Living room in a classic style: beautiful solutions for your interior

Classics in the interior of the living room is one of the most popular and widespread trends. It is the classic style that is always relevant and does not go out of fashion for many years. Only a few modern details and accents are changing. But the general interior design and standard rules remain unchanged. With the help of the classic style, you can favorably emphasize the luxury of a living room in any home and create a cozy atmosphere in it..



A living room decorated in a classic style presupposes a large number of pronounced accents. In this case, the room should not be too small and cramped.. It must be filled with light and space. If you have a small apartment, then a more interesting modern layout in the neoclassical style will suit you. It assumes a simpler and lighter design, but at the same time it contains a large number of exquisite elements and decor items..

For strict traditional classics, the consistency of one color scale, textures, shades is characteristic. It is also the use of expensive, sophisticated furnishings and traditional furnishings. And in apartments in the style of modern classics, you can use newer options.

This style assumes more bright accents and freedom in interior design, but it is nevertheless summarized that the general features and features of the classic style will be observed..

So, harmoniously matched colors are characteristic of any traditional classic interior. Shades present on facades and furniture upholstery, wall coverings, floors, ceilings and accessories must be harmonious and uniform. In such an interior there are no contradictions and abrupt transitions, the zoning of the room should be done with smooth and graceful lines and shapes..

Even if you choose to use some bright accents, they must be supported by other elements of the interior.. It is customary to hide and smooth color transitions. For this, it is better to use curbs and moldings. Another feature that is typical for living rooms in a classic style is the use of only high-quality and natural materials in the arrangement of the room and its decoration. Environmental friendliness and naturalness are one of the most important requirements for furniture.

All materials must be exquisite and of high quality. The interior often contains materials such as wood, metal, silk. Moreover, all these elements can be present not only on furniture elements, but also on all coatings..

In the interior of such a living room, you can use exquisite forged elements..

All interior items should be filled with luxury. So, accessories, furniture fittings and other details should have unusual and smooth shapes. The furniture has carved legs and handles. The facades are decorated with beautiful interlacing of lines, patterns and carvings. All upholstered furniture should have large, elegant armrests and beautiful upholstery made of durable eco-friendly materials.

In a classic-style room, and especially in the living room, a sufficient number of accessories are always arranged. They emphasize the social status of the owner of an apartment or house and complete the interior. So, in such a living room, you can hang exquisite paintings in beautiful frames. The more vintage and older the frame, the more profitable such a decor item will look.


Another feature is the presence of beautiful mirrors that fill the room with light. They are often used to decorate walls. A soft carpet in the living room is a must. This item is able to bring comfort to the interior and make it softer and more sophisticated..

The carpet should be plain. These models are more typical for the neoclassical style. Long-haired models are more often selected for such rooms. But a room in a more traditional classic style is decorated with short pile carpets, graceful patterns and fancy ornaments..

The next feature that distinguishes the classic trend in the interior of the living room is the presence of a large number of textile elements. So, it can be curtains with drapery, a sofa with upholstered upholstery, armchairs and chairs covered with textiles. In addition, such a room has beautiful decorative pillows and, again, carpets..

An important functional element of a classic living room is the fireplace. It fills the room with warmth and makes it more atmospheric. And it doesn’t matter if it is a real fireplace or a decorative one. Both of these options will do.. The fireplace will be able to emphasize the sophistication and luxury of such a stylistic direction..

An important part of a traditional living room interior is the presence of a large number of light sources. So, a large graceful chandelier should hang in it, and the wall should be decorated with additional sconces and spotlights. The chandelier should have an antique design, and it is better to choose a sconce with forged metal elements..

There should also be beautiful floor lamps with graceful fabric shades. Chandeliers can have glass or mirror elements, which, with the help of overflows and play of light, will create an unusual atmosphere in the room..

Another feature of the classic style, which is more characteristic of the modern trend, is the presence of leather elements. These can be sofas, poufs, armchairs. In addition, such living rooms are often complemented with blankets and carpets made of animal skins..

In a good classic living room, everything should be thought out to the smallest detail. It is important to pay attention even to the design of window and door openings. Any arched structures are perfect; volumetric patterns on doorways can be a good decor.

Forged metal bars are even installed on the windows. Doors for such living rooms are selected more massive and vintage.

Colors and decor

Halls in the classical style are distinguished by a special color palette, therefore, when decorating and arranging this room, you should follow some rules regarding the colors of their combinations. As a rule, rooms decorated in a classic style are characterized by a large number of decorative elements, as well as large furniture. Therefore, in order to make the room more spacious and uncluttered, it is better to use a light color scheme. Most often, such a room is decorated mainly in beige tones..

You can give preference to any one brighter color, but at the same time refuse bright accents. Thus, all coatings should be monochrome and calm. It can be light red, brown, gold..


