Scandinavian style chandeliers

With the help of a chandelier, you can give the interior a unique harmonious atmosphere and coziness. Today, it has become very important to choose interior items that match a particular style. One of the most popular styles at the moment is Scandinavian.

Scandinavian-style chandeliers have the simplest design, however, their appearance is particularly elegant and versatile – such products will perfectly fit into any modern interior.

A chandelier is an important element in absolutely any interior, it is this detail that can become the key and transform the look of the room..


This style skillfully combines minimalism and natural elements. All interior items in the Scandinavian style should be as simple as possible, but at the same time elegant and beautiful.

The same qualities are reflected in lighting fixtures. Their design should be discreet, but at the same time stylish and modern..

Scandinavian style demands the perfect bright lighting and a sense of space. That is why it is important to choose the right not only appearance, but also the required number of lighting fixtures and their location..

The use of multilevel lighting in this style is encouraged. You can also additionally use floor lamps and all kinds of lamps..

The favorite color of the Scandinavian peoples is white. Their climate very often presents them with cloudy rainy gray days, so white furnishings are designed to make their home brighter and more comfortable. White chandeliers in the Scandinavian style can make the outside room brighter and brighter..

How to choose?

It is best to choose and buy a chandelier at the last stage of interior decoration. These products must certainly be combined with the rest of the design of the apartment. That is why it is best to choose a chandelier when all the furniture has already been purchased and placed..

Often, Scandinavian-style chandeliers contain wood or metal elements that can be harmoniously combined with other interior items made from these materials. The tree can be of its natural natural color, as well as white, which is very relevant today..

There are ceiling and pendant Scandinavian chandeliers. They can be decorated with hanging decorative elements made of wood and metal..

In various interiors

Choosing a Scandinavian chandelier for living room, pay attention to the models made of paper and wood materials. Crystal products, for which light bulbs are made in the form of candles, can also be relevant..

The Scandinavian style provides for the presence of a large amount of light and space in the room. Therefore, we can safely stop our choice on such creative options as industrial design chandeliers with various geometric shapes..

Lanterns with metal rims, spotlights and classic floor lamps, which are very convenient to install near your favorite chair or sofa, will also look very stylish..

Choosing lighting for children’s room, you can also safely stop at Scandinavian lamps. They are distinguished by the fact that they always remain relevant, do not go out of fashion and easily adapt to the new interior. This is very important for a children’s room, in which the appearance of the interior can change with the age of the child. But the chosen Scandinavian chandelier will remain relevant for a very long time..

When it comes to choosing a Scandinavian chandelier for kitchen, then, first of all, you need to look at the quality of the product, since the kitchen area is an area where temperature and humidity can be increased. And at the same time, droplets of fat and other dirt can get on the surface of furniture and other interior items..

Based on this, one can immediately conclude that using a chandelier made of paper materials for the kitchen would be a bad idea. You need to choose products from materials that can be easily cleaned from various types of contamination.

Another recommendation for choosing a chandelier for the kitchen – it should not contain many small parts, since their presence will also make it difficult to clean the luminaire. Best of all, if the design is as simple and even as possible, lacquered or painted wood, as well as glass, will become the best materials. The device must certainly be functional and practical so that it will serve you as long as possible..

And finally, we bring to your attention a few general recommendations for choosing a Scandinavian-style chandelier:

  • The lighting device should harmoniously fit into the existing interior of the room and be combined with all furniture and accessories;
  • Choose products made from natural materials, it is desirable that they are monochromatic, and the design is minimalistic;
  • If you purchase several lighting fixtures for your home at once, you need to make sure that all of them are designed in the same style;
  • Purchase lighting products after the renovation of the premises is completely completed and the furniture is installed;
  • The room should be lit brightly enough so that the house is light, cozy and comfortable..

You can see even more Scandinavian-style chandeliers in the following video..

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