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Railings are an important part of the porch. They serve as a guarantor of the safety of its use, and decorate the steps. Railings can radically change the appearance of the porch and even become its bright accent. In this article, we will learn all about these important elements..


Despite the simplicity and routine, porch designs can be very dangerous, especially when it comes to the winter season, when a very slippery ice crust accumulates on the steps.. It will not be difficult to fall even from the highest quality, reliable and strongest construction. As a result of falling into stairs, people can get not only bruises and bruises, but also very serious injuries. Ordinary handrails make the porch safer. While going up or down the stairs, people can hold on to them, which will save them from many negative consequences, allow them to stay on their feet.

Porch railing can serve as a very good and reliable support. This feature of the details under consideration is very relevant and important if the stairs are used by elderly people or children. For these users, the handrail is a great foundation to lean on..

The presence of handrails in the construction of the porch also affects its appearance. Steps framed with such components can look much more interesting and attractive than without them. Often, stairs without railings look boring and monotonous. But those structures that have such supporting details often look truly chic and stylish..

Railings are different. They can look simple and minimalistic, or they can demonstrate wealth and luxury with their whole appearance.. Regardless of what design the details in question have, they all must meet a number of important requirements..

  • The railing must be as safe as possible.
  • They must be made of durable and sturdy materials. If the railings do not meet this requirement, then at the most inopportune moment they can break or fall apart when people lean on them..
  • The constructions should be pleasant in terms of tactile sensations, having a flat and smooth surface. The railing should not have chipping, sticking out pieces of wood and knots, or other defects that could accidentally injure your hand.
  • The railing should not be damaged by the environment. For example, wooden elements are treated with antiseptics for this, and metal elements are treated with anti-corrosion compounds. Without them, the railings will not be durable and reliable enough..

Materials (edit)

Porch railings are made from a variety of materials. This is an extremely important parameter of such structures, since the quality, service life and operating features of the porch elements depend on it.. For a suburban, private or small country house, you can purchase or make with your own hands both wooden or metal, and plastic or even glass railings. Let’s get acquainted with the main characteristics of products made from different materials.


At the entrance to a private or country house, you can often find a porch equipped with a wooden railing. Such designs look very attractive and are environmentally friendly. Wooden options look good against the background of a wide variety of facades, which made them so popular. Railings are often made not only of wood, but also in a combination of wood and metal. From the latter, a frame base is constructed for wooden elements..

The stair railings made of wood have other advantages:

  • have sufficient strength;
  • pleasant to the touch;
  • easy to install;
  • hand-made without any problems;
  • easy to machine.

But the railing made of wood has certain disadvantages..

  • Under the influence of negative weather conditions, wooden railings can swell, dry out, deform and even change their attractive color..
  • The tree has to be treated with antiseptics and fire retardants. The first compositions are needed so that the material does not deteriorate from time to time, does not dry out and does not deform. Fire retardants are necessary because they make the wood less fire hazardous (but not absolutely).
  • Even if the wooden railings are properly and regularly maintained, they still cannot demonstrate a very long service life..

Before making a railing from a board or timber, it is important to take into account all the pros and cons of such solutions..

There are also railings made of WPC (wood-polymer composite). These are very good products, in many ways superior to the usual wooden options:

  • do not rot;
  • easy to clean;
  • do not swell;
  • do not dry out;
  • polymer products are very easy and quick to assemble;
  • do not need staining;
  • do not absorb moisture into their own structure.


On the street in the entrance area leading to a residential or country house, you can also find plastic railings on the stairs. Recently, these designs have become very popular.. They attract users with the following benefits.

  • Are flexible. Using a special mounting hair dryer, plastic can be made very soft and plastic, thanks to which the material can be given almost any shape.
  • Plastic railings show a variety of textures.
  • On the base made of plastic, it is possible to apply almost any patterns, drawings. If you want to have a railing with an original design, then plastic copies will be a good solution..
  • Plastic handrails are very easy to install and lightweight.
  • They are characterized by high wear resistance. High-quality plastic handrails can last for many years without losing their visual appeal.

True, plastic railings are more susceptible to mechanical damage than wooden or metal options. They must be made from safe, non-toxic raw materials.


The most popular types of railings are metal. Similar products:

  • as strong and reliable as possible;
  • wear-resistant and durable;
  • not subject to mechanical damage;
  • do not deteriorate under the influence of weather conditions;
  • neat and attractive;
  • convenient to operate.

Of the minuses, you can see the following:

  • if the railings are not made of stainless steel, then they will have to be periodically treated with special anti-corrosion compounds;
  • metal is a cold material, so sometimes it is not very comfortable to touch it;
  • it is more difficult to make such a product with your own hands than a wooden one, and for this it is desirable to have skills in working with a welding machine;
  • large metal railings have an impressive weight (except for aluminum specimens).

