Living room decor: original ideas for transforming the interior

In every house, the main room is the living room. After all, it is in it that your guests enter, by its interior they judge the situation in other rooms of your home.

Since traditionally all generations of the same family meet in the living room, this room should be pleasant for everyone. It is very good if such a room combines modern trends and a well-chosen style..


The most common places to decorate are free space above the sofa, TV and fireplace, if available..

Elements and all kinds of decor items will give your interior a certain charm. But it is worth remembering that all the details in the interior setting should be in harmony with each other and be combined with the general style of the room..

In the classic style, hand-made tapestries, small carpets and paintings by famous artists will be appropriate. Large mirrors in carved wooden frames bring a certain sophistication to the room..

Wooden panels with fabric decorations, in particular, velvet, will look worthy. But these techniques will only be appropriate in large living rooms.

To add luxury to a smaller room, use stricter details..

Eclecticism is ideal for the owner of a large room if he seeks to bring natural motives into his home. An interesting and attractive design will allow you to turn a city apartment into a place to relax with your body and soul.

An innovation in this direction will be wallpapers or panels with a 3D effect. They will look great on one of the walls. Further, the designer will provide a huge variety of options: from huge flowers to a green corner in the form of a lawn with grass.

Against the background of such beauty, it is good to hang shelves with hand-made products or display photographs of people dear to you..

The easiest way is to create a rustic interior in the living room. It will not be difficult to decorate the room with details. Clay vases with flowers, decorative painted plates, made by yourself, as well as products using the macrame technique and pillows in embroidered pillowcases will look appropriate here.. Furniture for this style is best selected in soothing colors..

Provence is very popular among interior designers. This is an interesting and quite versatile style, as it can be used in any type of room..

Wallpaper in pastel colors will look good in this style, and place wooden figurines or painted dishes as decorations on the walls..

The retro style is the most budgetary. After all, each of us has items from childhood or inherited from older generations. Feel free to use these details to create a retro look in your living room.. The highlight of the room will be posters with the stars of yesteryear..

You can also safely use an out-of-format approach: create decorative elements from leftover wood, old tires and clay pots.

Accent wall

Modern designers have a lot of options available on how to arrange the free space of one of the living room walls.

The room of modern people who are chasing fashion and trying to be trendy will be decorated with decorative stone. This design will bring elegance and light rudeness. Often this type of decor is chosen by active people who are constantly on the move..

Attention is drawn to the combination of a beige sofa in bedding against a blue wall. The presence of pillows on the sofa to match the paint (or wallpaper) adds interest.

It is important to remember to be careful when you want to add other colors to such a combination..

An unsuccessful combination of shades and colors can cause a headache with its appearance. In addition, the lack of harmony in the colors of the interior may indicate a lack of taste in the owner of the house..

Not so long ago, modular paintings have gained popularity in wall decoration. These are several elements of one canvas, which, in combination, create one composition. In this case, the fragments are located at some distance from each other..

Wallpaper with 3D effect occupies an honorable place among the decor elements. Often, images are applied to them on the theme of nature. Such an element will bring a sense of coziness in the apartment..


An aquarium with fish is added to the interior as a non-standard and bright detail. Such an element is sure to grab the attention of your guests. Peace and relaxation will be given to you by the sound of water and the sight of swimming fish. After observing these creatures, everyone in the room will receive a charge of positive emotions. In addition, the presence of an aquarium will provide constant air humidification..

An aquarium with fish can be presented as a “living picture” hanging on the wall of the room as a decorative element. Among your friends and acquaintances, the presence of a coffee table in which live fish swim will cause a sensation. Such an aquarium will not leave anyone indifferent..

Picture wall

One of the oldest ways to decorate walls in a room is painting with paints. This approach is relevant and is still in demand. If you want to turn the living room wall into a work of art, you need to prepare it first. The drawing is applied to the surface only after the putty and primer have been applied to it..

If you are a talented artist, then, without doubting your own abilities, feel free to start creating a picture. Otherwise, prepare a stencil or invite a specialist.

Interior designers advise against turning all walls into paintings. It will be great if the image on the surface of your choice contains a minimum of detail..

Hand-made painting (or by the hands of a guest artist) will add a touch of elegance and grace. In such a room you will feel quite comfortable.. Do not forget about the harmony of painting with the general style.. It is important to choose the right plot. Using this trick, you can significantly transform the living room, as well as visually make it more spacious..


Your living room will acquire a unique charm when you hang frames on the walls. But it is not necessary to put pictures or photographs in them. These can be drawings of your children, postcards, both greeting and souvenir, book pages or illustrations from magazines..

Match frames of the same shape and color and create symmetrical compositions. Well, the combination of diverse frames will emphasize your originality..

But don’t forget about harmony and compatibility.

When jewelry is not needed?

Along with styles in which decorating is welcome, there are those where excessive decorations and decorative elements will characterize the owner of the apartment as a person who has no taste. Minimalism belongs to this direction. This style has its supporters..

A special feature of minimalism is the absence of drawings and decor on furniture in pastel colors. This style denies the presence of any ornamentation. However, it is allowed to have one photo on the wall or fresh flowers (there should not be many flowerpots). From furniture, you can add a coffee table in harmony with the general style, as well as several interesting poufs.

The presence of decorations also depends on the location of the sofa.. In this case, consider 2 options for such placement:

  • The sofa serves as a line dividing the living room into a seating area and a work area, while being in the middle of the room. A lot of shelves in the corner of a white living room will look beautiful. The light wall of the room can be painted in a trendy color.

  • The sofa is located by the window, on which, accordingly, it is impossible to place anything. And in this situation, you can either decorate the window panes, or place a photo frame with the image of people dear to you on the coffee table by the sofa..

How to create harmony?

Compliance with some rules in the design of the house will provide you with an amazing result, which in the future will only delight you..

The main thing to remember is that all decor elements should be combined with the general mood of the room. Therefore, select the details slowly, consider the general style of the room..

It is important to remember the following:

  • In the overall design, all details must be harmoniously combined.
  • Contrasting objects can decorate the room, make its style complete. Contrasting furniture and less catchy details or bright, eye-catching pieces of furniture in soothing colors look harmonious.
  • Rooms of children and adolescents do not fall under general patterns. Comfort is important for them, the result of which can be a combination of several existing styles..

Designers recommend

Before starting repairs, it is important to consult with specialists and follow their recommendations.. Here are some general tips to follow:

  • Decide on the style. If possible, print the examples you like..
  • Leave the repair to the experts. In the shortest possible period of time, they will complete the assigned tasks, and also tell you what to do in this or that case..
  • It is inadmissible to use large paintings or photo frames in a small living room. They will visually make the room even smaller. If you are the owner of a spacious room, then you can safely use any techniques and ideas. The main rule is not to break the harmony..

  • A self-made collage of photos will attract the attention of your guests. This is a stylish solution that can be changed and supplemented based on the wishes of the owner. Such a decorative element will be appropriate even in a small living room..

To create an interior in a living room of a certain style, you can contact a professional who will advise which elements are best to choose. Or analyze all the proposals yourself, and, having drawn conclusions, feel free to purchase everything that will emphasize the original style of your hall..

More original wall design ideas await you in the next video..

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