Wheel chandeliers

Wheel chandeliers

Outside the window is the age of innovative technologies, but still widespread antique decors and styles tending to ethno. Most often they are used to decorate thematic cafes, restaurants, hotels and other similar establishments. Individual items (large beams made of natural wood, horseshoes, cart wheels, etc.) adorn apartments and country houses. To decorate the room in an unusual way, you can place a wheel-shaped chandelier in the center of the room. Such a lamp will attract the attention of everyone who comes to your house..

Unusual lamp

In ancient times, carts and carriages were the main means of transportation. Today they are practically not used, but individual elements are used in the decor. If you want to transform the interior with a truly unique lamp, a real wooden wheel from an old cart is best suited to make a beautiful chandelier. This will give you an item with your story. Such a chandelier will become truly unique..

In the event that it is not possible to find a base for a chandelier, you can do it yourself. A wooden product in the shape of a wheel, which imitates its appearance as much as possible, does not have to be made in accordance with outdated technologies, because you will not have to transport people and goods. In this case, the main thing is the maximum visual similarity, and not the functional qualities of the wheel. For manufacturing, you will need certain materials, tools, equipment.


The decorative rustic country style, which originated in America, is widely used to decorate private and country houses. The nature surrounding the building is in perfect harmony with the style. This direction combines ethnic notes, comfort and home warmth. Its main characteristic is the use of a large amount of wood. A wheel chandelier is perfect for this style..

Natural materials are used for the above style as well as for decorating the main light source. They actively use not only wood, but also stone. Forged elements in the form of plants and the like can be used as decorations for the chandelier. Warm wood and cool metal combine to create an expressive and stylish blowing.

Product characteristics

The standard wheel chandelier is quite large. The diameter of such a product is about half a meter. Considering such parameters, it is better to place a large lamp in a spacious room. Due to its shape and size, such a lamp will perfectly illuminate a large room, decorated in the style of an old castle..

A lamp in the form of a wooden wheel is perfect for a room with a fireplace. If the room has furniture made of rough wood, minimally processed, this type of lamp will perfectly complement the interior..

If you make a chandelier yourself, you will get a unique product, a real work of art. Handcrafted décor items are valued far above store and market options..

Having made the lamp yourself, you can be sure that there will not be a second of the same product anywhere. You will have the opportunity to install the required number of lamps, decorate the item as you wish, making any creative idea a reality.

Unusual solution

Using several wheels that differ from each other in diameter, you can make a voluminous and effective multi-level chandelier. It will become the main decoration of a large hall in a luxurious restaurant. All real cart and carriage wheels are almost the same size. In this case, the natural wheel acts as a base, and two additional elements must be created by yourself.

A special effect can be achieved by placing the lamps at different heights (from the base). In this case, the light sources are not placed on the wheel, but under it..

With your own hands

If you want to build an amazing lamp yourself, you need to choose certain materials. After that, you can start working. Need to know as much as possible about the workflow.

You will need the following:

  • wheel;
  • lamps in the form of candle fire, 6 pieces;
  • cartridges, 6 pieces (the number of cartridges and lamps must be the same);

  • forged parts of various sizes and shapes;
  • chains, about 6 meters;
  • wire;
  • self-tapping screws;
  • curly trumpet.


If you get your hands on a real old cart wheel, it must be handled properly. To do this, you need to walk over the surface with a hard iron brush. To get the job done as quickly as possible, it is better to use a similar drill attachment..

Then you need to cover the wheel with a solution of linseed oil with turpentine. Apply the product in several layers. You can use a product that protects the tree from rotting and various external factors..

If you could not find a real wheel, you can make a replacement out of wood, go through all the points listed above.

Number of light sources

It is recommended to install 6 lamps on a standard size wheel. Light sources must be placed at the same distance from each other. You can install lamps according to the number of spokes. So that the lamps do not violate the special look of the product, it is necessary to purchase light bulbs that imitate candles. They are easy to find in specialized stores..

Holes are made in the wheel – take into account the size of the lamp. Additional blind holes are also needed for wires. The size is approximately 15 to 20 mm. With the help of adapters, the chuck firmly takes its place in the hole intended for it. When choosing lamps, pay attention not only to their appearance, but also to the power, temperature of the light.


You can make the product more beautiful with metal chains. Chains with a thickness of 5 mm are great. To emphasize the effect of antiquity, it is recommended to choose the black version..

Various forged items can be used. The main thing is not to overdo it with their number, otherwise the weight of the chandelier will increase several times, and it will be quite difficult to fix it on the canvas. Too many decorations will ruin the appearance of the product..

Attach metal parts with a drill and self-tapping screws. So that they do not stand out, they can be covered with a matte black varnish. All such elements should be treated with special solutions that protect against rust..


It is better to carry out the installation process of the product together, especially if it is large and heavy. As a rule, a large chandelier is installed in the center of the canvas. If we are talking about the design of a large hall, it is quite possible that two chandeliers will be needed, placed at the same distance from each other. They can be hung closer to the center or on different sides of the room..

Think carefully about the installation process, try to take into account all the nuances. In this case, the result will more than disappoint you..

How to make a wheel-shaped chandelier with your own hands, see this video.

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