Long dressers in the living room interior

When deciding what furniture to use for a guest room, buyers often subconsciously limit themselves by not considering many interesting options. One of them is long dressers: in order to correctly choose this piece of furniture and find out whether you need it, you should decide on the scope of its application and interior specifics.


A chest of drawers is a logical development of a chest in which things of various sizes have been stored for thousands of years. The transformation took place in the 18th century in France, when they began to break chests into compartments, equip them with roll-out boxes. At the same time, small dimensions have remained a characteristic feature of this furniture. The chest of drawers was on the sidelines for a long time, it was placed mainly in the bedroom. The modern approach is somewhat different: there are versions designed specifically for the living room and other rooms of the dwelling..

Color and stylistic solution help the dressers to be visually separated from the rest of the environment, to attract the attention of people, distracting it from not too favorable-looking objects and parts of the room.


Miniature cabinets can be very different in design: some are placed in a corner, others are equipped with mirrors, and others are intended for storing dishes or changing small children. There are options with a mirror, which differ in different heights and decor, made from the best types of wood. These are only the most obvious proposals, in addition to which varieties from analogs of the array and modern materials are offered to the attention of the buyer..

Sometimes it is better not to take a completely finished product, but to make it according to an individual order, taking into account your needs..

Many modern designs are better suited for placing televisions than special walls. Moreover, they take up much less space. The elongated surface and a number of roll-out drawers allow you to fit a lot of things into the chest of drawers, so many people like such products. If your TV is a plasma TV, it is easy to buy a chest of drawers equipped with a movable platform for it.. So expensive equipment can be used only as needed, and the rest of the time it will not take up space, accumulating dust. There is also no risk of accidental damage to equipment from active children or curious animals..

Selection Tips

Large dressers with mirrors are convenient for the fair sex. However, it is important not only for them to keep fit and evaluate their appearance before leaving home. Mirrors in the hall make the room wider and more visually pleasing. Choosing a suitable option for yourself, focus on the cost and the main structural material.

Consider the properties of different types of wood, types of fittings, their functionality, reliability.

A low long chest of drawers at an affordable price is often made of chipboard or MDF. If you want to purchase solid wood furniture, you will have to pay a lot. The decisive considerations when choosing are the material capabilities and size of a particular living room. A product of small height is more practical than a large one: by putting pillows, you can use it as an impromptu seat.

White long chests of drawers are considered classic: this is a psychologically neutral color, moreover, it is harmoniously included in a variety of styles..

If you cannot decide which light inclusion to dilute an overly dark living room with, the answer itself goes into your hands.. When choosing the material of the product, focus on the dominant style: this will make it clear whether the choice of inexpensive plastic is justified or not. Furniture with glass helps to arrange souvenirs, figurines, photographs and other decorative objects in plain sight, while completely protecting them from dust.

It is recommended to choose options with tempered glass: it is more reliable, and if it breaks, there is less risk of injury. 

There is room behind the glass surface for books and small household items.

There are many options for dressers with additional shelves. If you do not want the room to appear visually cluttered, you should choose a transformable model. For low and long vaults, it is advisable to use screw-on legs made of aluminum or composite materials.

Stylish chests of drawers made of natural wood become more beautiful if they are complemented with carved elements and metal inserts. The use of such decorations should correspond to the style of your living room; if in doubt, it is better to consult with a designer. Pantry chests of drawers with built-in refrigeration equipment for storing perishable goods will cost significantly more than ordinary ones. If the set includes chairs that match the furniture, you can use the chest of drawers as an impromptu writing table..

How to make a chest of drawers with your own hands, see below..

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