Neon lights

Neon lamps are actively used in various decoration options. They attract attention with their bright light in a variety of colors, as well as their long service life. Such lamps are often found on advertising signs, in architecture, street signs..


Neon lamps look like a glass tube in which gas is present. The content enters the tube under the influence of low pressure. Not every type of gas is used for this type of lamp. Neon can play the role of inert, which is where the name of the lamps came from.. However, other types of inert gases can also be injected into the flask..

The features of such products include:

  • Atoms are completely filled with an electron shell. Thanks to this quality, neon atoms do not come into contact with other types of atoms, which excludes the possibility that a new electron will be captured. However, it is possible to take away electrons only by using a large amount of energy;
  • The end of the glass tube is equipped with an electrode;
  • The activity of lamps is able to be carried out not only due to constant current sources, but also on variables. If the connection is made using the first method, neon lighting will be present only near the electrodes. For this reason, neon lights can only be connected to an alternating current source;
  • The whole work of light bulbs is in the features of inert gas.

If we talk about the work of light bulbs, it is carried out according to the following rules:

  • when electric gases are passed through atoms, there is a loss of electrons with the subsequent receipt of a positive charge;
  • after the atoms are positively charged, there is an attraction to the electrode, which has a negative charge;
  • such actions form a neon type of lighting with a bright spectrum. For this reason, such methods are increasingly used as lighting for apartments and buildings. In most cases, neon lamps can replace LED strip and act as a light source. The backlight is not inferior in its characteristics to LED representatives, attracting attention with its spectacularity.

Advantages and disadvantages

Neon lamps have many positive qualities:

  • a wide range of sizes and shapes;
  • easy installation. Lighting installation is carried out with a small number of components for a minimum period;
  • there is an option to control brightness and power consumption;
  • you can get different colors;
  • impressive service life. The service life of neon lamps can be up to 20 years;
  • the design of neon sources excludes the possibility of heating, which indicates fire safety;
  • lack of noise during operation.

Despite the fact that neon sources have a large number of positive qualities, they have disadvantages. Negative qualities include:

  • there are harmful components in the composition of lamps of this type;
  • work can only be carried out in the presence of high voltage. For this reason, they can only be used in conjunction with a powerful transformer;
  • neon lamps are fragile, since such light sources are made of glass.

Having studied the positive and negative characteristics, one can come to the conclusion that neon sources have more positive characteristics than negative ones..


There are several types of neon lights. Each of them has its own characteristics and features. For example, a neon warning light is one of the safety factors due to the adjustment of the operation of transport systems. These include indicator lamps, which can be used to illuminate the switch and other elements. Such lighting sources show the functionality of the devices..

Luminescent neon representatives are often used as lighting devices, as well as sources of radiation for school buildings, administrative structures, residential buildings. Many manufacturers produce special types of lamps that are aimed at providing “sunbathing”.

These light sources have many positive qualities:

  • they are able to provide the territory with a lot of light;
  • lamps increase the level of performance;
  • contribute to the preservation of vision;
  • reduce the degree of fatigue;
  • have an effect on improving mood.

Decorative neon light sources are miniature light bulbs that are actively used as interior decor.

Such devices add zest to the design of the room, increase the comfort of the room and make it more original..

Color solutions

As mentioned earlier, one of the positive properties of neon illuminations is their ability to reflect light of different colors. Only one neon tube is responsible for this feature.. The color scheme is due to the composition of the components that are located in the flask:

  • helium contributes to the creation of light pink and orange colors;
  • argon is responsible for producing a blue glow;
  • due to neon, green, white and other colors are obtained.

Based on the style of the room, with the help of neon lamps, you can create a rainbow, delicate or contrasting atmosphere in the room..

How to choose?

If you decide to buy a neon lamp, you should decide for what purpose you need it.. Similar light sources can be used in different areas:

  • as tuning for cars;
  • in the field of decorative lighting of the interior;
  • when creating light inscriptions, signs and signatures;
  • to illuminate shop windows, structures, bridges and theatrical posters;
  • for landscape design.

Depending on the purpose of lighting, you should choose a light bulb and its size along with a color scheme..

You should also take into account the mains voltage (127-220 V), take into account the voltage during the appearance of an electric discharge (60-550 V) and according to the maximum permissible current value (0.2-30 Ma). Knowing these characteristics, you can choose the most suitable type of lamps.

