Shelves in the interior design of the living room

Shelves in the interior design of the living room

We are already used to it and we know that instead of a huge Soviet wall filling half of the living room, it is better to use shelves. It would seem that we can learn more interesting things about them. Let’s see.


The most important feature is that it is impossible without them. In the closet for things – shelves, in the kitchen set for dishes – shelves, wherever you look – they are needed everywhere. It remains only to choose the most preferable option for yourself.

The shelves are distinguished by:

  • shape – from classic rectangular or square to the most complex and uncomplicated ones that a master can embody;
  • color – the choice depends on the main color palette of your interior;
  • material – natural wood, plastic, glass, metal and combinations of several materials;
  • to size – the standard size range is exhibited in stores. Customized shelves are made to order;
  • purpose – for placing books, souvenirs, clothes, shoes, paintings and other.


Such a familiar piece of furniture has its own varieties:

  • open hinged (wall) shelves;
  • closed hinged shelves;
  • floor racks;

  • corner;
  • modular shelves;
  • built into drywall niches.

The location of such shelves depends on the ergonomics of the entire space and on the practical needs of the owners. For example, above the TV you can hang closed stylish glossy walls to match the color of the wall, which can be filled with discs, USB cables and items needed for a TV or video player..

Closed shelves for such small things are the most profitable place, since now they will not create clutter and preserve the aesthetics of the space..

Where to place?

Shelves are applicable absolutely in any room, they will fit everywhere:

  • Often purchased in the living room, where the main storage place for books, decor items, work folders or documents is located. In a small room, open shelves on the walls are preferable. You can hang them over the TV or in front of it over the sofa. Corner corners also save space, place them in the corner by a window or door.
  • The children’s room is a place of accumulation of toys, the most advantageous option is open shelves, similar to the shelves from Ikea, small boxes with toys and books will stand there. This is convenient in that you do not need to arrange toys all over the room, put them in a box – and pushed them into the rack.

The bedroom is especially a private space, and the open storage type there serves to showcase things that are dear to the heart. Brought souvenirs, personal photos, paintings.

  • In the kitchen, open shelves are used to demonstrate an expensive set, as well as for spices that are constantly needed during cooking. Convenient because you don’t have to constantly open the closet and look for the right bag or jar there, everything is at hand.
  • In the bathroom, built-in shelves are often mounted for arranging shampoos, gels, and the like. Clean towels are kept on them under the sink. And closed ones are used for chemical detergents and powders..
  • In the corridor, it is worthwhile to mount wall shelves near the mirror for storing handbags, hats, or little things such as keys or glasses. In order not to forget to take with you when leaving home.


The design of your space is made up of a choice of wall finishes, materials, decor items and furniture. Shelves are one of the puzzles for your interior. They should harmoniously fit into the overall picture of the room:

  • For a classic look, choose a natural wood option. The shelves can be either built into niches (in this case, the placed objects will focus on themselves), or simply hung. Choose the color either to match the wall, or a contrasting one that will be combined with other furniture. For this style, it’s best not to experiment with the shape, stick to the rectangular.
  • Closed or glazed wall shelves will fit well into a modern interior; they can be transparent, matte or with a pattern. They will look especially stylish with backlighting..

  • In country and high-tech styles, elements made of natural wood are welcome, especially artificially aged ones. A simple shape will accentuate the interior of these directions..
  • For the Scandinavian style, choose the option of hinged open shelves, black and white posters or photographs placed on them will add coziness and romance to the room.
  • For Provence, select shelves made of wood with openwork ornaments or panels.

Selection Tips

Do not litter open shelves. They are used to display items, so do not add everything on them. It will be more competent to create a decorative group of matching objects. It can be a vase of flowers, a pair of candles and a porcelain figurine, and they will be connected by a color scheme..

The same option can be used for practical needs, for example, in the kitchen or in the bathroom.. But the rule is the same – do not clutter. In the kitchen, arrange different oils in glass bottles in the same style. Or spices in identical glass vials. A row of cereals looks interesting in glass. You can also decorate with cookbooks..

The shelves above the sofa showcase the paintings perfectly, but be sure to put several canvases, it is better if they are of different sizes. The same approach applies to personal photographs. Decorate them in frames of different sizes with a mat. The uniform style of decor items adds aesthetics and style to the space.

In small spaces, leave your choice on the shelves built into the niches. In the living room, it is better to arrange against the wall with a TV. Closed ones are also good for small rooms, they free the room from unnecessary items, thereby leaving space and “air”.

The usual way of storing books is classic shelving. They can be either behind glass or open. But don’t be afraid to experiment. Now it is very fashionable to place the library on open shelves of the original form, for example, in the form of a ladder or a tree..

When decorating the shelves, use their entire area, place objects not only in height, but also in depth. For example, a stack of books, followed by a brass candlestick or a tall vase. In other words, use objects of different shapes and sizes..

The triangle rule will help to harmoniously arrange objects – place similar or identical objects on the supposed vertices of the triangle. By the same principle, you can arrange objects along a conventional line. But the classical method of arranging identical objects in pairs remains relevant..

Distribute the object by weight, place lighter objects on top and heavy objects on the bottom., this will visually relieve the space, in addition, it will avoid deformation of the furniture.

Select the material of the shelves based on practical needs. Plastic is a cheap material, and mold does not form on it, but wood is more reliable in terms of breakage and cracks. Glass looks aesthetically pleasing, items placed on such shelves seem to float in the air.

Choosing a mount for shelves, give preference to decorative views or hidden.

Beautiful options in the interior

Let’s consider 25 beautiful examples of using shelves in the interior of different rooms:

  • Bookshelves made of natural wood in the form of trees. An original idea for a living room or nursery.
  • An interesting version of the bookshelf, books are attached directly to it.
  • Corner shelves in the interior of a children’s room.
  • Stepped shelving in the interior of the living room.
  • Glass stepped shelves.

  • A good example of space saving. Shelves around the doorway.
  • Built-in shelves in the bathroom.
  • Shelving in the interior of the bathroom.
  • A very pleasant combination of natural wood and white tiles.
  • Good example of built-in shelves in the living room, emphasis on the items on display.

  • The same storage option, but backlit, for a profitable display of beautiful decorative elements.
  • Another option, in the living room around the TV group.
  • Mixed storage option in the living room interior.
  • Minimalism in the interior. Groups of open in glass and closed shelves harmonize well.
  • Shelves as an independent and full-fledged decor item.

  • Pyramid shelving in the interior of the living room.
  • Open shelves in the interior of the kitchen, showcasing beautiful tableware.
  • Library equipped around the window.
  • Another example of a reading nook under the stairs.
  • An example of decorating open shelves above the sofa in the interior of a modern living room.

  • The unusual shape of the shelves above the sofa is harmoniously combined with the yellow sofa and wooden furniture of the entire space.
  • A similar stylish idea for decorating the wall behind the sofa with shelves.
  • An example of an unusual fastening on a rope rope.
  • When the mount acts as a decor.
  • The original idea of ​​the shelf – drywall clouds.

For how to make bookshelves with your own hands in 5 minutes, see the next video..

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