget about the increased accuracy in working with the stretch web.

Architectural lighting

A relatively new type of lighting that is rapidly gaining popularity. The technology of this backlight allows you to turn on the lighting when you are in the room and, accordingly, turn it off when you leave it. Designed primarily for use in the bathroom and kitchen. If desired, sensor devices can be installed to illuminate the entrance, technical room or street.


Perfect for a variety of spaces. Distinctive features are compact size and versatility in use. Thanks to swivel luminaires, you can save space without overloading it with volumetric shapes. It is actively used for interior zoning and creating a unique atmosphere in the room.


Just like the classic ones, touchscreens come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Thanks to their use, you will be able to create a harmonious interior in your home that will be relevant for many years. When choosing luminaires, first of all, take into account the specifics of your room. For example, a luminaire with the designation ip65 is suitable for a bathroom. This marking characterizes the device as moisture resistant..


Suspended linear LED luminaire is now at the peak of its popularity. These lighting fixtures will fit any interior, depending on the change of shapes and materials..


Surface mounted luminaire with LEDs has such qualities and characteristics as practicality, economy and attractive appearance. Thanks to this set, surface-mounted luminaires are pushing out competitors in the market at a high speed – everyone is familiar with chandeliers. One of the additional advantages is low price and high quality..


The main advantage that LED linear lamps have is the directionality of the light flux. Thanks to this feature, you can easily highlight a particular area in your interior. By playing with light, you will be able to create a room that resonates in the soul and engraves in memory..


A new and revolutionary product of its kind – slim LED bulbs. Such luminaires are distinguished by their reliability and increased safety. Thin panels fill the room with soft, flicker-free light. It is necessary to mount the luminaires, leaving a gap between the ceiling and the frame. Thin lamps will give you the opportunity to use different color modes in your room, thereby filling the atmosphere with the desired mood.


Designed to correct space. Suitable for visually increasing the height of the walls. Rectangular lamps are a godsend for creating a unique interior. Distinctive features are the severity of the forms combined with the softness of the colors. It is also worth noting the increased power of the luminescence from the LED lamp, thanks to which it will be appropriate in a room of any style..

Universal LED linear luminaires will help to equip office and administrative premises. Despite their purpose, they will be appropriate for residential premises. Corner LED lamps produce illumination from a right angle, look spectacular and appropriate in any interior. An aluminum profile is used to mount them in a corner. It is traditionally made from aluminum alloys. The profile can be different in size depending on your preferences, the length ranges from 1500 mm to 6000 mm. After direct production, the profile is subjected to heat treatment, which guarantees its durability in the future. Anodizing is also carried out, if necessary, on request..

How to choose?

First of all, in order not to be mistaken in the choice, you need to pay special attention to the technical characteristics of the lighting fixture and its compatibility with your interior. In addition, it is important to choose a bona fide manufacturer who cares not only about profit, but also about the high quality of its product. Depending on the purpose, determine the power of LED lamps you need. For example, for a small room, there is no need to buy bright huge lamps, and small lamps will be inappropriate in large rooms..

Features to pay attention to when buying:

  • Light wave opening angle. The area that will be illuminated depends on it..
  • The color scheme of the LED lamp. The shade of lighting that will fill your room depends on the color scheme..
  • The brightness of the light. The power of lighting the space of the room depends on the strength of the luminous flux of the lamps..

In order to ensure the quality of LED lighting equipment, many manufacturers turn to specialized laboratories or have one in their production..

Thus, buying proven LED devices, you can be sure of their high quality, not only in words, but also in deeds..

Modular designs

Linear luminaires of modular type are a field for realizing any of your ideas in the interior with the help of light. Modular luminaires are in great demand due to the ability to assemble a luminaire of the required shape and size with your own hands. This is made possible by the joint system that underlies every modular luminaire. This design is a unique blend of geometric shapes and images for your creativity..

LED lighting of the profile type is conventionally divided into three types: built-in, suspended and surface-mounted. Built-in linear lamps are suitable for creating accents in the interior, as well as as the main lighting in the room. Pendant lights look very stylish and are perfect for modern interiors. In addition to external advantages, they have functionality and practicality. It should be borne in mind that with this type of lamps it will be possible to illuminate a small area and the light will be directed.

Surface-mounted LED luminaires are, first of all, simplicity in design and ease of installation. They create both functional and decorative lighting in rooms. Suitable for all types of interiors and rooms.

Lighting fixtures will harmoniously complement the overall interior of any room. Thanks to LED lighting, a special aura is created in the interior, and elegance and comfort reign in the house. The lighting fixture will advantageously emphasize pictures, mirrors, stairs or furniture in your interior. With the help of it, you can transform even the simplest interior, which in the future will delight your guests..

Designer luminaires are popular with public service owners such as restaurants, hotels, office buildings and shopping centers. Due to their versatility, they are suitable for the improvement of a private house or apartment..

Frosted LED panels are ideal for office-type rooms. In addition, they meet all safety requirements and can be used in hospitals as well as educational institutions. Matte linear lights fill your room with eye-pleasing lighting.

Perfectly combined with wall coverings, as they will not harm them.


In order for the light to spread evenly throughout the room, experts in this field recommend placing lamps over the entire area. With this arrangement, the light will not remain in the space of less or more illuminated areas..

The installation of linear luminaires differs depending on their type. For example, invoices are easy to install. You just need to fix the luminaire to the ceiling surface using fasteners. Preliminary surface preparation and additional materials are not required. Please note that the protection class must be appropriate for the application. It should be borne in mind that the LEDs are attached in a certain sequence according to the scheme. If one LED from the circuit burns out, then everything goes out. Parallel luminaires are durable and therefore more expensive.

If you need to install suspended linear structures to properly illuminate your room, you must adhere to the following rules:

  • To fix hanging lamps, it is appropriate to use cables or decorative chains..
  • Pendant lights are only appropriate for rooms with high ceilings.

Built-in linear LED luminaires are the most difficult to install. This is due to the fact that the surface must first be prepared. In this case, the linear luminaire is installed in a niche. Despite being installed in a niche, the luminaire itself protrudes significantly beyond its limits. Built-in luminaires are designed for interiors with stretch ceilings. In this case, the wiring to the lamps will not be difficult..

The corner unit is designed mainly for lighting shop windows in commercial premises. After all, this type of fastening allows you to focus on the product you offer..

Among the advantages of LED lamps, it should be noted, first of all, their durability..

Interior options and design

Linear LED lamps and all their variety are a great option for improving your apartment and street. Depending on your preferences, you can choose for yourself lamps built into a stretch ceiling or with switches. Pay special attention to models with touch control, because they can make your life easier and add comfort to your home..

Whichever type of lighting fixture you choose, remember that it should be combined with the design solution of your interior and emphasize its individuality..

You will learn more about how to choose linear LED luminaires in the following video..

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