Another common option for decorating a hall in a classic style is white.. It can be combined with almost all other shades of pastel colors that are so characteristic of the classics. The coatings can have glossy sheen and glitter. It is permissible to use light elements with a gold or silver finish. Glossy reflections and overflows can make a room more spacious and bright..

The color scheme should be selected based on the illumination of the room. If it has large windows, then you can make more dark details and accents, but if there is not enough light in such a room, then it is better to give preference to the lightest color scheme. Moreover, this applies to both furniture and finishing materials..

When choosing a color scheme for the hall, it is necessary to take into account the cardinal points that the windows face. If they face north, then it is better to select warmer shades. It can be pastel and light shades: pink, golden, sand, coffee. But living rooms, the windows of which face the south, are better decorated in colder shades. Gray, purple, lilac, blue tones are perfect.

To decorate rooms, you can use horizontal and vertical combinations in the design of furniture elements and in the form of prints on the coverings. So, with their help, you can enlarge the room upward or in breadth.. But all shades must overlap with each other, each of them must have a matching pair.. The main color can be diluted with small paired accessories. Thus, the decorated living room will look more harmonious..

Many elegant accessories should be used to decorate the hall. So, it is better to decorate the walls with paintings that will depict landscapes or old portraits. Frames can be made from wood yourself. Moreover, models with gilding look elegant. Another decor option is the installation of large mirrors in beautiful frames. There may be several decorative mirrors in the room. Better to use paired models.

The centerpiece will be a mirror above the fireplace. It can have a round shape with decoration in the form of stucco molding; models in the shape of a sun with golden rays are popular. Living rooms are often decorated with fresh flowers, but there should be few of them. They enliven the room and make it more comfortable. They are most often placed on shelves and windowsills..

Large vases with antique finishing are an important element of the decor. They should have antique features and decoration. Thus, these elements can become a highlight of the interior..

Separate functional areas can be decorated with unusual coatings. So, it can be embossed panels that imitate some materials or mirror areas in the form of a panel..

As for the decoration of the window, then there should be massive long curtains made of dense materials. The drapery on the curtains looks great. You can also hang light chiffon tulle on the window. Moreover, the curtains are selected for the upholstery of furniture..

Columns and graceful ledges should be used for decoration. They can be decorated with plaster or marble. It is these decorative elements that will make the living room interior style truly classic. Columns can also be used to decorate a fireplace. But this option is more suitable for spacious rooms..

The ideal option for decorating the living room in the classic style is stucco molding with gilding. Thus, both walls and ceilings are decorated, as well as individual interior items. Another way to decorate is stained glass. It can become a bright accent in the interior of the room..

In such a living room, there should be many accessories made of porcelain, brass and bronze. These can be figurines, beautiful clocks and even elements of sculpture. The shelves can be decorated with collectible books in beautiful covers and vintage sets.

Subtleties of design

When decorating a living room, try to give preference to refined and original coatings. But for a small room, it is better to select the thinnest and simplest coatings with a smooth texture.. It is important to rely on the durability and naturalness of such finishing materials..


Wallpaper is most often used to decorate the walls of a classic hall. They are also perfect for a neoclassical living room. At the same time, monochrome coatings with large patterns are chosen. But a feature of modern classics is that such coatings are not used on all walls, but only on one accent wall. So, you can make a fresco on one of the walls.

Another option that is characteristic of the traditional direction is the use of decorative plaster. Its relief and play will help create an exquisite design. The transitions between the colors of the coatings can be decorated with graceful moldings. Such boundaries perfectly emphasize the luxury of classics in the interior. With their help, you can delimit coatings with patterns and plain walls..

For traditional classics, you can even use wood paneling. They will make the room more sophisticated and luxurious. But this finish is only suitable for rooms with an area of ​​more than 17 sq. m. This is a great solution if you want to decorate a room in a more antique style.. When choosing wallpaper, it is important to pay attention to their colors, as well as the ornament..

In addition to large patterns, the use of patterns with lines and stripes is typical. Moreover, it can be both vertical and horizontal stripes. But it is better to design not all walls in this way. Within the framework of a classic living room, horizontal combination of coatings can also be applied. At the bottom, you need to use dark plain wallpaper, and at the top, light coatings with an ornament..

As an ornament for wall coverings, rhombus, empire style are perfect. In addition, you can use some floral-themed elements. Beautiful wallpaper can be placed on one of the walls. They can be famous works of art or old subjects..


It is desirable that the flooring is natural. In this case, a tree is perfect. But for decorating floors in an economy class apartment, laminate is perfect. This is a versatile option that can imitate different textures: decorative stone, wood, marble..

The ideal option is block parquet or parquet board. Parquet flooring perfectly matches the wooden furniture elements. It is matched to the color of the window frames and door slopes. Other floor coverings can be selected. So, a self-leveling floor is perfect for a hall. Under it can be dense with beautiful ornaments and even painting. Reflective surfaces in living rooms look sophisticated and interesting. You can soften this gloss with the help of small soft rugs in the sofa area..


