What should be classic-style living room furniture?

Every home owner wants to make his home much more interesting and multifunctional during the renovation process. This can be helped by the long-loved classic style, which is beautiful both in traditional performance and in its modern interpretation..


The word “classical” is translated into Russian as “standard, sample, ideal”. If a classic style becomes a design idea for a living room or any other room, this means that you have made a choice in favor of proven solutions and methods. Currently, this style is almost the most popular and demanded in the world of the interior. It is for this reason that even today many use the classics as a basis for the design of living quarters.

Despite the fact that this concept has a lot of interpretations and meanings, you can try to highlight the features specifically for the interior. It:

  • clear centers of coordination (in the living room it can be a fireplace, and all the furniture is already placed around it, the flooring converges to it, etc. That is, all parts of the interior are, as it were, part of the continuation of the fireplace);
  • straight lines and geometric symmetry (if you draw a straight line through the center of the room, you will notice that the two parts of the room seem to repeat each other in symmetry);
  • the presence of several lighting points (wall and table lamps are popular);
  • nationality (the flavor of the people is expressed in this style, for example, for the French it is pretentiousness, and for the British it is restraint in everything);
  • luxury (which is noticeable even in the details);
  • natural materials.

Specific traits

There are always elements of such a style as classical in our life, it has simply become commonplace and is not made public. Almost all of these signs are manifested in one way or another in most houses and apartments of a person..


As already mentioned, the classics are materials on a natural basis for decoration, national color and many geometric shapes in the interior. But do not forget about the neoclassical interior design. There are a number of differences between the two..


First of all, you need to figure out what it is. Neoclassicism is a modern trend in interior design and style, which takes as a basis all the same classical forms, but on their basis creates modern and interesting interpretations..

There are some very simple tips to help make any interior neoclassical. For example:

  • the use of furniture of this style in the living room, which is decorated in a different style, for example, high-tech or minimalism;
  • you can try to use arches, artificial columns that create the right atmosphere in the room;
  • use a fireplace as the center of the composition, but at the same time a different modern style should prevail in the rest of the living room, which will allow you to create a neoclassical interior without much effort;
  • the use of stucco molding, which will give a finished look to the entire design of the room and create a certain feeling of antiquity.

All these methods, together with decorative elements, will help to make a neoclassical from a simply modern interior, which is today a very interesting design solution..

What to consider when choosing?

If the furniture for the living room is in a classic style, then its choice must be approached with all responsibility:

  • First of all, you should pay attention to the work and quality of fittings, furniture handles, hinges. All these elements should be very user-friendly and elegant at the same time..
  • All furniture and interior elements should complement each other and form one single ideal picture, in order to create a cozy corner where you can relax with your body and soul..
  • Despite the fact that classic-style furniture is not very cheap, with the right choice, it will last a very long time. And if the living room is small in size, a sofa can be purchased, consisting of modules.

  • When choosing furniture for the living room, you must definitely pay attention to the quality of the furniture. It should not have open plywood sections, it should not block passages and doors, that is, it should be suitable in size. If this is a bedside table, it is desirable that it be on wheels for ease of movement. Be sure to consider what will be stored in this cabinet, calculate whether there is enough space for everything.
  • If, when zoning, you also want to highlight the library, instead of cabinets, it is better to choose book shelves. They look more compact and take up much less space, while holding the same number of things or books..
  • In this style, the living room should have a table, it doesn’t matter – a dining table or just a small coffee table, but it should be. His choice should also be taken with full responsibility. Check what material it is made of (preferably a solid solid wood), it is also necessary that it fit into the overall picture.

Materials (edit)

The material from which the furniture in the living room will be made depends directly on the purpose for which it was created. If this is a classic, then solid wood or its imitation is ideal..

Currently, the furniture market is simply replete with a variety of offers that just scatter your eyes. It is not difficult to choose what material the furniture for the living room in the classic style should be made of:

  • first of all, you need to study very well the quality of the raw materials from which the furniture will be made – it must, first of all, be of high quality;
  • any coating of the array, for example, glossy, must be seamless;
  • furniture hinges, fittings and other small parts will serve for a long time, so they must also be of the highest quality;
  • check the quality of fittings, such as handles for opening the cabinet, their quality is very important, because they will be in contact every day, and if they break after a certain amount of time, it will not be very pleasant.

For the classic style, undoubtedly, a solid solid wood is best suited, but if you try, you can find its imitation, which will cost much less, but it will look just as good.

If you take upholstered furniture, then high quality leather or its imitation is used here, but at the same time of sufficiently high quality, or other high-quality materials, such as furniture velor or even silk.

Color spectrum

The color palette of the living room, like any other room in this style, is usually in soothing colors, such as beige, slightly greenish, there may be pale yellow walls with the addition of brown accents, also the color of noble wood.

It should be noted that in the classic style the use of flashy shades and colors is unacceptable. Light pastel colors, shades of calmer colors, imitations of wood will look perfect.

Gilding and bronze-colored inserts look just as interesting in the classic style, but you should know that they should not be abused.

