Modular living room furniture: features of choice

The interior of the modern living room is distinguished by its harmonious design, thoughtful lighting and a sufficient amount of free space. This can be accomplished in a variety of ways. One of them is the installation of modern modular living room furniture. These pieces of furniture are distinguished by their comfort, functionality and mobility. Today it is no longer necessary to measure the length of the wall in the room in order to choose the appropriate furniture set..


Cabinet furniture, consisting of functional modules, has great advantages over a classic wall. Its main advantage is convenience. The modules are lightweight and small. They can be positioned together or placed between existing furnishings..

Installing this furniture in the living room will not be difficult., since this is not a single, heavy structure. This is a big plus for lovers of periodic permutations..

If you want to change the overall look of the room, then swap some elements of modular furniture, and you will have a completely new interior..

With the help of modular furniture, you can even make the zoning of the room. Bookshelves, for example, are great for highlighting a seating area in a living room. By changing the interior, you can completely change the purpose of the space..

Do not forget also about the mobility of such furnishings. They can be easily transported without even taking them apart.

Buyers of this type of furniture are attracted not only by its convenience and versatility, but also by its aesthetic beauty. The designers took care of the elegance, originality and originality of modular furniture. And laconicism and variety of forms will give your interior a unique character. In addition, modular furniture is much cheaper than standard furnishings or custom-made furnishings..

The main advantages of modular furniture:

  • spaciousness;
  • attractiveness;
  • multifunctionality;
  • convenience;
  • mobility;
  • durability.

Any product has both advantages and disadvantages. Modular furniture is no exception. But the disadvantages of this piece of furniture are much less, so many buyers choose it..

Disadvantages of modular furniture:

  • This design often has no decor. You will not see painting, ornate carvings or intricate inlays on it. Mainly youthful minimalist design prevails here..
  • The same type of product disappoints many buyers. You will have problems creating design uniqueness in the interior.
  • To install this piece of furniture, you must have smooth walls. With uneven surfaces, difficulties will appear during the docking of individual elements of the entire structure.

It is quite difficult to choose high-quality, beautiful and one-of-a-kind furniture. We store things in cabinets, on shelves and in drawers of modular furniture. Therefore, be sure to pay attention to the functionality of the structure..

Be sure to choose modular furniture, taking into account the overall style of the room. It should complement the interior, and not stand out from it..

Materials (edit)

Chipboard is often used for the manufacture of modular furniture. This is a slab of sawdust and shavings mixed with glue and pressed under high pressure. Another commonly used option is MDF, a medium density fiberboard..

Both materials are very durable. Furniture made from them is not afraid of damage. Moreover, MDF is also resistant to moisture. Particleboard is very often laminated to give it a more attractive look. MDF is often used for the production of cabinet facades. This material is more dense in structure and lends itself to any experiments with decor and shape. Modular chipboard furniture will serve you for a long time. It does not flake or dry out over time. In addition, chipboard is distinguished by its affordable cost..

MDF has all the advantages of chipboard, but you can add strength and moisture resistance to them..

Today, there is a fairly large demand for furniture made of natural wood or solid wood. Various tree species are used for the production of modular furnishings. It should be noted that the cost of such furniture is much higher than its counterparts from chipboard and MDF, but the quality and beautiful appearance of the product justify this..

All materials from which this furniture is made are in perfect harmony with metal, glass, mirrors. Decorations made from these materials add a sleek, stylish, modern look to the products. The cost of the selected furniture will depend on the material – the basis of the structure.

Trendy colors

When buying furniture, the buyer puts forward such requirements as practicality, modernity and fashionable design. This is not surprising to anyone, since a modern person wants to have a beautiful and at the same time functional environment. Today, modular designs are dominated by a combination of natural and artificial materials. All the details are clearly thought out so that the furniture is convenient to use.

