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A chandelier is the main lighting element in a bedroom or a spacious living room. It is not surprising that a lot of attention is paid to this interior detail, since it may well become the main one and set the tone for the rest of the style..

Recently, chandeliers are becoming more and more popular, the decorative part of which is made in an interesting Art Nouveau style. Even if you have not encountered it before, you can still quickly appreciate all the advantages of this trend in design..


Of course, the Art Nouveau style itself is not limited only to the interior of the premises. It originally emerged as a new trend in home design and was proposed by the talented architect Gaudí. Its buildings were characterized by smooth curves without intersecting clear lines, and this unique feature was taken up by the creation of external decor, furniture and chandeliers in this style..

Such a lamp can be both the center of the entire composition of your room, and the finishing touch. The main feature of the design is the absence of any extra lines and heaps, so minimalism is more inherent in it, and not pomp, as it might seem at first glance..

To fully imagine the most striking example of Art Nouveau, it is enough to mix some elements of classic versions of pendant chandeliers, vintage and modern fashion trends in design. It is generally accepted that such a direction in the design of an apartment is chosen by extraordinary people who have great financial capabilities, although in reality today, Art Nouveau chandeliers are available to almost everyone.

Despite the apparent simplicity, such chandeliers play a very important role in the overall interior, either setting the tone for the design, or forming the finishing touch. They may look somewhat simple, but such an impression is always deceiving..

In general, the following can be distinguished the main design concepts for a chandelier in the Art Nouveau style, which can be noticed already when choosing a suitable model:

  • Most often there are very bizarre forms. Clear lines and angles are not welcomed in modern style. The chandelier looks symmetrical, neatly made, with smooth curves;
  • A characteristic feature of the decorations are ornaments that would look appropriate on the walls;
  • Zoning techniques are encouraged, including with the help of light. Many chandeliers have dedicated shades to direct the beam of light in the desired direction;
  • Multi-colored glasses have also become one of the peculiar highlights of this trend;
  • Despite all of the above points, the Art Nouveau chandelier does not look too pompous or deliberately chic. On the contrary, all techniques are achieved in combination with simplicity and minimalism;
  • Multilevel techniques are also characteristic. The chandelier itself can consist of several “tiers” or be combined with a floor lamp similar in design;
  • The choice of material is also important. When it comes to chandeliers, these are exclusively natural wood, high-quality metal and hand-forged, fabrics and real glass;
  • Despite the deceptive impression of high cost, a chandelier in this style never demonstrates the wealth of the apartment owners. It only emphasizes the sense of taste and proportion, representing a kind of version of modern classics;
  • It goes well with other areas, for example, high-tech or loft.

It is also important to note that such a lamp not only looks great, but also copes with its main function. We can say that this is another advantage of modernity – the absence of any darkened corners in your room..

In this case, lighting can occur with different intensity or even shade of light. Thanks to this technique, the chandelier allows you to visually expand your bedroom or living room, make it more spacious. Also, many chandeliers of this kind allow you to profitably adjust the light, highlighting visually certain areas in the room or hiding unwanted angles..


Of course, today there are so many different options for Art Nouveau chandeliers. Unusual design solutions allow you to create a lamp that amazes the imagination, but we can divide all this diversity into two main types: ceiling and pendant chandeliers.

The first of these types is the most familiar to each of us.. The chandelier is attached directly to the ceiling plane using special elements, therefore, as a rule, it is located in the visual center of the room. This is very appropriate for a chandelier in this style, since one of the rules of Art Nouveau is that the object should immediately attract attention, and not go unnoticed..

Such ceiling chandeliers are most often purchased for installation in corridors, in the kitchen or in the living room. As a rule, they allow not only to achieve high-quality lighting, but also can make the ceiling visually higher, due to which additional space appears..

Please also note that the Art Nouveau style presupposes such an external design of the chandelier, which is also suitable for low ceilings, as it will save space and will not interfere when moving around the room..

