Cabinet furniture for the living room: beautiful options in the interior

Cabinet furniture for the living room: beautiful options in the interior

Each owner of his apartment tries to equip it beautifully and functionally. In modern society, each of us has a different income. Someone can afford a large house and plan everything according to their taste and wallet, while others are forced to live in small apartments. It is in such premises that the issue of cabinet furniture is very acute. After all, everyone wants to have a beautiful and comfortable interior..

The living room becomes the main focus of everyone’s attention. Guests are welcomed in it and all family members gather in the evenings. It’s safe to say that for most of us, this is the main room in the house. In an effort to make the living room beautiful, do not forget about the multifunctionality of the furniture..



For many, cabinet furniture becomes an excellent solution for arranging a living room. Today on the market, you can pick up various options that fit into any interior. Furniture manufacturers offer many solutions that will suit even the most picky customers. Practicality and variety of styles make such furniture especially attractive..

Often cabinet furniture consists of several parts. Shelves for books, shelves, a place for a TV, cabinets, glass shelves and a small chest of drawers or wardrobe look great in the interior, because all these elements are made in the same color scheme and style.

An important factor when buying cabinet furniture is the material from which it is made.. Often buyers do not pay special attention to this factor; for many, color and style are more important. But the materials used play an important role. It depends on how the furniture is processed whether it is safe for others, whether it will not emit a chemical odor..


In addition, the quality of the wood determines the lifespan of new furniture. Modern production uses readily available materials. Here is some of them:

  • Chipboard or chipboard. Furniture made of chipboard or laminated chipboard is represented by tables, chairs and cabinets made of pressed shavings. A chipboard plate is made from sawdust impregnated with a sticky substance. Such a pressed board has proven itself to be excellent among manufacturers, so most of them choose it as the main material in the production of cabinet furniture. Strength, water resistance and wear resistance are inherent in this material. Also, chipboard cabinet furniture is not afraid of moisture. Therefore, it can be used to make kitchen and bathroom furniture. The price of such material is low, which inclines many manufacturers to choose this material..

The market demand is very high due to the low price. The disadvantage of chipboard materials is that formaldehyde resins are used in the manufacture, they have a negative attention to human health.

  • MDF. Cabinet furniture made of MDF is made from wood dust. By its properties, MDF is similar to particle board, but does not emit formaldehyde resins and is considered safer. Basically, facades are made from MDF, a drawing is perfectly applied to this material, with its help you can easily make any design. The quality of this material has been tested for decades. MDF does not crack, does not burst, does not crumble and does not swell due to temperature changes.

  • Natural wood. Furniture made of solid wood is considered the best in the entire furniture market. For production, walnut, beech or oak are used. These types of wood are considered hard, which means that they serve for the benefit of their owners for a long time. The price of solid wood furniture is very high. Luxurious furniture is usually made in a classic style. In addition, such furniture requires constant care and respect. But it is natural and environmentally friendly, so many customers prefer it. People who care about their health carefully choose the material from which the furniture is made.


Creating a modern room design is not an easy task. Today, there are many styles. The interior should be pleasing and meet all the comfort requirements. Let’s take a look at some of the styles of cabinetry:

  • Classic. The classic style of the interior is still very popular. He is the progenitor of all interior styles. On the one hand, it is characterized by some features, such as the correctness of geometric lines, calm decor, dull colors. On the other hand, natural materials, mirrors and stucco moldings are often used in it, which makes such an interior luxurious..

Furniture made in this style does not lose its relevance for many years. A living room with such furniture always looks elegant..

  • Minimalism. If the choice has settled on a style such as minimalism, then it is worth considering some of its features. Even the word “minimalism” itself implies the absence of a large number of furniture elements in the interior. Calm solid colors, most often white or black, are inherent in this style. Cabinet furniture is usually made of glass and metal, does not have a catchy decor. For such furniture, clarity of lines and functionality are important. It is important that she can be as comfortable as possible and at the same time not clutter up the living room. Hardware and handles are usually hidden, and furniture doors are often opened with a slight push..

  • High tech. Modern style trends have led to the emergence of a new and modern design called “high-tech” on the market. This style of interior is often chosen by young customers willingly keeping up with the times. Cabinet furniture in this style looks very unusual, often metal, glass and lacquered elements are present in its elements. Often, such furniture looks unusual and seems like something from the distant future. Backlighting favorably emphasizes the beauty of such furniture, leaving a feeling of weightlessness and hovering above the floor.

  • Loft. A new and unusual style called “loft” won the hearts of many people. Its main feature is a combination of several styles at once. It easily combines different materials such as wood and brick, metal and plastic. The main idea of ​​such an interior is to create the impression of home comfort and the street of an industrial city at the same time..

Cabinet furniture is usually made in dark colors, cabinets and tables can be equipped with wheels and can easily move around the room, depending on the mood of the owners. Loft assumes no wardrobes, and shelves of shelving must be open.

  • Eco style. Tired of the dullness of the city and life in non-stop mode, many people choose for themselves an interior in the so-called natural style. Light shades, untreated wood create a feeling of relaxation in nature. Such furniture is most often made to order, because the use of chemical processing agents is inappropriate in it. Cabinet furniture is not stained, due to which the wood breathes and creates a unique atmosphere of comfort at home.

