Sconce for bedroom

Sconce for bedroom

When arranging a bedroom, you should pay attention not only to the resting place, but also to other important details. They will help give style and grace to your apartment. Modern designers propose to pay special attention to light. A sconce for a bedroom will be a successful embodiment of any idea. Consider the main features and benefits of this accessory.

Features and Benefits

A sconce is a lamp that is attached to the wall with a suspension. This French word means “hand” or “lever”. Modern sconces are wall lights. With their help, you can direct the streams of light in the right direction.. Let’s consider their main features:

  • Provides directional or diffused light depending on the design of the lampshade.
  • The sconce is attached to the wall, which means that they can be used in rooms with different ceiling heights. You can accentuate a specific area or increase its illumination.
  • Stylish option. Modern manufacturers produce a great variety of similar products. The sconce will be a great element of your bedroom decor. You can use it to illuminate a painting, figurine or vase. A correctly selected lamp together with a chandelier will add creativity, help create an interior style.
  • Wide assortment of goods. You can purchase the option that is right for your bedroom. The many design options grab the attention of modern users. Choose the right color, size, decor of the sconce and successfully combine the item with the interior of the room.

  • Optimal price. The cost of the products is quite varied. You can buy a sconce based on your financial capabilities. Every buyer will surely find affordable equipment.
  • Saving. Typically, low-wattage lamps are used in such lighting fixtures. This way you can save on electricity. This indicator is an important element for zealous and practical owners. For those who want to save as much as possible, you can purchase models with LED bulbs. Their price will be slightly higher, but electricity consumption is much less..
  • The softness of the light. It is this kind of lighting that allows you to create a sconce. Light fluxes will be optimal for reading, handicrafts, and will not interfere with others. Modern manufacturers also offer dimmable options. You can dim or dim the lighting at any time..
  • Availability of goods. You can buy a sconce at any home goods store..

The main principles of lighting in a sleeping room

Modern sconces include a lampshade, body and light bulb. The luminaire device itself can be movable or rigid. Accordingly, in the first version, the sconce can be directed and rotated in any direction, directing the light source at your discretion. As for the shape of the lampshade, it varies. The type of lighting will depend on it..

If the lampshade is closed at the top, then a sharp bright light spot will form under the lamp. If it closes from below, then the streams of light will be directed upward..

It’s no secret that the rest room does not need bright lighting. Soft and warm shades of light will do. This is how you will get an atmosphere of calmness, relaxation and harmony. Be sure to consider lighting your bedroom, including both sconces and table lamps as nightlights..

Here are some guidelines:

  • If your rest room is combined with a living room, then you can create general lighting.. This option will be called European. You can also create an American type of lighting, when sconces are the main source of light. When you turn on the devices, you will be able to illuminate a specific area of ​​the room.
  • Modern designers advise using sconces in pairs. At it is better to arrange them symmetrically. However, as exceptions, there will be high-tech and Minimalist bedrooms, which are characterized by asymmetry..
  • If you decide to place the lamps near the mirror, then they should be on both sides and at the same time diffuse the light well.. This way you can avoid glare, uneven lighting. Better to use options with a matte diffuser.
  • If you decide to put a sconce at the head of the bed, then it is better to use a device with regulation of flux and brightness of light.. Do not forget that the switch should be located at arm’s length so that you can conveniently turn on / off the light.
  • As for wall lamps, they can be placed anywhere.. The main thing is that they provide the required level of lighting, while organically fit into the situation..
  • Experts advise to choose options where the plafond is turned down. This will ensure optimal lighting and will not disturb others..
  • Remember altitude too, on which the lamp will be located. Do not hang it too low, but a very high light source will be highly diffused. Find a sweet spot for your room.


Modern sconces will help create a warm atmosphere in any room, and even more so in the bedroom.. Let’s consider their main options:

Wall mounted

These options are attached to the wall. They can be manufactured in different configurations. There are options with closed geometric shades, which are tightly pressed against the wall, or with a stylish lampshade. Other luminaire options are notable for their original decor. Plafonds can be in the form of bowls, flowers, glasses. It is worth choosing an option based on the general concept of the room. Models can be single or double. So you can not only light up the room, but also create an attractive composition..


Stylish ceiling-mounted sconces are creative options to enhance the style and elegance of every room. Plafonds usually emit soft light and provide diffused illumination. Lamps are very different in shape. The same applies to size and color. Such hanging options will become an original decoration of every vacation spot..


These options attract the attention of buyers with their laconicism, elegance, soft luminous flux. These lamps do not heat up, they are safe and economical. At the same time, such a device will last longer than its counterparts. You can choose the right design for your space. There are models with a switch or dimmable light.

It is also worth noting that the sconces can be on a movable bar or on a bracket. In the first case, you can adjust the direction of the luminous flux. Many experts advise purchasing sconces complete with furniture, sleeping place. So you can create an organic interior..

As for the color schemes, then you can choose the option that you like. You can buy your favorite shades that will only evoke positive emotions in you. At the same time, the most common are white sconces. It is this shade that allows optimal light diffusion..

Materials (edit)

Modern sconces can be created from a wide variety of materials. Particular attention is drawn to fabric options. They can be arched, on an ornate leg, intricate shape. The fabric helps to dim the light. This will create a soft atmosphere in your room. The classic version can be used in a bedroom in the style of Provence, Empire. Choose a product in accordance with the interior of the room

It is worth noting that textiles can be either monochromatic or contrasting with several shades. There are original options, decorated with graceful pendants, ribbons, covered with airy fabrics with attractive drapery.

How to choose?

It is important to choose the right sconce for your bedroom. Look at the quality of the products. Buy goods only from trusted companies that have earned the trust of buyers. Read the instructions and ask for documents confirming the quality and safety of the product. Inspect the item carefully by yourself. Fasteners should not dangle, the cover should be intact. If there are plastic elements, then they must be durable and odorless..

How to hang correctly?

The location of the sconces can be chosen based on the concept of your room. A good and practical option would be to simply hang the product on the wall. In this case, be sure to keep in mind that the height of the object should be optimal – which one will depend on the spaciousness of your room and the height of the ceilings.

By successfully and correctly positioning the product, you will get a soft diffused light that will tune only to a positive.

Examples in the interior

Stylish, beautiful, original options are offered by modern designers this season. You can use classic sconces that are attached to the wall. They will help illuminate a small area or an entire room. There are original pendant options that will appeal to all creative people. Choose what is right for your holiday destination.

How to hang and connect a sconce, see the video below for details..

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