Remember that color in this style works not only as a background, but also as an arrangement of accents, therefore, in some design solutions, furniture may even be dark in color, but this is more related to neoclassicism, which is now also very popular.

Dimensions (edit)

Furniture for a classic living room is very often made exactly for the size of the room. The dimensions of the furniture are often selected individually. Of course, there is an opportunity to buy a ready-made set..

In addition to sizes, it should be noted that this style solution must necessarily contain:

  • legs of sofas, chairs and cabinets of an unusual shape, usually curved;
  • forged parts;
  • wood carving on different parts of the furniture;
  • the use of leather or other quality fabric for upholstered furniture;
  • elements with gilding and enamel.

Also in classic living rooms you can often see antique furniture or furniture specially aged. For a classic living room, several groups of furniture (upholstered) are often selected: usually a sofa and armchairs, banquets and ottomans. As well as slides for placing dishes, table and chairs.

The size of the sofa, as mentioned earlier, is selected individually. This is a work of art. It is usually made from solid wood such as beech, oak or walnut. As well as chairs and all other furniture in the living room.


Italian furniture factories are just a godsend for those who want to create a small paradise in a classic style in their living room. But also Russian manufacturers keep up with world leaders – there is an opportunity to purchase quality furniture in the classic style of domestic production. Russia is trying to break out to the first steps in this niche.

Do not forget about China, as well as furniture factories such as Belarusian and Spanish. These factories produce furniture such as luxury furniture, which costs much more than the average price for the same unit, as well as economy class furniture. Almost every city has its own furniture factories that will make furniture in the classic style exactly what it needs.

Currently, there is an opportunity to buy a ready-made collection of furniture and adjust it to your apartment, or to order from professionals exactly what came to mind and want to do it..

Upholstered furniture for the hall

The classic style can emphasize the taste of a person in everything. It is the sofas and armchairs that are the basis of the living room in this style. Classic upholstered furniture is often bought for many years and even passed down from generation to generation. Interior elements often carry not only clear lines and rigid features, but also a certain grace of the entire furnishings..

When you need to buy upholstered furniture in this style, you should rely more on your aesthetic feelings, and do not forget about the necessary functionality. For example, it is possible to find a sofa in a classic design, which when folded takes up very little space, and when unfolded it becomes a quite worthy sleeping place for two. The same applies to chairs that have the ability to unfold..

As for the materials from which the upholstered furniture for the living room in a classic style can be made, these are leather sofas with inserts from noble wood species. Today, natural leather is being replaced with a high-quality leather substitute.

Usually for upholstered furniture in a classic style, only extra-class materials are used, that is why this furniture is so durable. Thanks to this, such furniture becomes a desirable element of the interior for any person..

Renovation in classic style

It should be stipulated that the luxury in the room is visible not only in furniture, but also in the finishing of all surfaces, such as walls and floors, in interior design. Therefore, you need to know that even without spending so much money, you can make a very good and high-quality renovation in the room, and it will not differ in any way from the expensive classic style:

  • first of all, walls (you can use plaster imitating wood, light panels, wall paintings, wallpaper, preferably muted colors, fabrics, you should take expensive ones, such as silk);
  • floors (parquet is perfect, preferably from expensive wood species, you can also use carpets, always in the shape of a rectangle);

  • ceilings (it is possible to use stucco molding or a pattern all over the ceiling, the most important thing is the surface of the ceiling, it must be perfect);
  • lighting (the chandelier must be necessarily large or imitating a candlestick);
  • details (an ideal addition would be a large fireplace, possibly cast iron).

If you make a renovation in a classic style, you need to remember that this is for a long time. It never gets old or out of fashion, which is very important..

Beautiful examples in the interior

Some people strive to decorate their living room in a classic style in order to show their consistency and respectability, their condition. And some, on the contrary, do not want to show their condition, but believe that a public space in a house or apartment should be decorated in a classic style, and sometimes people just want to be in harmony with their soul.

If you want to have a living room in this style, the room for it must be of the correct shape. It must be remembered that if the room is not too large, the recreation area can be organized even without a sofa. It is worth putting two chairs (it is not even necessary that they are the same), and between them a coffee table, and we can say that the recreation area is already ready.

In the living room, which is small, it is recommended to use a mirror in a wooden frame, this, firstly, will expand the space, and secondly, it will add a little more solidity and representativeness.

Also today, upholstery of upholstered furniture with leather remains popular, but at present there are artificial leather substitutes made of sufficiently high quality, which allow not only to save money, but also to pay tribute to antiquity..

It is very popular today to use pastel colors when decorating a living room in a classic style, but you should not overload the interior with a large number of decorative objects and colors..

If just such a style direction is chosen as a design solution, we can say that this is the best option not only from the side of aesthetics and fashion, but also from the side of functionality. This is due to the fact that the classic style is not only beautiful and never goes out of fashion, it is one of the most functional types of design solutions in the interior..

For tips on how to create a classic living room design, you will learn in the following video..

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