You can choose the following options for modular furniture in your living room:

  • Contrasting colors. The cool sheen of gray goes well with yellow. Red will be a traditional addition to black. Perfect snow-white purity is set off by orange and light green colors. Wet asphalt is in harmony with blue and gray colors. The green room is in harmony with the wenge furnishings. This combination is a highlight in a sophisticated interior..

  • Pastel shades. Beige, chocolate colors are organically combined with wood texture, khaki color is also acceptable. Such a color scheme is laconic, restrained, does not sharpen unnecessary glances on itself..
  • Black, white, gray Are achromatic colors. It would seem that they are predictable and common, but this is not entirely true. Combined with other shades, they are mesmerizing. Glossy white is playful, matte white is the color of elegance and restraint. White and black have long been known for their contrast. This is considered a classic combination. Blue and gray highlight the softness of white.

Use different colors in the design of the facades of furniture items.

This technique is used, wanting to create a color tandem of furniture with wall and floor decoration. The range of colors of furnishings can be neutral or become a bright spot of color. The facade is often decorated with silver mirrors – it is beautiful and practical..


Mobility is one of the advantages of modern furniture. A modular furniture system consists of a set of individual items, such as a sofa bed. They are different in shape and size, but created in the same style and in the same color scheme. Modular furniture construction makes an ordinary person a constructor and designer for a while. Each person chooses the environment that suits him, focusing on his capabilities, tastes, desires. You can choose a complete set, or you can refuse unnecessary blocks and combine the desired modules. Modern stores provide this opportunity..

Modular kits contain a large number of different designs, for example, hanging cabinets. They include a variety of elements, which, in turn, differ from each other in the number of valves and other parameters. The set may include shelves and bedside tables, a computer desk. Even the doors have differences in the type of opening. Kits of modular systems can be used independently of each other, so they can be installed and reinstalled at least daily..

The living room is a place where a lot of things are stored. Here you can find various souvenirs, books, photo albums and much more. To store all these necessary things, modular cabinet components are needed – cabinets, shelves, chests of drawers. Often in the kit you can see stands for plants and other paraphernalia.

Modular furniture can consist of the following items:

  • a small wall cabinet and several cabinets, different in shape and size;
  • various racks with open and closed shelves;
  • a chest of drawers popular today;
  • comfortable, roomy, multifunctional corner wardrobe;
  • coffee table or transformer model;
  • a novelty among living room furniture – a bar counter.

The whole set must be made in the same style and from the same material. Do not forget about the harmony of the modular set and the whole room as a whole. The living room is unthinkable without upholstered furniture. The color scheme of the upholstery can be combined with the color of the furniture, or can act as a contrasting accent. Its role is to create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. In addition to corner cabinets, they also make various configurations of bedside tables..

Actual styles

Each set of modular furniture is made in the same style. You need to understand that the sets differ not in design, but in elements.

Various styles are used in the manufacture of living room furniture:

  • classics;
  • modern;
  • Japanese;
  • high tech;
  • provence;
  • minimalism;
  • Art Deco;
  • Scandinavian and others.

The traditional style is familiar and close to many. This style will never go out of style or get old. Only aging of objects is possible. Such an interior is characterized by the presence of walls, cabinets, chests of drawers, display cases for dishes, a dining group. And another very important element is the presence of a sofa and two armchairs. Such living rooms were before, and even now they are often found.

Modern has incorporated the classic look of furniture and its functionality. Transforming furniture is the highlight of this style. Its elements are folding tables, sofas and armchairs. If necessary, you can easily modify the situation. A distinctive feature is the richness and splendor of the decoration. Furniture decorations – leather inserts, painting and necessarily gilded fabrics.

The name of minimalism speaks for itself. Minimum items, maximum free space. The products do not overload the interior at all. The furniture is laconic. A limited amount of furniture gives the room an atmosphere of lightness and airiness, which can relax and calm down..

Provence came to us from rural France. It is unacceptable to flaunt modern household appliances and other goods in it. The interior is filled with little things made with love and soul. It corresponds to the calm, measured rural reality..

