How to choose a console in the living room?

How to choose a console in the living room?

Before you start choosing a console, you need to consider the size and layout of the room with all its features. After that, you need to understand what is the purpose of this piece of furniture..

Professionals in their field with the help of it solve difficult problems when planning space in an apartment. The console will be a purely decorative element in the room, or it will have a functional purpose.

Types of consoles

As a rule, the height of these pieces of furniture is from 80 to 120 cm, the depth is narrow, like a shelf from 30 to 40 cm. Tall models are used mainly to decorate the interior. The height of the seating attachments ranges from 75 to 85 cm. A typical console consists of two elements – a support and a table top.

There are three types of consoles:

  • suspended tabletops without legs;
  • on two or one legs;
  • mobile, add-on with four legs.

In medieval architecture, this piece of furniture was a support for a balcony or cornice, so the first modern models of these pieces of furniture with one edge of the table top were attached to the wall. Hence their semicircular shape.

In any room of the home, the attachments find their application: in the office, in the bedroom, in the bathroom, in the hall. Most often, consoles are installed in living rooms., which is not accidental. The living room is the place where the family spends a lot of time, so I want to make it the most convenient place to relax after a hard day. I also want to fill this room with pleasant and memorable family members with souvenirs brought from trips. These can be photo frames, clocks, flower bouquets, figurines. For these purposes, consoles are suitable like nothing else.. Today, a showcase console with the placement of antique interior items on it is of particular relevance..

Designers recommend hanging a clock, a mirror in a beautiful frame or a picture over this interior decoration. Place a pouf under it, a floor vase.

Indoor console

The designers recommend choosing the console in the living room based on the size of the room. A small room with a massive attachment will look out of place.

For small rooms, consoles of small sizes and light colors are usually chosen, as well as glass.

Such pieces of furniture can generally become a godsend if you need to make the room visually larger and decorate, adding a surface to accommodate various decor. At the same time, the room will not be overloaded with furniture.. In spacious rooms, the attachment is located behind the sofa..

In the living room, the console usually serves not only for decorative purposes, but can also be very functional.. Designers recommend using them to decorate small walls and niches.. Perhaps your console is designed to perform such a function as, for example, to cover a radiator or an opening in a wall..

Console as a bright accent

These pieces of furniture in the interior can be both invisible and be an object of attention, the owner of bizarre shapes and finishes. The console table is often trimmed with marble and malachite, as well as gilding.

In modern homes, it has become a common technique to place a bright attachment in the most advantageous location. The design should not differ from the style of the room, for example, baroque. Against a neutral background, the bright console will become the main figure in the room.. Do not forget about the combination of color and finish of the product. Ottomans are usually attached to the table, and the picture is complete..

When choosing a console table in accordance with the style of the room, take into account the following. In a minimalist style, a table with an abundance of decor will not look, you should prefer a small table lamp. In the classic style, the main thing is symmetry. Usually, a mirror with a chic frame or a composition of paintings is placed in the middle of the side table. Classics can have many decorative elements..

Today’s side tables are usually reserved and uncluttered. Another problem can be solved by using a storage console in the room.. Many products have a sideboard next to it and drawers under the countertop.. Beautiful frames with photos, table lamps will fill the interior with individuality. Modern consoles can also fold out.

Console as TV zone

A side table can be used instead of a TV shelf, but this technique is not widely used.

The width of the console should allow a TV to be mounted on it. Sometimes it is mounted on the wall and the side table becomes an art object decorating the TV area..

With this option, there will be nowhere to hide the stereo systems and wires to them.. In this case, you need to select a product with a strict shape and minimalist design..

Console as a work area

Console table on casters can be an addition to the workplace. It should be mobile, with the ability to roll up to the bed like a serving table with breakfast.

When planning to spend some time at the computer, you need to make sure that the console is wide. I must say that this option is not as convenient as a desk. In this case, the design can be any, classic or modern style. In this case, consoles in dark shades will look good..

Room zoning

The console can solve such a problem as zoning the living room. Tall objects are placed on the console of bright colors, as if delimiting the room. Taking a glance at a room with such furniture, we will highlight the foreground (sofa area), a decoratively decorated middle plan (vases with bouquets, lamps) and a background plan or a walk-through area to the dining room or office..

Place the console on the couch in the middle of the room to separate the seating area from the rest of the room. Such a piece of furniture by the window will give the decor of the room a finished look and will not block the passage to the window.. Moreover, you can place two consoles in the room, for example, on both sides of the fireplace. A mirror is usually placed above one of them, and a composition of paintings above the other..

As you can see, the main advantage of the consoles is their small size and high functionality. When choosing a side table in the living room, be sure to think over all the details: its main purpose in the room, as well as how it will be in harmony with the rest of the furniture in the house.

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