Living room with corner fireplace

Psychologists recommend looking at fire more often. This activity calms you down and helps you to put your thoughts in order. Perhaps that is why fireplaces are almost an indispensable attribute of the living room in many country mansions. And really – what could be better: come home after a hard day and relax by the fireplace?

Just imagine how spectacular a living room with a real fireplace, a large TV and a huge corner sofa will look like, on which your whole large friendly family can fit? Lulling crackle of wood, flickering fire and a large dog near the fireplace – perfect picture for a glossy magazine.

But what about those unfortunate residents of the megalopolis who are not happy owners of luxurious villas, but only residents of high-rise buildings, or birdhouses, as the mighty of this world sometimes say about such houses? What if there is a shortage of square meters, but you really want a fireplace? The tip is ready: install a corner fireplace.

The main advantage of corner fireplaces is that they are compact. Such devices will easily fit into any, even a small space in the living room. Its heat dissipation is much higher than that of a conventional fireplace. You will not only be able to enjoy a beautiful and cozy glow from different angles.

And the viewing angle is much larger – Installing such a fireplace in a country house will increase the summer season, and you can get out of the city not only in summer, but also in the cold season. In the apartment, the corner fireplace is just a godsend. It will also keep you warm during the off-season, when it’s already cold outside and the central heating hasn’t been turned on yet. Corner fireplaces by their design can be floor-standing or wall-mounted. The indisputable advantage of both those and other types of corner fireplaces is that they give more heat due to the fact that they heat two walls at once.

It should only be understood that no one will allow to mount a real wood-burning fireplace in a city apartment. Therefore, we are talking about an electric appliance with a simulated live flame or a fireplace that runs on biofuel..


Types of corner fireplaces


There are practically no restrictions for such devices – except that there is no source of electricity. They do not need to make a chimney or remodel walls. From them there is no soot, unpleasant smell and burning. They are no more dangerous than any other electric heater. They have a heat regulator with which you can regulate the temperature in the room. There are models with a remote control. The only inconvenience is that you will not get the full effect of a fire with the smell of haze and the sound of crackling wood..

Modern biofuels have revolutionized the world of interior design. This is a real fire without smoke. Such fireplaces work on liquid, which includes ethanol. In the process of combustion, the fuel is converted into steam, so the air of such fuel not only does not dry out, but also humidifies. Biofuels are odor, soot and smoke free. If desired, add a few drops of your favorite perfume or aromatic oil to the fluid reservoir.

By the type of structure, corner fireplaces are divided into symmetrical and asymmetrical.


A device with the right sides claims to be the dominant object in the room, so that the rest of the design would obey its location. Furniture and all other furnishings should be arranged in the same correct geometry as a corner fireplace. Symmetrical fireplaces are generally larger than non-symmetrical ones and can be shaped to any shape – flat or round. This allows you to place it in any room – in the kitchen, in the living room and even on the summer cottage. They can fill uncomfortable spaces between different pieces of furniture..


If the room where the asymmetrical fireplace is installed is large, then its designers are very often used to divide this room into zones. Its walls will simultaneously be the boundaries of different rooms. If the room has, for example, the shape of an elongated rectangle, such a fireplace is able to bring some balance to the space. As a rule, devices of this type have a non-standard shape. And in combination with the original finish, the fireplace will be the highlight of the entire interior..

Design ideas for decoration

So that the fireplace does not look like something foreign in the living room, you should carefully consider the idea of ​​its external decoration. If the fireplace is made of real bricks, it can be left as it is. This design is often found in interiors made in ethnic style or in English design..

The fireplace is a relative of the Russian stove. And in Russia it was customary to cover stoves with clay tiles. This was done not only for decoration, but also to increase heat transfer. It is worth choosing glazed tiles for a fireplace..

Facing a corner fireplace with natural stone or marble chips is used to add pomp and solemnity to the room. This type of finish is most often found in large spaces..

In living rooms with a small area, a corner fireplace is often simply plastered in the color of the surrounding walls. This is done so that the details of the fireplace, speaking, do not visually reduce the already small space..

For additional decor, the space of a corner fireplace can be used with various accessories – for example, laying firewood. Even if you have an electric fireplace, they will serve as an additional entourage. If the fireplace has a shelf, you can put a digital photo frame on it, thus combining the past and the present in one interior. Also, mantels are traditionally decorated with clocks, boxes, candlesticks. However, do not overload the space so that all objects do not argue, but complement each other..

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