Wooden chandeliers

Wooden chandeliers

One day you will want to be transported into an atmosphere of harmony and peace. Nothing decorates interiors like the use of natural wood. Such a trend will always be fashionable, the most favorite material of designers for decorative and finishing work. In search of the right lighting for your home, feel free to choose wood chandeliers. Hanging such an “antique thing” will turn out both in a country mansion and in a museum, restaurant, apartment.


A fan of whatever style you are, wood chandeliers will harmoniously fit into the atmosphere of bedrooms, living rooms, halls. Japanese, Chinese, vintage, or eco styles are best suited to your design ideas. Despite their massiveness, wood chandeliers bring a sense of peace of mind to any room..

Wooden lamps represent a somewhat crude, clumsy work of a master. You can successfully combine cart-shaped models, wheels with lamps that imitate candles. There are a huge number of LED lamps and incandescent lamps for them on the market. A cafe, a bathhouse, a hotel reception, as well as a home interior stylized as country or antique, will instantly transform with such an accessory..

You can choose beautiful suspended, ceiling designs. An absolute must have – huge castle, large and miniature models. They can be made entirely of wood, have only a few metal elements, and vice versa.

The obvious advantages of wood chandeliers are:

  • environmental friendliness, non-toxicity of natural material;
  • a large assortment of collections made of wood of various species;
  • ease of handling and installation;
  • instant transformation of interiors, even in modern styles (kitsch, loft, urban chic, etc.);
  • combination with many materials (metal, glass, textiles).

Despite the increased flammability of wood, poor “contact” with rooms where there is an excess of humidity, frequent temperature changes, a wooden chandelier is still popular. She “wins” over other devices with her aesthetic qualities.

Special impregnations help to avoid delamination, deformation of wood, the appearance of insect pests, accidental fire.

A reliable and practical pendant lighting fixture has become a real a symbol of luxury. It is he who sets the general mood of the room, successfully emphasizes the strengths of the interior..

Combination of materials

Particular attention should be paid to the combination of wood with other materials. Feel free to combine natural wood with metal, glass, stone, paper, all kinds of draperies, acrylic. Depending on the chosen “tandem” you will achieve certain touches in the interior decor.

They have proven themselves excellently during the operation of the product beech, oak and pine. They can be perfectly combined with metal elements. With such a device, the notes of Gothic, Middle Ages, strict classics will sound in your home. Glass and solid wood structure will evoke loft, country motives, rustic. Provencal “duets” made of wood and textiles bring special comfort, romance, touchingness.

When buying a wooden chandelier, pay attention to what its component parts are made of:

  • decorative fittings (models are forged, with a wooden hoop, carved, they can be decorated with both textiles and bronze);
  • diffusers (shades, lampshades);
  • type of attachment (metal hook, strong bar, can withstand a lot of weight);
  • the lamps themselves, their shape, size, etc..

In style interiors baroque, rococo, bourgeois, empire Chandeliers made of aged wood have proven themselves superbly. Even the smallest models will become the main accent of the interior, setting the right mood for guests and owners of an apartment, house, restaurant.

Choosing wooden lamps made of hardwood, you will enjoy the beautiful texture, colors of the entire range..

By giving preference to pine, you will get a dizzying scent of pine needles, you will have a real device for relaxation and healthy sleep in your house. Luxurious pine products provide comfortable illumination of the entire space of the room.

The chandelier itself can be made of high quality plastic with a wooden frame. This is a bold attempt to combine several stylistic trends and even eras. Such products will harmoniously fit into modern interior styles (minimalism, eclecticism, kitsch, country, etc.).

A wooden chandelier on chains adds a special charm to the room. It can represent a graceful wenge-colored beam, a barbell, and even a ship’s steering wheel. Varieties of shapes and sizes – a huge number.

Models and views

The desire to settle in a pirate room, to feel the spirit of the Middle Ages or avant-garde is a matter of taste. So, 3-arm ceiling lamps with textile lampshades, pyramidal products, etc. will look elegant.. Before buying a wooden chandelier, decide on the type of model:

  • Suspended structures must be completed with a suspension in the form of a chain or cable. The product will not do without a strong metal hook. You can purchase a similar type of wooden chandelier for rooms with a ceiling height of 2.5 m.