In addition to the neon lamp, there is a neon strip on sale called flexible neon.. It looks like a 12 Volt LED string that is soldered into a PVC tube. There are solid and multi-colored options..

How to check?

To check the performance of a neon lamp, you should pay attention to its appearance and carry out a test under voltage. You can also clarify the performance of the neon source by connecting it to the radio broadcasting network. To do this, you can use a low frequency transformer..

If it is not possible to use the network, it can be replaced with batteries and a low-frequency transformer. A power source and an interlamp source will do..

Lamp check is carried out using ballasts.

Electronic ballasts are often used to test modern lamps..

To test the lamps, you should use serviceable equipment that has the same parameters and is connected in a suitable way to the lamp under test. If, with this method of connection, the lamp works normally, you should look for a malfunction in the unit itself..

You will learn more about neon lamps in the following video..

Examples in the interior

Neon lighting is able to blend harmoniously with the interior of your home. As a rule, this method is used in the following cases:

  • in a stretch, suspended or multi-level ceiling;
  • for lighting molding;
  • as a lighting device for walls and columns;
  • to accent floors, walls, steps and podiums;
  • can be used in luminaires;
  • for decorating niches and various partitions.


You can decorate the ceiling in your apartment with neon lighting. Such an addition is able to focus well on the various ceiling designs, its unusual shapes along with protrusions and levels. If you decide to use slit illumination (this method implies the visibility of light without visualizing the lamps themselves), you can visually increase the area of ​​the room, getting the “soaring” of the ceiling and its individual elements. Such a warrant will be perfect for small spaces..

Neon lamps with the desired color and shade can be used as a key lighting element.. Side illumination is used as auxiliary lighting. Such a design will look harmonious only with a perfectly even coating without defects..

It is recommended to select dim lighting for the bedroom. Pay attention to moonlight, lilac shades. The interior of the room should encourage thoughts of rest for sleep..

Some people admit that it is due to the “floating” effect that they manage to fall asleep quickly.


Some apartments boast illuminated floors. This solution looks spectacular when paired with cornice and ceiling lighting.. With the help of such a lighting solution, you can make zoning of the room, emphasize the perimeter of the floor and highlight various forms of geometric shapes..

Slit illumination with a “hover” effect is actively used. It is installed around the entire perimeter of the floor.

When you are equipping a floor light, pay attention to the precautions. Each lamp must be properly protected from moisture and mechanical stress. For such purposes, neons with an increased level of protection are suitable. Give preference to light bulbs with moderate brightness. Some people use outdoor lighting as a guide in an unlit room, so bright options will dazzle and interfere..

In the bathroom, it is undesirable to use neon lamps on the floor, because in this room there is a possibility of contact with water. In the bedroom, this option is also inappropriate, since the floor lighting is located closer to eye level, making it difficult to relax..

It is possible to equip LED lighting in the hallway, living room, as well as in the kitchen in the area of ​​the kitchen unit.


Eaves lighting should be selected as an accessory. Paired with the main light, you will get a bright and solemn interior that will be optimal for the living room, where households often gather in the evenings..

You can use this type of light in a bedroom, but often people prefer to turn on the lamps separately..

When watching movies and getting ready for bed, lighting the cornice is enough.

Open neon lamps located along the perimeter of the cornice can create a solemn atmosphere that blends harmoniously with modern interiors.

Artistic lighting on the walls is also possible. Many people are attracted by the presence of various geometric shapes and images on them. If there are photo wallpapers in the room, you can use neons on a specific element, which will add spice and charm to the room. For example, you can install neon lighting on a bridge. This method will revive the picture..

Backlit furnishings help give them interesting hues that look great in the absence of main lighting..

You can equip kitchen sets, cabinets, tables and upholstered furniture with neons.

Decorations and accessories can also be supplemented with lighting. Such elements include mirrors, photo frames, plant pots and various niches..

Do not forget about the functionality of neons, which is present when lighting stairs, glove boxes.

If you want to use neon lighting in your interior, ask the designers for help. The specialist will be able to correctly select shades, brightness, which are combined with the general style of the room. With the right choice of lighting, you can create the most harmonious design.

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