All about five-walled houses

To know everything about five-walled houses, about the layout of a house of this type, about what it is, and why the hut is called that, is much more important than it might seem. Also noteworthy are the dimensions of the five-walled log cabins and the schemes for their construction..

What it is?

Only in appearance, old-style wooden buildings are similar. In fact, they differ in both the type of wood used and the design.. Very interesting is the so-called five-walled log house, in which a fifth load-bearing wall has been added. Its introduction increases the overall stability of the structure. At the same time, such a project step also means an increased level of sound insulation..

An additional advantage is the ability to equip an autonomous entrance, that is, to divide the entire dwelling into two parts for different residents or families. Usually five-walled rural huts are called five-walled. But in some cases, more modern houses are built according to the same principle..

In the past, five-walled structures appeared in the Russian North, because there the more familiar four-walled structures were not practical enough..

Advantages and disadvantages

With one objective advantage – improved sound insulation and significant autonomy of parts – readers are already familiar. But it doesn’t end there. Thanks to the additional transverse wall, the total length of the house increases. Its design is stiffer. A five-walled blockhouse can be increased to more than 6 m, and as an internal divider, a log structure is the most pleasant from a design point of view.

However, five-walled log houses also have negative aspects, which are stupid to be silent about.. The most important nuance is that construction is noticeably more complicated in comparison with simpler technologies.. The increase in cost is also natural: not only is the work of professionals expensive, but more logs will be needed. And it is also worth noting the complication of the layout of the house from the inside, however, a similar experience in other buildings, including city apartments, already helps out here. A timber wall inside will take up much more space than a light partition.

Features of the layout

In modern conditions, houses with the construction of 5 walls can be erected not only from ordinary logs. There are also frame structures made in this way.. One of these projects in plan has a size of 6×6 m (along the outer walls), and its total area is 47 sq. m. The increase in space was achieved through the introduction of an attic.

On the first floor, people are greeted by a one and a half meter vestibule. From it there is a direct road to the hall. The area of ​​the bathroom is about 3.3 sq. m. The living room is 15.8 square meters. m, indeed, you can collect a large number of guests. Upstairs equip the bedroom and hall.

A house cut from a log or built from a bar can also have a size of 8×9 m. In this version, the terrace communicates directly with the 20-meter guest room.

The guest space itself, in turn, subtly flows into the kitchen and dining area; there are no clear and unambiguous boundaries between them.

On the other side of the house there is a hallway, which can be accessed from the porch.. Additionally, there is a hall, a bathroom and a boiler room; the main living rooms are located on the 2nd floor and are distributed according to your taste, although a one-story version can also be used – as a simple summer house.

A modern wooden house with dimensions of 6×8 m can mean the allocation of a guest and kitchen areas on the ground floor. They are clearly separated by the same fifth wall. Additionally, a bathroom and a hall are provided, connecting all other rooms. A hall and a bedroom are located on the second floor. Despite its apparent simplicity, the result is a very sensible, well-thought-out building. It makes almost no sense to build a five-wall 3×5 m, because the intermediate wall will take up too much space..

Attention should also be paid to the interior. It is no less important than the distribution of individual rooms by functional areas. It is advisable to focus on the visual continuity of traditions. It is this approach that allows you to best reveal the advantages of the five-wall. The use of textured walls is encouraged, revealing all the advantages of the material..

To give the desired color to the walls, you can use:

  • tinting;

  • staining;

  • partial finishing with “dilution” of the main part of the interior with auxiliary details.

The floor in a log dwelling should be made of natural materials. The alternative is only to apply their high quality imitations.

There is no need to talk about cheapness in both cases.. The ceiling can be plastered or decorated with beams.. The use of plasterboard and ceilings made of other modern materials is justified only if it meets the chosen style..

The color scheme of a five-walled house is usually chosen according to your taste and discretion. But here, too, there are nuances that should hardly be ignored. The lack of light must be compensated for with extremely light tones. Bright colors are appropriate mainly in large rooms where there is enough natural light. In any part of the spectrum, you should definitely give preference to purely natural tones..

Nuances of construction

Much depends on adherence to the time-tested construction scheme. Manual felling, despite its tradition, does not correspond to modern realities and is too laborious. Therefore, almost always the choice is made in favor of a ready-made house kit. Sanded logs are much more attractive than rounded logs, because they have not been removed from the natural protective layer. To accurately reproduce the color of the northern house, it is recommended to build a porch on pillars.

In any case, the porch is taken out of the house itself and becomes a visual decoration.. The porch built into the house itself bears witness to explicit urban influences, and is not very authentic. The width of the house must be chosen taking into account the method of tightening the rafters. The internal staircase (in the case of a two-story house) is best placed in the hallway, and a march will be equipped there. If a one-story house is being built without a basement, it is best to equip a storage room in the same place..

The most traditional version of the five-walled hut meant installation directly on the ground. But it is much more practical to use support on a columnar foundation..

To cover the roof, use metal or slate. All wooden parts must be impregnated with antiseptics.. It is very important to competently think over the project and all its subtleties.

Choosing the right wall material is critical. The lower tier bordering the foundation must be carefully waterproofed. Parts of the log house are joined in various ways, but a balance must be struck between ease of assembly and reliability. The logs should be adjusted to each other and caulked thoroughly. Shrinkage will have to be controlled very carefully..

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