Characteristic features – furniture made entirely of wood, accessories and textiles with floral print.

The style of French origin – art deco, has taken a firm place among the current ones. The specificity of this style is a combination of classic motives and straightforwardness. Differs in quirkiness and originality. To decorate furniture, craftsmen use expensive and rare materials. The range of colors is so diverse that the intricate designs made seem to combine the incompatible. Each such thing is exclusive..

Furniture in the classic style contains some features of strict classicism, the solemnity of the Empire style and the softness of the Rococo, Baroque. Distinctive features are smooth lines, sophistication of the decor. Such furniture looks great in huge rooms with high ceilings and parquet floors. It is rightfully called royal. Expensive tree species are used for the manufacture of furniture. For upholstery, bronze, gold, and exquisite fabric are used. Such furniture can be made in white in combination with gilding. This creates an impression of cleanliness, luxury and completeness. The main item in the living room with such furniture is the fireplace. A set of classic style consists of upholstered furniture, a wooden table of various shapes, upholstered chairs with carvings, a coffee table.

Scandinavian style is extremely simple, natural and environmentally friendly. Fits well in small, shaded rooms. Soft corners, light wooden furniture will help fill the space with air and light. For this style, textiles, leather, wrought iron, glass, ceramics are used. Drawers, shelves, cells – a functional basis. For decoration, they use paintings, panels in light colors, products from natural materials: moss, bones, vines, horns. The stylish interior of the living room, like the furniture itself, is made in white colors..


The furniture market today is represented by many companies. Preference should be given to familiar and trusted firms specializing in the production of quality products. Modular furniture can be purchased from domestic companies and their foreign competitors. Furniture of Italian, Belarusian, Polish production is popular today..

The furniture industry is at the peak of the development of new directions and trends. Ergonomics, simplicity and ease of use, and practicality became the main criteria in the development of projects. The Swedish company Ikea is best known in this area. An extensive catalog of modules and components provided to customers will allow you to choose a product according to your taste and capabilities. This manufacturer stands out from the crowd by creating comfortable products. In the company’s catalog, you can pick up not only furniture, but also fashion accessories for it..

Ideal modular furniture from such manufacturers as Gerbor, BRW, Sokme, VIP-master will bring you joy by changing your home. Furniture factory “Dana” specializes in the manufacture of modular furniture, in particular, for the living room. It is worth paying attention to the famous factories Helvetia, Taranko, BogFran. Their products are popular and in demand..

The Volkhova factory provides high-quality and inexpensive furniture that deserves the attention of buyers. Those wishing to become the owner of modern furniture are in great demand for the goods of the factories “Lerom”, “Elegy”, “Progress”. All manufacturers are constantly studying the requirements of customers, working on new technologies, improving and developing the manufactured designs. Particular attention is paid to decoration and design. One of the young manufacturers is the Bravo factory, which produces high-quality and affordable furniture..

The cost of such products on the market varies greatly depending on the manufacturer. As in any other industry, both expensive and cheap products can be found in the furniture industry. Italy offers more expensive models.

Correctly chosen furnishings for the living room will make it comfortable and original. When choosing, it is necessary to take into account the fact that you need to purchase only high-quality furniture that will serve for more than a dozen years. There is an opinion that foreign furniture is of better quality than domestic furniture, albeit more expensive. But this is not always the case.

In addition, do not forget that the cost of such furniture includes the cost of transportation from abroad..

Beautiful examples in the interior

  • For a bedroom-living room, you must choose a discreet option. In this room, you will not only have to receive guests, but also rest every night. The interior should tune in to quality sleep.
  • Furniture in light colors is suitable for a small living room. Thus, you can visually enlarge the space and add more light to the room..
  • The non-standard living room is replete with design ideas. You can safely embody the most daring decisions and apply different styles.

You can learn how to make original modular furniture with your own hands in the following video.

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