Pictures in the interior of the living room: the subtleties of wall decor

Pictures in the interior of the living room: the subtleties of wall decor

Wall decoration in an apartment is the basis on which the further design of the entire space will be built. But, in addition to finishing, the walls are decorated, depending on the style of the interior, and paintings are one of the favorite decoration tools for designers. Consider the features of using art canvases in the living room interior.

Role in the interior

It so happens that you like the picture so much that the entire interior is built for it. And then the picture dictates the rules for decorating the entire space, its energy is so strong. The picture can attract attention, set the color and mood in the room. Therefore, it is very important to correctly approach her choice and the choice of the room in which she will be present..

The living room is the first thing that comes to mind when choosing a location for a painting. This is true, since the living room is a place where friends are received, family evenings and holidays are held here. Therefore, such a room is perfect for decorating with paintings..

How to choose?

If you have already decided to use a picture as a decor, then it is best to plan a place for it in advance and drill holes for dowels so as not to spoil the walls later..

It is easy to decide on the decoration of the hall if you take into account the following parameters:

  • Own aesthetic perception.
  • Room size.
  • Wall parameters and finishing.
  • Other indoor decor items.
  • Space color scheme.
  • Interior style.

With the first point, everything is simple: be sure to rely on your own perception when choosing, since the picture is designed to reflect the inner world of the owner of the home. The dimensions of the room and the parameters of the wall are what you should pay attention to when choosing the size of the image.. A large painting is inappropriate in a room that does not exceed 10 square meters. Item 4 in this list is very important, because the image should not “argue” with other decor items.

It is also important to observe the color of the entire space, usually these are the three main colors in your interior, you need to rely on them when choosing a picture.

The design and genre of the canvas should correspond to the style of the interior of the entire room. For example, an image of a landscape in a gilded frame would look silly in a small loft-style apartment..

Pay due attention to the design and technique of the painting, they can be different: oil or watercolor, paintings, decorated on an artificial or cotton canvas, covered with varnish or gel. Frame molding can be made of plastic or natural wood, with or without stucco.

You can decorate the wall with derivatives of the paintings, and choose the following solutions:

  • photographs (both own and famous photographers);
  • Modular pictures;
  • tapestries;

  • panels;
  • reproductions;
  • embroidery;
  • posters.

These stylish ideas will reflect your personality and bring your interior to life..

Dimensions (edit)

Once again, it is worth noting that when choosing a frame, you should rely on the dimensions of the room as a whole, and in particular on the parameters of the wall. There is a certain number of standard sizes, both according to the European standard and according to the standard of our country..

The most common frame sizes:

  • 18×24, 24×30, 30×40, 35×50, 40×50, 50×60, 50×70, 50×100, 60×70, 60×80, 60×90, 90×120 – according to the European standard (in centimeters);
  • 21×29.7 (A4 format), 29.7×42 (A3 format), 32.9×48.3 (A3 +), 42×59.4 (A2 format) – standards applied in our country.

But there is a need for individual parameters, then the frame is made to order in a baguette workshop..

Color solutions

Color can affect a person on a mental level, this must be taken into account when choosing a picture.

It will not be superfluous to take into account the emotional load that the primary colors carry:

  • Red – strength, energy, excessive excitement, fire, passion. This color is capable of exhausting with its energy, therefore, it is undesirable in large quantities..
  • Orange – happiness, well-being, concentration, benevolence. Stimulates the workflow, however, tiring with prolonged exposure.

  • Yellow – warmth, friendliness, communication, optimism. The color is positive in all respects, can improve mood and well-being.
  • Green – poise, calmness, concentration. Helps solve problems, relieves anxiety and stress.

  • Blue and blue – peace, tranquility, relaxation. Can cause depression in large quantities.
  • Purple – dynamic and changeable, in large quantities creates a sense of loneliness.

To choose the right canvas, taking into account its color scheme, you should go in one of three directions:

  • Take as a basis the three main colors of the interior of your space and build on them. But it is not at all necessary that these colors be dominant on the canvas, it is enough that they highlight interesting details of the plot. The colors of these details will overlap with other decor items and create a sense of completeness..

  • If the interior is monochrome, then the painting will serve as a bright accent, and here you are free to choose any color scheme, since in this case the canvas aims to attract attention and dilute the monochrome of the room. This rule also applies to white interiors..