In order to make chic ceilings in the room, you can supplement them with large moldings and stucco moldings. Ceilings can be multi-level. They are characterized by rounded corners, diamond-shaped shapes. Beautiful patterns are depicted along each level. For ceilings, slabs with volumetric ornaments and wood panels are also used..

More economical and simpler options are plastic panels and plaster. The ceiling in a modern living room in an apartment can be painted with special paint and supplemented with stucco molding. This option will look no less sophisticated..

We select furniture

Classicism is characterized by the use of large-sized furniture, but neoclassicism involves the use of more compact models. For example, it can be lightweight rounded sofas, a coffee table, shelves with open shelves. If we talk about more traditional living rooms, then there must be a large sofa, a luxurious armchair, a carved table and cabinets with a large number of mirror and glass inserts.

Furniture should be selected exquisite and monochromatic. A light leather sofa or a model with soft brown, beige, gray upholstery is perfect. Cabinets should be wooden and bulky. They may contain steel elements and fittings. The use of legs is typical for such furniture. Even massive wardrobes often have this element..

Furniture in the hall should be arranged functionally and conveniently so that it fills well, but does not clutter up the room. You should calmly move around the room and feel the spaciousness, despite the size of the furniture – this is what gives it the correct arrangement.

In large rooms, sofas with armchairs are located in the central part in front of the TV or fireplace. But in small rooms, it is better to place the sofa area against the wall. Furniture should be chosen the most expensive and sophisticated, with wooden elements. Moreover, choose only valuable and noble wood..

An excellent option for furniture decor is carving or bronze inserts. In such an interior, elements of mahogany or dark brown wood, dark wenge-colored furniture or, conversely, light facades of bleached oak color, look gorgeous. To create a unique and sophisticated design of a classic living room, it is better to choose custom-made furniture.

A large chest of drawers must be present in the living room, and the dining area should be decorated with a large table and chairs. Stools should be discarded. They are replaced by exquisite chairs with soft armrests, seats, backs.

When choosing furniture, try to stick to one color scheme. In addition, if you give preference to models with decorative elements, then they should overlap with each other. And their decorative design as a whole should be uniform and harmonious..


Good and high-quality lighting in the living room plays an important role, especially in the classics. The main light source should be a chandelier located in the center. It is better if it is a bright multi-tiered mounted model. It should be decorated with shiny pendants and gilding elements.. It is better to place additional light sources in the room.: spotlights around the ceiling or around the chandelier.

Walls can be decorated with LED lights and exquisite sconces. You can also put candlesticks in the room, for example, on the fireplace and chest of drawers. On special occasions or during receptions, you can light candles and enjoy the cozy atmosphere. Such candlesticks will add a touch of antiquity, and their dim light will become the highlight of this room, creating an intimate atmosphere..

Beautiful examples in the interior

Luxurious medium-sized rooms can be decorated in a classic style as follows: a sofa area with a sofa and armchairs is set up in the center of the room, and a coffee table is placed in the middle. Better if it has a glass top. It is better to place a fireplace in the middle of one of the side walls and supplement it with soft light sources..

Lay a beautiful carpet in the sofa area to somehow highlight it. In such a living room, you can even make a photo gallery by hanging old pictures in elegant frames. They should overlap with other accessories..

The living room, decorated in milky shades, looks refined and luxurious. In the center there is a corner sofa. This is a great option if the living room is combined with the dining or kitchen area. Thus, a corner sofa will help make zoning. You can put a table in front of it, and place a TV in front of it, so the eyes of guests will not be turned to the kitchen.

In a modern neoclassical living room, the aquarium can become the centerpiece. It is decorated with beautiful frames and classic elements. The aquarium is located in the center of the room along one of the walls. Next to it, you can equip a sofa area so that you can relax while watching the fish. It is better to complement such an interior with other glass elements..

Another option is to group furniture depending on the functional purpose of the living room areas. So, closer to the window, it is better to put a table for guests and chairs around it. A closet with beautiful dishes and other decorative items can be located nearby. Closer to the center, it is better to place the sofa area. Opposite it, you can put a chest of drawers and hang a TV at the top. Modern TVs can be competently fit into the interior by framing them in an elegant gold frame with forged or wooden elements.

In such a living room, a combination of terracotta and gold colors will look beautiful. Decorative elements need to be made in gold, while the sofa area and graceful curtains are best decorated in terracotta color. The coffee table, chest of drawers and dining area can be made in neutral milky shades. Such design novelties are pleasing to the eye..

In the interior of a classic living room, a table with a soft surface of the countertop will look unusual. So, it can repeat the upholstery of furniture, for example, armchairs and a sofa. That is why it is perfect for complementing the sofa area. To complete this ensemble, beautiful pillows, blankets and curtains are selected. This option looks both stylish and harmonious. And in order to diversify such an ensemble, you can put a vase with bright flowers, an unusual floor lamp or hang picturesque paintings.

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