Electric fireplace in the interior of the living room

The fireplace in the interior of the living room looks especially cozy and attractive, and for the owners themselves, the appearance of a hearth becomes another reason to gather family and friends. An electric fireplace will be an excellent ally in creating a unique interior for your living room and will significantly save time on installation and further maintenance..

Features and Benefits

  • Among the main advantages of an electric fireplace will be that it is absolutely safe: it is impossible for them to burn yourself and it does not emit carbon dioxide..
  • An electric fireplace is a separate source of heat that heats up quite well in comparison with the original versions with live fire..
  • Such a fireplace can be easily installed in tandem with a TV: the “hearth” will not harm expensive equipment and will allow you to enjoy watching your favorite movie in the company of a nice fireplace.
  • Aesthetics is another advantage of the electric fireplace; the fake hearth looks stylish and modern in interiors from classic to minimalist designs.
  • Installation of such a fireplace does not require the installation of an additional chimney; one has only to securely fix the structure against the wall and decorate it if desired.
  • Affordable price.
  • Caring for the fireplace is reduced to a minimum of effort – wiping it with a damp sponge.
  • Electric fireplaces have a heat regulation function, which allows you to create comfortable temperature conditions in the house.



The electric fireplace looks natural and resembles a real flame thanks to modern technologies that allow returning traditions to the real world, where there is hardly any place for regularity. There are several types of electric fireplaces, which we will talk about in this section:

  • The most popular and affordable type of electric fireplace is the built-in model, which consists of two large parts: a hearth and a decorative structure. Such a fireplace requires installation into the wall even at the stage of repair, and during finishing – facing with decorative elements made of stone or other materials.

Built-in fireplaces look good in classic interiors and spacious living rooms, as they are massive in size and take up a significant amount of space. In especially large rooms, the built-in fireplace can be positioned along an entire wall, creating a continuation of it in the form of the same decorative finish.


  • Corner fireplace – an opportunity to diversify the interior and use excess space to the advantage.
  • Hanging fireplaces are an original solution for a small space, when it is especially important to save square meters. The suspended structure of the fireplace allows it to be mounted either on the wall or on the ceiling. The lightweight and safe electric fireplace is especially suitable for modern high-tech interiors or minimalist spaces. Wall-mounted pendant fireplaces allow you to change the usual arrangement of a pair of TV and fireplace and swap them: hang an electric version of the hearth on top, and a TV under it.
  • Free fireplaces are those models that do not require installation, that is, they are attached with a special bracket to the wall with ease and


Portal styles

A built-in electric fireplace often wants to be supplemented with decorative finishes in order to give it more originality and emphasize the high status of the homeowner (or apartment owner). Loft style always means large spaces: ceilings, walls, doors and windows, where you can arrange those interior items that please your soul. Typically, loft-style fireplaces do not have portals and are made in a laconic design, metal is the basis, and tempered glossy glass is an additional material in the fireplace design. Fireplaces in this design are usually built into the wall or suspended from the ceiling..

Minimalism speaks for itself – this is the style in the interior that does not accept a lot of details. Fireplaces in a similar format are simple in shape, but functional in work. To create an interior in the style of “minimalism”, choose a model of an electric fireplace made of transparent glass, it is good if the hearth is two or three-sided.

A square-shaped fireplace is chosen for classic living rooms or those rooms where space is required. An electric square fireplace will be an excellent choice for an apartment where there is not a lot of space and there is a real struggle for every square meter..

A modern electric fireplace, depending on its design, is able to complement any interior, and a white fireplace will look especially laconic in an apartment or house. White is the choice of practical and sensible people, in addition, a light-colored hearth visually expands the space and does not look massive even when facing.

Combination with interior design

An electric fireplace in the living room interior looks laconic and modern, especially in combination with a TV, which is traditionally hung on top of the “hearth”. A fireplace paired with a TV is a very functional design that allows you to enjoy watching TV programs or movies and flame, albeit not living.

An electric fireplace is perfect even for a small living room in an apartment, as it is easy to install and practical as a heater and decorative element of your space. In a small apartment, a small fireplace will become a “highlight” and a place for gathering households, and in order to create the most comfortable interior of the living room, it is worth placing a sofa or several armchairs in front of the fireplace and TV, where everyone will find a place.

When installing a fireplace, you should carefully think over the interior so that the room is not only attractive, but also as functional as possible. The first thing to think about is the design of your living room, or its style direction, based on which the electric fireplace and the rest of the furniture are selected. It is important to determine the size of the hearth, which will be combined with the size of the living room, for example, for a room no more than 25 square meters. meters it is worth picking up a standard model up to 550 mm in width and no more than 600 mm in height.

For a living room in an apartment up to 18 sq. meters, choose a corner fireplace or a small wall model that does not require additional cladding – it will not steal excess space and allow the room to transform.

The classic direction in design requires a large space and the choice of a large-sized fireplace, which can be decorated with stucco or columns with gilding or ornamentation. For cladding a fireplace in a classic style, marble or another type of natural stone, wood or false elements are traditionally used to add charm to the hearth. In the “classic” fireplaces are often used, as if recessed into the wall or located fireplaces with decorations along the whole wall and an open firebox.

The Provence or country style does not require a large squaring and is quite suitable for a small living room, in addition, the facing of the D-shaped portal is quite enough. A small electric fireplace and a cozy sofa with an abundance of textiles and wall decorations are enough to create the style of the “French district”.

To create an urban style, it is important to ensure its practicality and decorate the electric fireplace with modern materials: metal, glass or plastic. Choose the simplest model with great functions and a minimum of details, which will allow you to create a practical and “clutter-free” interior in the living room of your house or apartment. Clarity of forms distinguishes high-tech style or urban format of the living room and allows you to enjoy functionality.

The loft style is characterized by the use of an artistic fireplace made of heat-resistant glass; a pendant model of the hearth or a wall model that does not require installation is also suitable. The loft style is characterized by a large space with large windows and doors, and most of the walls in the style format have brick (real or decorative) masonry. For such a design, you will need a large metal fireplace, decorated with dark glossy glass without cladding..


Interesting ideas

Today, the loft style is especially relevant (if the room allows), and fireplaces in this interior style seem more unusual. An open fireplace hanging on the wall will be a good choice and an original element of the room, which will provide it with warmth and an attractive and cozy place for gathering guests. Place the “hearth” in the middle of the room, and arrange comfortable furniture such as chairs or couches of various colors and shapes around.

A fireplace built into the wall is an original solution for a bedroom or living room in high-tech or loft format, and in any other modern format. The built-in electric fireplace looks especially laconic from transparent glass, which allows you to observe the passionate tongues of the flame and enjoy its warmth. Fig 2

An interesting solution would be to install an open-type fireplace on a wall with transparent glass and thick laconic white portals against a gray wall. The strict forms of the furniture will create an informal atmosphere, both business and cozy. Fig 3

The classics in the interior do not go unnoticed, especially if a fireplace is used in it. The classic interior of the living room is characterized by the use of a version of the electric fireplace built into the wall and lining it with decorative strips with stucco and gilding. Fig 4

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