TV furniture in the living room: design features

TV furniture in the living room: design features

People spend most of their free time in the living room watching TV, meeting guests or just enjoying a vacation with their family. That is why they attach special importance to the interior design of the hall. It’s no secret that the TV is an integral part of the living room. Creating the interior of this room, the main attention is paid to the choice of furniture for installing the TV..

The modern market offers the richest assortment of interior items for the living room, decorated in different colors. When choosing designs for a TV, you need to take into account the size of the TV, the area and style of the room, and you also need to evaluate your financial capabilities.

Wall and slide

A huge number of new stylish models of cabinet furniture will fit favorably into the interior of any living room. The design of the wall and the slide represents separate collapsible modules that allow you to rearrange the cabinets in any sequence. Modern technologies in the production of cabinet furniture make it practical and attractive to buyers..

The original exterior decoration with various decorative elements, beautiful colors, as well as various configurations of walls and slides will make any style of the living room unique. The advantages of such furniture:

  • original design;
  • modern style;
  • different sizes of structures;
  • easy and affordable installation of individual modules of walls and slides;
  • compactness;
  • spaciousness. The presence of several cabinets, shelves allows you to put different things and objects for storage.

Walls and slides, as a rule, are equipped with a built-in niche for installing a TV, closed cabinets for storing things, pencil cases and shelves for additional equipment and books.

For rooms with a small area, you can purchase mini-walls and slides with a niche for a TV of compact sizes.


Unfortunately, the living room is not always large, but even in a small room you can arrange modern, comfortable, spacious and practical furniture for installing a TV. The ideal option for a small living room are various types of wardrobes:

  • Cabinet with a compartment for a TV, additional open niches and shelves for related equipment, books and other things.
  • Sliding wardrobe, which is also equipped with a niche for TV. Such a model is distinguished by its practicality, capacity, original design and is ideal for any interior..
  • A corner wardrobe is the best option for a small living room. Such a model is located in the corner. This cabinet is compact, it can significantly save the area of ​​the room. The niche for the TV is located on the wider side, there are also additional shelves and compartments for other things.

Thus, a wardrobe is a great option when buying furniture for a TV in a small living room..


The most common option for installing a TV is a stand. It is practical, small and robust.. In furniture stores, cabinets of various shapes and designs are presented:

  • In the form of a rectangle. A curbstone of this shape is more suitable for a large living room..
  • Corner pedestal. It fits perfectly into the interior of a small living room..
  • Round pedestal. This model is more suitable for installation in the center of a large room..

The choice of a cabinet directly depends on the size of the TV, the availability of related equipment, the style used in the design of the living room, as well as the size of the room and the material from which the furniture is made..

In the manufacture of pedestals, manufacturers use various materials:

  • Curbstones made of wood of various species. Such a model visually looks bulky in a small-sized living room, but it will perfectly fit into the interior of a large room. Wooden cabinets are the most common. They can have various forms, are in great demand and are designed for different financial capabilities of buyers..
  • Glass cabinets. They are distinguished by elegance, originality, visually increase the living room space. High-strength glass is used in the production. Curbstones made of this material are very heavy.
  • Chipboard cabinets. Such goods must be certified. They should not contain harmful substances. Such designs have different shapes and are inexpensive..

You can order a bedside table of any size and configuration in a furniture workshop (according to individual drawings).


Currently, the variety of style design of living rooms involves the use of not only walls, slides, various pedestals and cabinets. Tables for TV or long consoles equipped with additional shelves, drawers, compartments for placing various household appliances will fit organically into the interior of the modern hall.. There are several types of tables:

  • Rectangle shape is the most common option..
  • A round table that visually expands the space.
  • The oval-shaped model is ideal for any living room interior.
  • A corner table is a great option for small rooms..

Various materials are used in the manufacture of tables: chipboard, wood of various species, plastic, glass and metal.


In living rooms with a small area, it is important to use a shelf for installing a TV, which is fixed on the wall of the room. Considering the weight of the TV, such a part must be reliable and durable. Various wood species, high-strength glass and drywall are used in the production of shelves..

Plasterboard models can be made with your own hands, observing safety precautions. The shelf can be mounted at any height.


Another great option for a small living room is a TV stand. Positive aspects of using a TV stand in the interior of a room:

  • Allows you to hide the wires in the cable channel.
  • Easy and affordable installation – installation of the TV does not require additional effort.
  • Can be set to any height and easily moved to another location.
  • Adjustable angle of rotation of the TV, compliance with all conditions for the correct operation of the TV.
  • The rack is equipped with durable fasteners that can withstand any load, as well as shelves for additional equipment.
  • Racks are designed for a long service life.
  • These details combine beauty, style and grace. TV stands can decorate the interior of any living room.

When choosing such an item for the living room interior, be sure to take into account that there are no universal models of racks.. There are floor and wall structures:

  • The floor stand option allows you to easily move the TV to any convenient location.
  • A wall stand saves space, but the TV is usually strictly fixed on it, so it cannot be rotated and moved..

Two types of material are used for the production of racks: wood and metal. Some models use glass.

Which material is better?

Hanging furniture for installing a TV can be made of various materials. The appearance and quality of products depend on the material. Any raw material has its positive and negative sides:

  • Wood structures will withstand operation for many years, are durable and reliable, as well as the natural beauty of wood.
  • Glass furniture is original, each design is a real work of art.
  • Furniture made of chipboard or MDF is unreliable, has a short service life, but has an affordable price.

  • Metal cabinets and shelves are durable and reliable. Furniture made from this material is not suitable for all interior styles..
  • Plastic structures are fragile and unreliable.

How to choose the right one?

To make the right choice, you need to be guided by some important parameters:

  • Furniture should match the style of the living room.
  • Have an attractive appearance.
  • Furniture should not be harmful to health.
  • All models must be durable and reliable in order for the TV to stand firmly on them..
  • Furniture should match the overall color of the interior.

Location rules

Before buying furniture for TV, you should accurately determine the optimal place for its location., given the dimensions of the living room:

  • One of the corners of the room. This arrangement is more suitable for a small room..
  • The center of one of the walls, opposite which the sofa and armchairs are located.
  • In the center of the room. This option is ideal for a large living room..

TV has long ceased to be a luxury and has become a necessary everyday attribute of any family. The choice of furniture for installing TV always remains with the owner of the apartment or house, but do not forget to pay attention to the quality and performance of the model you like.

How to make a TV stand with your own hands, see the video below.

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