  • Bright and self-sufficient spaces do not require additional accents, and then the painting must, as it were, be dissolved in the existing interior, for this it is important to observe the color scheme of the entire room.

But not only the color of the canvas must be taken into account when choosing, it is also necessary to harmoniously fit it into the style of the existing space..

Stylistic directions

Let’s look at the example of the most popular and demanded interior styles:

  • Classic – a style that obeys tradition, loves symmetry and clear straight lines. The decor is restrained, usually these are floral prints on the wallpaper, laconic stucco moldings or moldings on the walls. When choosing a picture for an interior in a classic style, pay attention to still lifes, various landscapes and portraits.

  • Modern – the style is dominated by flowing lines, natural colors, natural materials for furniture, dim lighting and floral decor. Images of flowers, still lifes, genre painting and animalism will be appropriate here. In addition, Art Nouveau loves stained glass.

  • Modern style – complex and surprising, incorporating elements of minimalism, loft, art deco and eclecticism. Here you will find a combination of natural wood with plastic and glass. Restrained in colors, but surprising with bright accents.

Pick up a plot canvas or a graphic panel, black and white photographs in large frames and a mat in such a space.

  • Loft – the style was born in New York and reflects the features of this city. There are no partitions, windows from floor to ceiling, there will certainly be a wall with brickwork, and the materials are dominated by natural wood and metal. You can decorate such a space with posters depicting urban subjects..

  • Scandinavian style – a kind of country style in northern performance. Lots of light and space. Practical furniture made of natural wood, monochrome white or gray with bright accents. Therefore, any painting, posters, photographs and panels are suitable for this style..

  • Eclecticism – a set of similar in spirit styles, usually two or three. Eclecticism opens up the opportunity to show individuality, and therefore does not require strict adherence to the rules when choosing a decor, including painting.

  • Provence – a provincial French style, named after a city located in the south of France, and is saturated with its seascapes. The style is characterized by light colors, aged furniture, a ceiling decorated with wooden beams. Provence loves flowers, countryside or seascapes.

  • High tech – a style that incorporates the advantages of modern technologies. Differs in the most functional and built-in furniture, usually dissolved in the general range of wall decoration. Art objects, paintings with a geometric plot and abstractions will be appropriate here..

  • Pop Art – shiny glossy surfaces, bright colors in the decoration of the walls, the predominance of plastic furniture. It is necessary to decorate such an interior with posters with images of comics and famous personalities or graphic panels..

  • Oriental interior – reflects the traditions and life of the eastern people. Choose for this style painting depicting animals and nature, religious subjects, canvases reflecting everyday life or ornaments.

Where to place?

The following recommendations will help to create the picture correctly:

  • Consider the size of the room, in particular the wall: if its size is small, choose medium-sized canvases, if the wall is completely empty, then one large canvas is well suited, which will attract attention.
  • The low ceiling will increase the vertically elongated canvases. A narrow room will be visually expanded with paintings of medium or small size lined up horizontally.

  • The optimal height to hang the canvas at is 152 cm from the floor, but in the bedroom or in the living room it is better to lower the height a little in order to admire the canvas while sitting.
  • Align the canvases in the center, observing the horizontal.

Do not place canvases in direct sunlight. But additional lighting will help reflect the entire color gamut of the picture..

Canvases with landscapes or subject images, portraits will organically fit into the living room. The kitchen goes well with still lifes, images of flowers, natural landscapes and animals. The bedroom is a resting place, so you should choose simple plots for it, black and white photographs framed by a mat and a simple frame, and place the picture at the head of the bed.

Beautiful examples

Pay attention to a small selection of photos with examples of beautifully decorated interior paintings.

Living room in a beige palette is perfectly combined with canvas depicting abstraction, with ocher and yellow shades that echo with the pillows on the sofa and armchair.

A good example of decorating personal photos with a voluminous white mat in the living room.

In this case, the color palette of the canvas echoes yellow armchairs, and together they are bright accents in a monochrome gray space..

An excellent example of painting that merges with the overall gamut of the entire interior.

An unusual way of hanging pictures on tapestry is shown in this photo..

You can find out how to choose a painting for your home in the next video..

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