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Today, USB connectors, which are equipped with all computers, tablets and laptops, have ceased to be the usual interface for connecting devices and transferring data from digital media. Almost all modern models of keyboards and mice are connected via the above connector. Also, you cannot do without USB when connecting external hard drives, mobile phones, cameras and other devices. It is often used to charge various gadgets as a replacement for power supply through a standard outlet..

The development of modern technologies does not stand still and is rapidly gaining momentum. Considering the fact that USB is a very common connector, many useful and interesting devices have been developed that connect to it. They can be used without leaving the monitor. Later in the article we will talk in more detail about USB lamps..

Item characteristics

Luminaires of the above type consist of 3 parts: a cable, a light bulb and a USB plug. This is a very simple fixture that you can rest on your own if needed. The connector designed for connecting a compact lighting device has only 2 contacts – only for power from a PC or other device. Some models of gadgets can be equipped with a long cord for more convenient use..

There are various models on sale that differ in size, brightness, appearance and other parameters. The power of the device depends on the number of LEDs used in the lamp. Some options can be improved by increasing the load by adding lamps.

Scope of use and purpose

Convenient and miniature lamps are often chosen by users who spend a lot of time at the computer. This device is able to increase the level of comfort while working at a PC, if there is a lack of natural or artificial lighting in this area. Also, the USB lamp is useful for those who are used to working at night. In order not to disturb the rest of the residents of the house with the light on, you can use a compact lamp used as a keyboard backlight.

The soft light and its range will not cause discomfort when working at night. Despite this figure, the power should be enough for a normal workflow. Using a gadget will relieve eye strain.

Miniature lighting fixtures have become widespread due to their advantages. It should be noted that such useful gadgets are often used in workrooms and offices. The development of technology has taken root in almost all areas of life, as a result of which the majority of employees have switched to work at the computer. These changes were instrumental in the emergence of USB-powered devices..


When designing products for modern users, manufacturers refer to customer requirements, demand, and other aspects. Gadgets should be practical, comfortable and have all the other parameters in order to interest buyers. Next, we will consider a number of advantages that luminaires that connect via a USB portal have..

  • Type of food. The main difference between this type of luminaire and the others is that there is no need to connect the device to an outlet. It is not necessary to place the computer next to the lamp power supply, as this is a device that performs this function. Power supply through the connector will not affect the operation of the equipment in any way. It is very convenient and practical. Thanks to this function, you can use the gadget anytime, anywhere. Including during the trip.

  • Dimensions (edit). Due to its compact size, such a device can be taken with you whenever you want. It takes up little space and is practically weightless. The lamp fits easily into a standard laptop bag, unlike a regular table lamp.

  • Convenience. Using such a device is simple and straightforward. To make it easier to direct the artificial light source, you can choose a model with a flexible stem. This will direct the light beam in any direction. With such a device, you can work fruitfully at any time of the day without causing discomfort to others..

  • Price. The cost of a USB lamp is affordable. This also played an important role in the popularity of this product. The lamp will cost much less than a regular table lamp, and the quality of its lighting is just as good. But do not forget that there are less and more powerful devices on the market..

  • Appearance. Stylish gadgets attract connoisseurs of unusual and extraordinary accessories. In the sale of a choice of buyers, firms offer lamps of various shapes and sizes. The Cosmonaut model is very popular. The LED is placed in the helmet and illuminates a specific area with cold light.

Some people use these gadgets as decoration for the room. For example, USB plasma. Such a lamp will become an original and expressive addition to a room in a modern style. Given the large selection of such gadgets, it will not be difficult to find the perfect model..


Various types of lamps are used in the production of compact luminaires. Most often, manufacturers use light-emitting diodes (LED). This is the most profitable and practical option. Also on sale are models with halogen or fluorescent bulbs.

  • Halogen. It should be noted that finger lamps are rarely used. Due to the high energy consumption, manufacturing firms refuse to use them, opting for more advanced technologies. These products have never been in great demand in the domestic market, especially now, when more practical options have appeared..

  • Luminescent. Luminescent versions also heat up in a similar way to halogen ones, but they consume much less electricity, which is very important for compact gadgets. Their main disadvantage is that it is highly sensitive to fluctuations in the power grid. Some lamps may burn out a couple of days after purchase if the equipment is not able to provide an even flow of electricity without surges..

  • LED. The model of a lamp based on LED technology has a longer service life compared to analogues. They have a number of advantages: low power consumption, light weight, favorable price. It is these models that are more often found in theme stores. LEDs shine brightly and even a small light bulb may well be enough to illuminate the work surface.

This technology is actively used due to the fact that even with a low power of 5 W, the diode can shine quite brightly. In addition, power drops are not terrible for them..


Manufacturing companies claim that all commercially available USB lamps can be divided into 2 groups – with and without stand..

Models with stand are larger. In addition to the cord that connects to the PC, the luminaire is equipped with a special platform. As a rule, there are two buttons on the device. One to turn on the main light and the other to activate the stand backlight. The developers report that using this gadget, you can comfortably work in a dark room without using additional lighting sources..

More compact options without stand, due to which they weigh less. The light source is mounted on a flexible tube that allows you to direct the light wherever you want. Luminaires with a long transparent tube are also available for sale. Lamps without a stand are most often bought by users who choose a gadget for use on the road..

Choosing the right

When buying a luminaire powered by a USB connector, you need to pay attention to certain aspects. The first thing to note is the size and weight of the stand if the appliance is equipped with one. On store shelves, there are improperly designed models when the weight of the lamp outweighs the stand. This is most often found in luminescent models. Overweight will negatively affect the stability of the lamp..

Also consider the length of the wire. They should not be less than half a meter. This is the optimal length for comfortable work..

Despite the fact that these are inexpensive products, they must also meet quality standards. The store is obliged to provide a guarantee for the product..

Sales leaders

Given the popularity of these products, many firms that work in the field of manufacturing useful and decorative gadgets offer customers USB lamps for every taste and wallet. Among the large selection of brands, there are those that stand out in the lead. These are Xiaomi and Orient brands.

The private company Xiaomi was founded in China 7 years ago. She is engaged in the production of smartphones, laptops and various electronic gadgets. Orient is also a Chinese souvenir and USB powered device firm..

With the development of technology, firms improve their products, offering customers updated versions of long-known products. If you often work at a computer, we advise you to purchase a convenient, compact and at the same time functional lamp. Given the affordable cost of the gadget, everyone can afford it. Remember that the price depends on the manufacturer, the size of the device, the power, and other aspects. The minimum price is about 200-300 rubles per unit.

Below you can see an overview of the new model of the LED USB lamp from Xiaomi..

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