Photo wallpaper in the interior of the living room: beautiful examples of design

Transforming your living room with wallpaper is a great idea. This can be done with the help of an experienced designer or with your own hands, relying on your own taste preferences. You make the choice. Before proceeding with the repair, you should carefully study the issue..


The species diversity of photowall-paper is large enough. You should not rush to make a choice without studying the necessary information. Let’s analyze what kind of wallpapers are by type of material:


A budget option. This explains their short lifespan. They are suitable for those who decided to experiment with the interior of the room, often changing the wall decoration..


This option will last longer, includes several varieties, the favorite of which is silk-screen printing..

These wallpapers can be washed, they do not fade in the sun..


The most durable of all types. Due to the presence of pores, they are breathable, environmentally friendly and harmless to health..


These canvases look expensive, have high strength, but accumulate dust. They cannot be washed, you need to glue them very carefully so as not to spoil the front side of the material.

The choice of material is based on the time during which the finish will decorate the surface of the walls and the funds planned for the purchase. If you wish, you can increase the life of the pattern by covering it with a protective layer. Select the desired texture of the image in advance. Each species is unique in its own way.

Smooth wallpaper perfectly enhances image clarity with lots of detail. Imitation of plaster implies a rough surface, which is great for images of ancient architectural subjects, brickwork. The sandy matte texture hides space defects, but requires complex maintenance. Imitation linen is called woven wallpaper, which is suitable for images that do not imply clear boundaries and sharp details..

Wall mural should be glued only on a white surface to prevent color distortion.

The size of the wallpaper can be different: occupying the entire wall, a certain part, in the form of a poster, covering individual details (for example, arches, niches). Wall murals are sold in the form of a single pattern or divided into several parts for easy gluing. Large varieties are usually subdivided.

Colors and prints

Color solutions of photo wallpaper should be inextricably linked with the interior of the hall. If the photo wallpaper is assigned the role of the center of attention, it is reasonable to paint the rest of the walls in the room in neutral tones. When choosing scenes rich in color, the rest of the furniture and interior items should be made in the dominant colors of the picture. In order not to overdo it, use no more than two colors in the interior.

Those who wish to purchase black and white drawings should take care of the presence of bright elements in the living room. Otherwise, the room may become dull. In dark, poorly lit living rooms, it is recommended to place photo wallpapers in light colors. In rooms filled with light, drawings in dark colors will look stylish without hiding the lighting of the hall. Having chosen the theme of the wallpaper, make sure that the interior matches the style of your living room. For example, a drawing depicting a sandy old city in an orange-blue living room would be inappropriate..


There are many plots that can decorate your apartment. Let’s consider the main categories:


Drawings without specific meaning are quite popular today. They are chosen by those who wish to add zest to their living room without overloading the design with meaning..


One of the most versatile themes when choosing a photo wallpaper. The variety of landscapes is so high that they can be used in any living room. Landscapes can be sea, mountain, meadow, forest. The presence of a natural zone in the hall contributes to relaxation, especially after a hard day at work.


Flowers taken with macro photography take their place separately in the category of landscapes. They bring elegance and freshness to the room, but they require careful thought over the design..

Urban style

Modern types of cities are more often preferred by young people with a fast pace of life. Properly selected furniture and lamps will be able to support such wallpaper.


They resemble regular wallpapers. The difference is the higher resolution of the picture. Popular images are considered brickwork, the effect of a wooden coating, a classic ornament in the form of monograms.

Art design

For creative individuals who are not afraid of experiments, there are a huge number of images that can make the living room unique. These can be portraits of famous people, enlarged masterpieces of art, drawings in the style of pop art and much more, which is only capable of your imagination..

3 D wallpaper

This option should be used if the area of ​​the room allows you to enjoy the drawing at a great distance. Otherwise, the effect of tightness may result. If your living room is spacious, this type of wallpaper makes it possible to create a three-dimensional effect without compromising the visual perception..

Own design

The capabilities of technology allow you to create individual options for photo wallpaper. The main thing is high image quality. You can place your favorite photos, portraits or children’s drawings in the room.

It is important to remember that not all photos are suitable for photo wallpaper, but only with an interesting plot..

