Outdoor recessed luminaires

Outdoor recessed lamps will create a special atmosphere in a country house, in a gazebo or on a veranda. Waterproof floor or ceiling models will decorate and create coziness anywhere and under any conditions. Ground, asphalt – built-in lamps will look harmonious regardless of the material and location. But when organizing outdoor lighting, you need to remember about many nuances and requirements..

Features and nuances

Built-in outdoor lighting structures are very popular in landscape interiors. But certain requirements are imposed on such products. The main thing is moisture-proof properties, which are abbreviated as IP in the characteristics. Its value should reach 65, then there will be no need to worry about the high-quality work of the lamps..

For lighting paths and for illuminating steps, LED models are ideal. It is worth placing anti-vandal LED lamps on the floor, because various unpleasant situations can happen on the street. Also, such an installation will help save energy, it is wear-resistant and durable. Models are found not only in the usual round shape, but also square, rectangular. Their color range is also wide – all kinds of shades of white, red, blue, green, orange.

Outdoor recessed luminaires have reliable protection against moisture, dust, sudden changes in temperature – from frost to sun and vice versa.

Manufacturers of LED structures promise 10-15 years of trouble-free operation. If LED lights are used infrequently, they can last up to 25 years..

Benefits of Recessed LED Street Lights:

  • quick and easy installation;

  • moisture and dust resistance;

  • anti-corrosion coating;

  • creation of unusual decorative lighting effects;

  • the possibility of uninterrupted operation both at plus 40 and at minus 40 degrees;

  • changing lighting functions – decor, security;

  • ability to work up to 25 years.


The most demanded are:

  • Sidewalk model 32012 from a Chinese manufacturer Feron made in metallic color and costs almost 1,000 rubles. The LED base is specially designed for 3W LED bulbs. The degree of moisture and dust protection of such a luminaire is high, amounting to 67 IP. The lamp emits a warm glow – 2700 K, therefore, it creates coziness and has a relaxing effect. The lighting area is 2 square meters. Voltage – 230 V. The dimensions of such a lamp are as follows: height – 80 millimeters, diameter – 100 millimeters. Such a street lamp will work both at minus 35 and at plus 75 degrees. This model has accent lighting, the scattering angle is 30 degrees of the light beam. The manufacturer gives one year warranty for its products..
  • Another version of the sidewalk lamp is offered by the same Chinese company.. Model 32052 costs a little more, its price is 1250 rubles. It differs from the previous lamp in the power of the LED lamp, it is 1.2 watts. The degree of protection against dust and moisture is high – IP 66. Another important difference is the glow color. Model 32052 has cold light and is capable of covering an area of ​​one square meter. The voltage is 3 V, the luminous flux is 25 Lm. There are also significant differences in dimensions: height – 48 millimeters, diameter – 28 millimeters. This recessed luminaire is part of the series “Luxe”. The scattering angle is 45 degrees. The manufacturer gives a 12 month warranty for its products.


The most demanded are:

  • Model “Ground 369952” from the Hungarian manufacturer NovoTech is a halogen luminaire that is ideal for ground surfaces. Its price is just over 1,700 rubles. The material for the manufacture of fittings is black steel, the shade is made of steel and tempered glass. The color scheme for the shade is a combination of metallic and transparent. The GU10 base is designed for a 50W halogen lamp. The lighting area reaches 3 square meters. Voltage – 220 V. Protection against dust and precipitation is high, perfect for the street, it is 67 IP. The dimensions of the built-in luminaire are compact: height – 140 millimeters, diameter – 110 millimeters. The dimensions of the front panel are 110 by 110 millimeters. The warranty period is 12 months. The manufacturer does not supply a bulb in the kit, so you will have to purchase it separately. Such a lamp is produced within the series “Ground”.

  • A ground lamp will help to decorate the garden or paths in the country. 3732011856 from Feron. The cost of this model is almost 1,500 rubles. The armature is made of an unusual metal – a combination of silumin and steel. Silumin, in turn, is an alloy of aluminum and silicon. The color of the fittings and the plafond is chrome; the latter is made of glass. Used fluorescent light bulb with JCDR base. It is also not included in the kit, unlike sidewalk lights. This product has 18 LEDs. Good moisture and dust protection – 65 IP. The lamp power is 2W, the lighting area is large, 5 square meters; voltage – 230 V. The normal warranty period for such products is 12 months. Luminaire dimensions: height – 110 millimeters, width – 100 millimeters, length – 100 millimeters.

According to customer reviews, we can say that this is a fairly reliable and convenient model that can be easily mounted independently..

Wall recessed

Let’s characterize the main models:

  • Brick Model A5158IN-1GY produced by an Italian company Arte Lamp, the cost is almost 1,500 rubles. This rectangular luminaire is perfect for wall mounting. A gazebo, cottage or country house will be transformed thanks to such light details. The gray galvanized metal fittings in combination with a frosted glass shade will fit into almost any interior and landscape. The E27 base is designed exclusively for incandescent lamps up to 60 W. Moisture and dust protection is slightly lower than that of floor structures, and is 54 IP. The lighting area can be up to 3 square meters. This lamp requires a voltage of 220 V. To install this device, you will need to take into account the dimensions and distance from the wall, which must be at least 260 millimeters. Dimensions are: height – 80 millimeters, width – 120 millimeters. The diameter of the cut-in hole is 65 x 100 x 255 millimeters. This luminaire is part of the Brick series and has a 12-month warranty..

  • A model can be a good choice for both the wall and the floor. Zimba-LED 95234, produced by an Austrian company Eglo. This lamp costs almost 7 thousand rubles. One of its main advantages is the material from which it is made. It is cast aluminum in silver color. Up to 4.8W LED lamp can be used. There is a reliable moisture protection. The glow color is neutral white. Light coverage area – 2 square meters. Height – 5 millimeters, width – 185 millimeters, length – 235 millimeters; the diameter of the cut-in hole is 174 x 225 mm, the depth of the cut-in is 95 m.

  • The model is especially loved and popular with buyers due to its qualities and price features. “Aqua 369815” from a Hungarian company NovoTech. The price is about 1300 rubles. For this money, the buyer receives a transparent glass shade, which makes up almost the entire structure, plus white metal fittings. The GX5.3 base is designed for a halogen lamp with a power of up to 50 W and a completely optimal moisture and dust protection equal to 65 IP. One such lamp is capable of illuminating an area of ​​up to two square meters. The diameter of the recessed luminaire is 109 millimeters. The cut hole should be 88 millimeters in diameter and 64 millimeters deep. Such a lamp from the series “Aqua” is built-in and non-rotatable. You can pick up the same model in a different color scheme – gold, metal, chrome.

  • Another popular LED lamp is “Led Ground 357141”. It is produced by a Hungarian company NovoTech. The set includes 6 lamps, so the price is quite high. It almost reaches 16 thousand rubles. This kind of product is ideal for dirt paths in the garden or in the country. Rustic design and landscape will be successfully complemented by a silver steel lamp with a shade made of matt translucent tempered glass. In the product of the Hungarian company, the base SMD 3350 is used, for which a 0.9 W LED lamp is suitable. In total, 12 lamps are needed for such a device. Its protection against water and dirt is very reliable and is 67 IP. The lighting area can be up to 3 square meters. All 12 lamps will require a standard voltage of 220 volts. The dimensions of such a lamp are as follows: height – 28 millimeters, diameter – 59 millimeters.

For information on how to make paving slabs unique with the help of recessed lamps, see below..

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