As for the pendant type, in this case, the chandelier will literally be suspended on a chain or some other stylized supporting element. Of course, it is better to choose such models when it comes to a room with higher ceilings and sufficient additional space, since the chandelier will protrude significantly deeper into the room..

Ceiling and pendant chandeliers have their own distinct advantages and disadvantages. However, both options go well with almost any design, and are especially well suited for rooms in the style classics, hi-tech, art deco. Chandeliers can also be distinguished by other characteristics, discussed below..

Materials (edit)

The quality of the material selected in the manufacture plays an important role. It determines not only the appearance of the chandelier, but also its cost, durability and even the quality of light and fixing..

Today, original bronze chandeliers are popular., which have absorbed the nice features of the vintage style. Thanks to their minimalism, they do not look too pompous, but on the contrary, they set a subtle and graceful tone. Also appreciated is real glass, which can form both the main frame of the chandelier and shades with decorative elements. Good glass is resistant to dust settling, looks light and sophisticated, guarantees the quality of lighting.

In addition, Art Nouveau chandeliers can use wood, natural fabrics, high-quality metal or forged steel, crystal.

Dimensions (edit)

In this case, the choice will completely depend on which room it is supposed to install this or that chandelier model.. There are the most miniature ceiling-type options with one shade, which, despite their small dimensions, are able to provide more than high-quality lighting due to a well-thought-out design and location of the light source.

Larger options, for example, for a simple bedroom or kitchen in a studio, may have two or three shades, which, of course, significantly increases their size. Such models, however, can also be of the ceiling type, therefore, they still allow some space savings..

The largest are considered modern multi-tiered chandeliers, which have two or more rows of bulbs, and may also differ in an abundance of decorative elements. Of course, such models will only be appropriate for corridors and living rooms with very high ceilings..


The possibility of a good selection of the composition is another positive aspect of the Art Nouveau chandelier.. Most designers and manufacturers use for this combinations of several steel options, multi-colored glass. So the chandeliers for your bedroom can be entirely white, made of ceramics, black, brown, for example, made of natural wenge wood, blue or even bright green.

For different rooms

One of the main advantages of such a lamp is its versatility. As mentioned above, the Art Nouveau trend in chandelier design can be combined with almost any interior option due to its lightness and smooth shapes. In addition, the chandelier is well suited for almost any type of room, since you have a very wide selection of shapes, sizes, types.

The main task is to ensure that such a chandelier is appropriate in the room for which it is intended..

It is important to take into account not only the external dimensions of the luminaire, but also the peculiarities of its lighting, color, used material and type of fasteners. In general, you can purchase a suitable model both in the living room and in the bedroom or in the kitchen, where it will look equally attractive with the right choice..

How to choose?

When buying a chandelier in the Art Nouveau style, you should pay attention to the following details:

  • Do not forget which room you are purchasing a chandelier for. If this is a spacious living room with a sufficiently high ceiling, then a more overall suspended model with several shades is best suited. For a small corridor, the best option would be a ceiling chandelier with pronounced minimalism, for example, it is worth considering round options;
  • Take a close look at the quality of the chandelier material. Beware of too cheap options that can be made of synthetics that are hazardous to health. It is especially important to take into account the fact that such substances can begin to be released when the bulbs are heated;
  • Despite all the versatility of the Art Nouveau style, do not forget that the lamp must fit into the overall design. Try to find the right color and overall design concept for the chandelier;
  • Do not forget to pay attention to the manufacturer. Nowadays, it is quite easy to find the necessary information about a particular company, while its reputation is one of the main indicators of product quality. Choose a reliable manufacturer and you will get a quality chandelier with the lighting level you need;
  • Modern manufacturers offer a huge selection of different shapes and colors. Do not forget about your own taste and style, so a win-win option would be to buy the chandelier that you personally like the most..

Interior options

The variety of designs allows you to create the most unusual interior options in your home, the center of which can be a chandelier in the Art Nouveau style. In this case, it is difficult to describe any specific examples, since imagination has practically no boundaries, so we have selected the most vivid and illustrative illustrations for you..

Overview of ceiling chandeliers in style "modern" can be seen in the next video.

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