Loft style lamps

Loft is one of the most popular styles today. He came to us from America, where industrial premises were used as housing. As a rule, successful young people and young creators lived in such premises. Therefore, they designed their homes in a creative and interesting way. Lighting has always played an important role. Loft-style lamps have always been used for both room lighting and decor. From this article you will find out what types of lamps exist and how to combine their different types with each other..

What should be the lighting?

Loft style is a large space with high ceilings and rough, untreated walls. That is why the lighting in such a room must be thoughtful. The more light, the more spacious it will seem.

Lighting allows you not only to make the room more comfortable, but also to divide the space into several functional areas. Light makes it possible to highlight accents and create a unique style in your room.

An important role is also played by which shades and bases are chosen. After all, it is they who are able to add another zest to the chosen interior. Let’s look at what types of lamps exist and how to use them when decorating your room..

Ceiling lamps

The most common option is chandeliers that are placed under the ceiling. These bulbs should be as simple as possible. The fact is that the Loft style does not accept demonstrative luxury. Therefore, you need to try to choose something laconic and, if possible, unusual. An avant-garde lamp made of metal or plastic will look best in this style..

The ceiling light you choose must of course fit into the room concept.. It should match in color and material with other details in the room.. In general, chandeliers and other details made of materials such as metal, glass, plastic and even untreated wood are most characteristic of this style..

It is also worth noting that in the Loft style not one lamp is used, but several at once. Many designers combine several light sources in one interior at once, trying to beat everything so that the design looks stylish and unusual.

The most common option is the so-called “paws”. These luminaires are made of metal or aluminum. This type of sturdy structure is usually painted black. It looks very stylish. Chandeliers like these go well with an industrial setting..

Also, often when decorating such a room, lamps with translucent shades are used. A popular option is frosted glass shades. They are good, first of all, because they fill the room with beautiful diffused light. It makes the room cozy and it becomes more pleasant to rest in it. Take several of these plafonds, hang them side by side and the room will turn out stylish and modern..

You can also try to fix the lamps with a “beam”. This is pretty easy to do. You will need chandeliers with polymer cords. Their length can be the same or different. It all depends on your vision of the final idea. This whole structure is fixed to the ceiling using special elements..

It is worth paying attention to the lamps made in the form of tires. They are perfectly combined with the industrial style. Depending on the size of your room, you can place them either in a row or at different ends of the room..

You can focus on individual beautiful details or areas of the room with the help of spotlights. Here LED lamps are most often used. Tiny spotlights give a little light, but that’s enough to add coziness and beauty to the room..

By the way, if you spend a little more money on smart lighting, then you can control the light output as you see fit. For example, adjust the brightness of LED lamps, control the movement of light.


Another important addition is table lamps that are installed on nightstands, dressers or tables.. This is especially useful if you are used to working or being creative at night. In this case, you will not need to turn on the main lighting, it will be enough just to turn on one of the lamps, which will give you the light you need..

Handmade table lamps are especially popular in this case. They look unusual and can become a real decoration for your small room. Small forged lamps or translucent shades can be placed on all available surfaces.

Floor lamps

One cannot ignore such a lighting option as floor lamps. Tall lamps of this type can decorate your industrial space. It is worth picking them up depending on the size of your room. The more spacious your house, the more massive you can choose floor lamps, and vice versa..

Working on the creation of floor lamps, designers are able to show all their talents and creative ideas. Very often, such lamps do not at all look like lighting fixtures. Rather, they resemble original works of art. Slim curved legs are beautifully combined with glass shades or an abundance of decor. The main thing is that such a decorative detail does not get out of the general concept of the room..

How to combine lighting fixtures?

To illuminate a large enough room, it is advisable to use more than one version of the lighting device, but several at once. Ideally, these should not be the same type of lamps.. Combine different types of lighting to divide the room into separate zones and make it more functional. Let’s take a look at how to properly combine different light sources to make it look beautiful and organic..

A mix of lighting structures is always a win. In the Loft style, combining light sources is very simple. The fact is that there are no special rules and requirements here. Style allows you to mix different shapes, materials and colors.

At the same time, all the details should still be as simple as possible and devoid of an abundance of details. If you choose laconic decorative elements, then it will be as simple as possible to combine them with each other..

Modern designers often choose smart lighting options that turn on and off automatically. This control method is very convenient. But you can limit yourself to the classic version, that is, simple lamps that are turned on and off manually.

Now let’s move on to the specifics of the placement of different types of lighting fixtures.. Ceiling lamps are usually located in the center of the room.. This is convenient because it is this location that makes it possible to illuminate the entire room at once. Light scatters throughout space.

But if your room is too large, then it is better to place several such light sources in it at once. You can choose smaller lamps so that the structure does not look too bulky.

In an industrial setting, massive metal lamps or lamps on tires look good. The latter option, by the way, allows you to create a bright spot of light, and not scatter light throughout the room..

Remember also that the main chandelier or even several ceiling chandeliers is the center of the interior. Therefore, there is no need to install floor lamps next to it. They will distract attention from the ceiling chandelier and create too much light in one area..

The floor lamps themselves should be located at the edges of the room or next to tables. They play an important role in the decoration of the room and stand out clearly in the interior. As a rule, there should be no more than two tall and massive floor lamps in one room. The smaller the room, the smaller, respectively, there should be such lighting fixtures..

A completely different approach, usually to spotlights. You can install more of them. LED lamps are placed in certain areas in several pieces at once. This makes it possible to make the interior more interesting. Often this type of lamp is located above the bed..

In general, there should not be too much light in a Loft-style interior. Try to decorate the room organically, but do not overdo it with details and light. Use the information received and try to find original solutions that will not only make the room brighter, but also give it individuality..

The following video will help you decide on the choice of lamps in the “loft” style..

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