  • Ceiling models will be mounted overhead with a mounting plate. You can choose constructions entirely made of solid wood or with some wooden elements..

When you have found the best option for the ceiling, it is also important to choose the correct type of light bulbs. In order to avoid fire, it is better to stay with LEDs or energy-saving fluorescent products. Fireproof, they will not heat up during operation.

  • In combination with natural wood, textiles look perfect. Lamps with shades – a symbol of warmth, comfort and hospitality. The general atmosphere of the interior will depend on which print you choose for them. Checkered, “polka dots”, abstract stains, small floral patterns, strict geometry – try to combine the colors of furniture, curtains and other elements with the color scheme of the chandelier.

  • Among the wide variety of models, you can find exquisite wooden sconces for bedroom. They are performed in any form, add mystery and some mysticism to the interior. It’s time for the children’s room to “arm” with a funny pirate-style model. The flat “anchor” chandelier in wenge color perfectly matches wooden furniture, flooring from boards.

  • In the kitchen, living room you can pick up classic chandelier with no frills. Three- and five-arm model with faceted or frosted glass, fabric and paper lampshades give special comfort to the most “angular”, eclectic interiors.

Actual styles

The main styles, which harmoniously fit a wooden chandelier, the designers consider oriental, eco, country, classics and modern. But this does not mean that such an element cannot be hung in a room where the spirit of rustic, Provence, vintage, Gothic or Baroque reigns. Decorators recommend adding antiquity notes to classrooms, spacious rooms and modest living rooms..

Chandeliers will perfectly fit into the concept of country, eco, East styles. Feel free to pick up branched, cart wheel models, as well as products suspended on ropes or chains from the ceiling.

There are also semi-antique options that can recreate a picture of the times of the avant-garde, romanticism, and the Middle Ages. Wooden chandeliers of a flat shape will look original. They should have lamps that mimic candles. You can add notes of simplicity and comfort using a rustic style and a chandelier in the form of bars on a rope. It looks great in the interiors of kitchens, dining rooms, living rooms.

Japanese style involves the use of a wood chandelier combined with a material such as silk. Forged inserts and fashionable engraving add richness to the accessory. Correct geometry is used in any direction to the east, so your lighting fixture should be clearly square, rectangular and symmetrical..

Antique chandeliers carry you into the past, add illusory, special magic to the room. They are perfect for design styles chalet, provence, retro. Try hanging vintage models in your bedroom or living room for instant peace and tranquility. Natural material is environmentally friendly. It transfers heat well and lends itself to various types of processing.

Experiment with the styles and shapes of the models. It’s time to install such a structure in a cottage, a country mansion, a sauna or a bathhouse.. You will not spoil the general appearance of the room if you hang a coniferous or deciduous product under the ceiling in the form of:

  • several bars or planks;
  • branches intertwined;
  • planks neatly laid in a row or perpendicular to each other.

Many modern models harmoniously fit into the modern style. Most often, designers add glass, metal or textile elements to wood. Strict and restrained options will complement the classic atmosphere, more intricate forms will decorate the room in eclectic, eco, kitsch, etc..

Pay attention to products with spotlights mounted in solid wood. They will not only emphasize your excellent taste, but also become a practical, functional device in the house..

The most beautiful modernist chandeliers are considered models with frosted glass inserts. They will create a holistic composition together with other elements of the room: upholstered furniture, skirting boards, floor and wall coverings, and other finishing materials..

Color solutions

In terms of colors, try not to stray far from natural shades. The wood should retain its unique texture, emphasize your love for eco-themes, the elegance of classics and avant-garde things. For spacious rooms it is better to select a visible “spot” of dark color. Refinement and elegance are given by the black base and shades. This option is especially suitable for offices, will emphasize the status and prestige of its owner..