In different styles

No matter how beautiful the wallpaper is, with a rash choice, they can ruin the overall look of the room. To avoid this, consider what plots of photo wallpaper will be appropriate in a particular style of the living room:

  • Decorating the hall in a classic style direction neoclassicism, it is worth giving preference to graceful drawings in soft, natural colors. Pictures with the effect of antiquity, architectural views of ancient cities or romantic landscapes look majestic.

  • Modern the style of the living room will be complemented by photo wallpapers of any theme. It will be important to combine them with the color of furniture and interior details..
  • Minimalist the style loves bright and plot-rich wallpapers. By maintaining free space, they will give the room a sense of fullness..
  • Ornament in the form of rough plaster or brickwork is increasingly found in style rooms loft. Abstract plots or urban landscapes will also fit well here..

Use cases

The simplest and most correct decision would be to place the wallpaper on a wall free of furniture. In this case, it is possible to consider the entire plot of the drawing. You can create a corner of peace for enjoying the landscape with a view of the mountains, forest or sea by installing a table and a couple of armchairs next to such a wall, where you will relax after hard days. If you cannot completely free the wall, you can use photo wallpaper, the plot of which will not be much affected if its parts are closed..

Panoramic filling with photo wallpaper allows you to plunge into the desired space completely. It is recommended for small rooms. Wall murals perfectly perform room zoning. If your living room is combined with a kitchen, using drawings of different themes, you can achieve a delimitation of space. Make up for the lack of a window with wallpaper. An indisputable advantage is the fact that you can choose the view behind the glass yourself..

A non-standard solution would be to use photo wallpaper on two adjacent walls. The resulting inimitable corner can become a separate area in the room, having a functional purpose (for example, accentuating the dining area). If there is a fireplace in the room, the surrounding area can be transformed with wallpaper with brick or stone patterns. Hosts who like to joke with guests will love the photo wallpaper that creates a certain illusion (for example, a bookcase, a trick door, an extension of a room, objects made with a 3 D effect).

When placing a picture and a TV on the same wall, keep in mind that both objects serve to attract attention, so you need to combine them correctly. In this case, you should not use complex plots. It is better to give preference to abstract or desaturated details of images. Interior components should not compete with each other.

Design Tips

Wall murals combine decorative and practical functions. Wall murals with vertical patterns can visually increase the height of the ceilings: bamboo stalks, pines, reaching upward. Expanding the space of a small room are landscapes that take viewers into the distance (runaway paths, open sea views, endless fields). When choosing a drawing, you should pay attention to the size of the details shown on it.. They should not contradict the size of things in your apartment..

The larger the image on the wallpaper, the more space will be required to enjoy it. Do not overload a small room with large drawings..

Beautiful examples in the interior

After reviewing the general tips for using photo wallpaper in the living room, we suggest considering specific examples of interiors.

Delicate, graceful roses, made in soft colors, complement the design of a classic living room.

The design of the living room is a typical Khrushchev building. The choice was made in favor of romantic peonies on a white background. The rest of the items in the room are selected in pleasant beige tones. The integrity of the image is achieved by matching color elements (lamp and sofa upholstery).

The rich turquoise color of the seascape will successfully emphasize the sandy finish of the room. Natural materials for furniture and competent lighting will complement the look. By creating a Mediterranean-style living room, you can enjoy the sea without leaving your apartment.

Living room in loft style. A monochrome world map helps highlight the recreation area. The presence of bright pillows enlivens the room, making it cozy. Huge windows that occupy an entire wall allow the use of predominantly dark colors in the design.

An interesting solution is to use mirrors along with photo wallpaper. The room is getting bigger, brighter. The designers used a landscape receding into the distance, visually increasing the space.

Many people abandon photowall-paper, guided by the memories of the end of the 20th century, when such wallpaper was associated with bad taste. Modern photowall-paper is distinguished by its rich color, the highest quality and durability. Another plus is that they are able to update or revitalize a room without resorting to a full renovation..

When choosing a subject for wallpaper, be guided by the preferences of all family members. In this case, the living room will become a favorite room in your home. If you stick exclusively to your own opinion, the room risks becoming uncomfortable. It is important that there is a home atmosphere in it..

For tips on how to properly glue photowall-paper, see the next video.

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