Sconce on a flexible leg

Wall lamps are perhaps the most ancient models of lanterns. Suffice it to recall the torches attached to the wall and illuminated the homes of our ancestors. The lamps on the walls became especially popular in the middle of the 17th century. The French began to call wall lamps sconces, the name stuck, and now all the lighting fixtures that are attached to the wall are called that. With the advent of electricity, they became even more diverse. Thanks to its design and mounting method, it is the sconce that creates a special atmosphere. Sconces on a flexible leg perform several tasks at once.


This light source performs several functions at once:

  • It is not very practical to hang a chandelier in a small room with low ceilings. Here, a wall sconce is considered as the only possible lighting option. After all, the floor lamp takes up a certain place, and the chandelier shines too sharply.
  • Accent. With the help of such a lamp, it is possible to highlight an important element of the interior – for example, a mirror, a beautiful picture. With the help of a sconce, it is possible to draw attention to original details.
  • Visual zoning – the sconce helps to zone the space. Complete with mirrors, it can visually expand the room, divide it into different zones. You can highlight the boudoir area by attaching two wall sconces to both sides of the dressing table..
  • Reading – such a device replaces a table lamp, and also provides bedside lighting, makes reading in bed as comfortable as possible.
  • Creation of coziness – the dim light of the sconce brings home warmth to the room.
  • Decoration – the sconce is an excellent element of decor, this lamp can be used to decorate an empty wall.
  • Saving space. The main advantage of wall lamps is their compactness, rational use of free space. They cannot interfere with anyone. Floor lamps and table lamps take up space, for a sconce you don’t need it at all – just a free piece of the wall.


There are four types of sconces:

  • Surface – such a product is pressed close to the wall, reflected light is usually used. Such sconces are universal, they differ in a variety of shapes, colors, textures and sizes..
  • On bracket – such devices differ in design and materials. There are models with a group of shades located on a single base: they are very original and provide excellent illumination. These pieces look good in a wide variety of styles..
  • Open – shades in such models are absent, as a rule, it is an imitation of a candle. Crystal wall sconces fit perfectly into classic interiors, as well as Rococo and Baroque.
  • With directional light – these are models with flexible legs. These luminaires can be controlled by directing the light to the desired location. These models are ideal for the modern high-tech style. They are traditionally used in bathrooms, especially models with a mirror holder. Comfortable in the reading area.

Such devices are usually made of metal with diffusers of various materials. These products are also installed in living rooms. The plafond can be turned upwards, the light directed towards the ceiling will visually raise it. If you lower the plafond down, you can create a cozy atmosphere..


The functionality of a wall lamp directly depends on how the switch is arranged. Some sconces are equipped with a built-in switch. These models are quite convenient to use in the bedroom – for bedside lighting. Some sconces do not have a built-in switch, so they are more appropriate for lighting a living room or hallway. Luminaires in these rooms are usually located high, so the switch is placed on the plane of the wall..

Diffuser material

Wall sconces diffusers are made of various materials – for example, glass, plastic, fabric, paper. Each of them can transmit light (to one degree or another). They all have their pros and cons. For example, some attract dust, others are easy to clean, and there are those so dangerous that you can burn yourself on them. The mood that will prevail in the room will depend on the color of the lampshade..

The materials used for the production of wall lamps are chosen based on the styles of the models. It is clear to which direction the lamps are made of bronze or with a lampshade made of rice paper.

Various shapes of wall lights belong to different styles. They are divided into traditional and modern:

  1. Traditional models are usually used in classic interiors. Such a product is a lamp with an arched metal leg – it can also be of an intricate shape. The plafond can be either glass or textile. Crystal, Swarovski crystals are used in the production of classic models.
  2. Many manufacturers are focused on producing wall lights in modern styles.. Modern sconces often refer to the high-tech style. This is a new kind of sconce. Flexible arm equipped with LED module.

A sconce with a flexible leg can also be an independent product. These models are made of metal, flexible legs allow you to direct the light to the right place. The sconce is fixed to the wall – next to the bed.

Using this element, you can create the desired angle of illumination, as well as direct the light where it is needed..

Location rules

Sconces are usually located on both sides of the object that you want to select. It can be any piece of furniture or furniture: bed, reading area, boudoir, mirror. The best option would be to be located just above eye level, not very far from the subject to be illuminated..

The placement of the light source next to the mirror in the bathroom will depend on the size of the lamp itself and the mirror – the larger these objects, the greater the distance needed between them. Sconces with diffused light in a room with sufficiently high ceilings should be located at the level of the upper part of the doorway.

Interior use

So, the options are as follows:

  • Bedroom. Wall sconces in the sleeping room are the most suitable option. The sconce acts as an element of decor for this room, where there are not many decorative elements. It depends on the lighting of the bedroom how good, calm and comfortable it will be to rest in it after a hard day. The wall lamp is very well suited for this room, with its diffused light, it helps to create the perfect atmosphere for relaxation. It is this lamp that can provide the necessary dim light.. Sometimes a lamp is needed to, to light up the dressing table and mirror. Many people like to read before going to bed, do handicrafts or flip through a fashion magazine. An ideal reading area can be set up with two flexible-leg wall sconces. The most common option is to place two flexible leg sconces on either side of the bed. If the bedroom has a large area, there is space for a table with an armchair, this corner can be illuminated using such a light source.

In this case, a flexible leg is an important detail of any high-tech luminaire. It directs the light exactly where it needs to be – for example, for reading in bed or in the corner of an armchair..

  • Children. A wall lamp in a nursery is often used as a wall lamp. However, a flexible lamp does not hurt here either. A wall-mounted light source will help to zone the nursery, separating the play area from the study area. The luminaire with holder is mobile, if necessary, it can be moved and attached to the desired place – for example, the fixture can be hooked onto a bookshelf or bed.

  • Kitchen. Wall sconces in the kitchen space often highlight the work area for cooking. The seating area is highlighted with a flexible lamp. If the kitchen has low ceilings, then for general lighting it is even better to use wall sconces instead of a ceiling chandelier..

  • Bathroom. It is a small room, so the use of a wall lamp is appropriate here. A sconce in the form of a pill will completely replace a ceiling lamp or other bathroom lighting options. To purposefully illuminate the mirror, use one or two identical sconces with flexible legs. They can be placed on the sides or above the mirror.

  • The corridor. In a long corridor, the location of wall sconces along the wall would be a good option. This will significantly “revive” this room..

  • Hallway. Traditionally, the mirror in the hallway is illuminated with wall sconces. Usually one or two devices are installed – on both sides of the object.

The options can be very different. At the present time, a wide range of such lamps is available, so choosing the right one will be easy and quick for you. The main thing is to take into account certain recommendations, the style of the room, contact only reliable stores.

See below for an overview of the popular modern model of sconces with flexible legs..

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