Anxious to classic motives, look at the color of a wooden chandelier, such as cherry, wenge, bossa, oak or walnut. But in modern interiors, cylindrical or spherical shades in shades of Karelian birch, cedar, mahogany, mahogany will look original.

Light palette adds sophistication, brings a relaxed, romantic mood to the atmosphere.

Provence style will not do without graceful designs from twigs of vine, walnut. The shade you choose should be associated with sophistication, grace and lightness. Experts advise fans of Gothic to “arm themselves” with models with the effect of aged wood, forged details and openwork elements. All this should be placed against the background of a wooden base in a dark color..

Fans loft premises, attic style, most likely, they use chandeliers in the form of bars, boards. In addition to lamps and bulbs, you can install glass jars, a flower pot, a wicker basket on them. It will be preferable to choose the color of mahogany, brick or dark brown shade. In this case, it is worth using ergonomic fluorescent or LED lamps with a long service life..

Shapes and sizes

Among the colossal variety of shapes and sizes, the most popular wooden chandeliers are considered to be round and angular. More complex “geometry” is suitable for luxurious mansions, spacious halls, halls and will not fit into a cozy, modest kitchen, living room, bedroom. It is worth looking at the ceiling mounted structures in the form of a wheel or a steering wheel with lamps beautifully arranged around the circumference..

For classics, gothic, medieval style, use a candle lamp with an imitation of fire in the wind. And minimalism, constructivism and even techno can be decorated with a square lighting fixture..

Rectangular wood chandeliers with uneven edges can consist of boards, bars. These elements are often connected together by nails, ropes, ropes or chains..

Large bulky chandeliers evoke a sense of well-being and luxury. With such an accessory, you will always feel yourself in the comfort zone, and your life will be like a royal one. Practice shows that the place of massive lamps is in spacious rooms (restaurants, country houses, hotel halls, etc.).

Small chandeliers will successfully fit into the interior of the attic, loggia, small living room or dining room. An interesting solution will be 3-arm models, options with shades made of fabric to match the furniture set, upholstery, curtains or wallpaper.

Manufacturers overview

Among the popular manufacturers of wooden chandeliers, the Italian brand is considered the sales leader. Velante. In her collections you will find both floor lamps, sconces, and tableware, spots, led chandeliers with an original body made of high-quality material. Such models are able to add charm to any interior..

Also the brands Silvia Braconi, Matali Crasset, Laura Alesi, Gianpaolo Rampolla you can see an interesting combination of glass, metal and wood in one chandelier. Some plafonds resemble truly antiques, similar to antique lanterns..

The company’s products look presentable and solid Odeon light. In a series of wooden lighting fixtures, there are specimens decorated with Egyptian crystal, with unusual lampshades, acrylic shades, etc..

Russia represents brands “Aurora”, “Dubravia”, “ArtProm” etc. The domestic manufacturer creates masterpieces for classical as well as hi-tech, art deco, glamor, provence, country styles. In a wide range you will find models on a bar, ceiling, suspended, overhead, etc..

Beautiful examples in the interior

Unusual handmade designer items will always be the centerpiece of interiors. With their help, the basic concept of the style is created, the desired mood is set. Models with a wooden hoop and chains are very popular. Less popular – bulky bar chandeliers.

Products made of crystal, glass, metal and wood are considered the highest degree of aristocracy. Beautiful shades are often decorated with fashionable drapery with an exquisite print.

Such a home accessory will emphasize the subtle sense of taste of the owner of the house..

Overhead decorative wooden chandeliers with a matte or glossy texture of the lampshade look spectacular. Acrylic products will cost a little more. In combination with wood, they become a real work of art, but the price for them is also appropriate..

Among other features, various decorative elements of such suspended structures can be distinguished. Chandeliers made of wood with carvings, forged elements will look original. With the help of a wooden chandelier, it is quite easy to find yourself in the Middle Ages, imagining yourself as a knight of the round table. You can also imagine yourself visiting the legendary Leonardo da Vinci, be inspired by the spirit of the Renaissance.

For information on how to make a lamp or a table lamp with your own hands, see the next video..

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