  • Art deco. If you are a luxury lover, then surely the Art Deco style is for you. Beauty and chic leave no one indifferent. Cabinet furniture made in this style usually has glossy facades and looks massive. For decoration, marble, forging elements or decor with semi-precious stones are often used. The lines of such furniture can be rounded, and decorative elements can take on fancy shapes. There is no doubt that it will appeal to lovers of the feeling of a holiday in life..

  • Fusion. Without violating the concept of the interior, fusion-style furniture easily combines several ideas at once. Open shelves, cabinets go well with closed cabinets for storing clothes. The color of the elements of cabinet furniture is quite varied, the main thing is that it is combined with the color scheme of the general decoration of the apartment, it all depends on the author’s idea. With this style, you can easily create a cozy living room that will satisfy every taste..

  • Modern. The living room, made in Art Nouveau sieve, has flowing lines and warm colors. Walls and racks can be placed asymmetrically and at different levels. Often the facades of such furniture are brown, beige and coffee tones. The thread can be made on cabinet doors and repeated on other elements. Some designers decorate such furniture with forging, which looks beautiful and elegant..

  • Techno. The main idea of ​​this style is the manufacturability of the interior. Convenience should be present in all corners of the apartment. Cabinet furniture in such an interior has a high functionality. Usually, the technology is built into it, which is hidden behind the facades. Metal, glass, and plastic are usually suitable for this style of furniture. The rounded shapes of pedestals and wardrobes will easily fit the general idea of ​​the interior. Austere and clean lines are rarely found in this kind of design. Tinted glass and cool shades are the best fit for the Art Nouveau style. Classics are also well suited for the hall..


The color of upholstered furniture plays an important role in creating a special interior in the house. Fortunately, manufacturers can customize furniture in almost any color. Popular colors are oak, wenge, bleached oak, walnut, beech, mahogany. And this is far from a complete palette that can easily be found on the furniture market..

Color saturation is important for modern interiors. Designers try to develop colors that would suit as many people as possible..

Furniture facades can be made according to individual orders and match the rest of the customer’s interior. By choosing light shades, you can easily brighten your living room, thereby visually expanding the space. Furniture made in dark shades looks massive and status, it will perfectly fit in large and light rooms.

Placement Tips

So, if the choice fell on the purchase of cabinet furniture, then it is worthwhile to figure out exactly how to arrange it in space. Having a small room with the correct geometry, it would be a good solution to arrange furniture along the walls, it is better to leave the center of the room empty for general convenience, because often there is a path through the living room to the kitchen or to the balcony. An obstacle in the form of a table will only bring inconvenience. In this case, it is better to put the table near the window..

It is important not to block the light from the windows with furniture, living in a dark and dim apartment is uncomfortable, so do not put cabinets near the windows, a TV stand does not need sunlight, but it is better to put a desk in the lighter part of the room. Try to create coziness and harmony in your living room.

In the 21st century, the TV is an important part of any interior, think of where it will stand and start from this place. Paired pieces of furniture can be placed on the sides of the TV, try to arrange everything symmetrically. With the help of shelves and shelves, you can decorate any interior and put your favorite books and photographs dear to your heart on them. If you have a small apartment, then the presence of a closet, as an element in cabinet furniture, will easily solve the problem of storing things. A wide range of colors and decor will help create a suitable atmosphere in the house.


The production of furniture products is growing from year to year. There are more and more companies producing cabinet furniture, and the demand for these products is also increasing. The quality of such furniture has grown significantly, companies are fighting for their customers. Many trading companies produce custom-made furniture according to individual customer designs. The materials in the manufacture are of the highest quality, and the percentage of unscrupulous firms is rapidly falling.

It should be noted that the production of cabinet furniture is a complex and time-consuming process. To create it, special equipment is required, and only conscientious firms can afford to manufacture it. Going to buy cabinet furniture, the buyer can easily purchase a quality product at a low cost.

The most popular products:

  • Belarusian;
  • German;
  • Italian, etc..

Furniture from Italy is appreciated not only for its impeccable quality, but also for its impeccable design that can organically decorate any interior.


We present to your attention a rating of the most popular manufacturers today:

  • BK-Trade;
  • “Furniture Hermes”;
  • Meblissimo;
  • “Comfort Furniture”;
  • “Furniture Discount”;
  • “Sterkh”.


On the Internet, you can easily find reviews about manufacturers of cabinet furniture, most often they are positive. Firms try to please every client and improve their production. High-quality wood serves for a long time and pleases customers with its appearance for more than a dozen years. Real-life reviews from people will help you make the right choice and save time in search of a reliable manufacturer that would meet key requests, such as value for money.

Cabinet furniture options will help you ideally equip the living room and place all the necessary things in it. The functionality of such furniture is its advantage, which is why many buyers prefer it.. Practicality, quality, low price, availability and a wide range of colors – all this is a big plus of cabinet furniture. You can create your favorite interior or fill a room with modern ideas with the help of furniture made in one style or another. The living room will always delight with its convenience and beauty.

Beautiful examples in the interior

A living room with a corner wardrobe will be much more functional. It will become not only a resting place, but also help to keep your belongings neatly..

Cabinet furniture will fit perfectly into any interior. Most harmoniously, it suits the classic style..

Living room furniture can be made in a variety of colors. Light green, orange, yellow, blue and other items will decorate any interior. They can act as a bright accent or make up a stylish set..

You can find out about the current trends in cabinet furniture for the living room in the following video..

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