Despite the shortcomings, metal outdoor fencing is very popular. They are often complemented with various decorative elements. It can be forged parts that look beautiful and rich..


Often people who decide to make railings not from timber, plastic or shaped pipes choose vinyl structures. It is considered the material of the future. To make such handrails yourself, only high-quality polyvinyl chloride is always used..

Vinyl handrails have the following benefits:

  • presented in the widest range – you can find designs of various shapes and colors;
  • are as easy to use as possible;
  • vinyl is easy to keep clean and tidy;
  • the material is environmentally friendly;
  • belongs to the class “A” fire safety (does not come into contact with the flame);
  • does not suffer from jumps in temperature values;
  • durable.


A very creative solution is the installation of glass railings. Such designs attract much more attention than the classic options made of wood, stone or brick. Usually glass handrails have a steel frame. As with polycarbonate fences, they are not used alone.

Of course, glass railings are often installed inside the house. They can be made in the form of rectangular sections on a metal frame. But there are also users who run the risk of installing such parts on the street, in the entrance area..

Dimensions (edit)

Quality handrails that meet all the necessary requirements have the following dimensions:

  • the average height of these parts should be around 0.9 m;
  • the parameter of the width of the railing should be equal to the width of the palm or be slightly smaller;
  • if small children live / are in the house, additional support bases must be installed;
  • the indicator of the height of the fence for children should, on average, be about half a meter (this is the established standard);
  • if elderly people live in the house, then the enclosing structure should not only be of suitable dimensions (within the framework of the norm), but also be concrete, brick, stone or wood.


As mentioned above, the handrails present in the porch design often act as a chic addition and decoration.. Consider several beautiful design options for such components..

  • Forged fences are rightfully recognized as some of the most beautiful and luxurious. They can be convex, concave, wavy, with many complex graceful details. Most often, such railings are painted in dark colors and immediately attract a lot of attention. They look very good against the background of a wide variety of facades..

  • The railings look very beautiful, which are complemented by carvings and patterns.. Such decorations can be both simple and very complex, made in the form of animals, birds or intricate figures. Carved wooden handrails, complemented by a glossy varnish finish, look amazing.

  • Minimalistic railings made of metal look stylish and modern. Usually these are monochrome designs that do not have bright and catchy decorations. All lines of such specimens are even and clear. These types of fences perfectly complement a variety of residential buildings and summer cottages. Despite the very “calm” appearance, they blend harmoniously into almost any entrance zones of a suitable style.

  • Modern plastic or WPC railings look simple and tasteful. Most often, there are products made in the classic white color, but other examples can also be found. Such unobtrusive structures look very neat and tidy, they refresh the entrance area, which leads to a residential or country house. Simple shapes do not have a flashy luxury design. They are more restrained, modest, but very aesthetic..

  • Real chic – stone railings. These designs are expensive but boast unmatched durability, reliability and durability. High-quality stone fences of entrance stairs look especially luxurious against the background of expensive mansions and estates or the same luxurious country houses. Stone railings work best with large, wide staircases made of similar expensive materials..

How to make?

Beautiful and reliable railings for the porch that leads to the house can be made by hand. Installation of such products turns out to be simple and does not take much time. The main thing that is required of the installer is to act competently, strictly according to the instructions. Consider a step-by-step scheme of actions.

First of all, you should figure out which components the correct porch fence is assembled from:

  • handrail;
  • internal balusters;
  • crossbar;
  • jumpers;
  • base racks or frame.

Consider the process of making handrails using the example of wooden products. First, choose the right type of wood. A good solution would be oak, pine, birch, larch or ash. When selecting blanks for the future assembly of handrails, it is extremely important to ensure that they do not have the slightest defects, damage or signs of decay.

After making sure that all materials are in proper condition, the master will need to draw up detailed sketches and drawings of future products. On the diagrams, it is necessary to mark the location of all important parts of the porch, as well as indicate the distances and sizes of the main components of the structure. Consider how to proceed..

  • First you need to get rid of all the shortcomings and mistakes that were made during the manufacture of the porch.
  • It should be borne in mind that absolutely all installation work on the installation of steps and the entrance platform must be completely completed.
  • Next, you need to place the extreme racks needed to install the fences. For their manufacture, a beam of 15x15x10 cm with a height of 0.9 to 1.1 m should be used.
  • A rope should be stretched between the posts. It should be stretched at the height of the railing and in the middle of the uprights.
  • Now it is necessary to mark the installation areas for the vertically standing supports. The gap between adjacent components must be at least 20 cm.
  • Now you need to create the required number of intermediate racks.
  • As soon as the work on their formation is completed, you should decide on how best to fix the railing on the porch. Self-tapping screws and special PVC glue are suitable for this..
  • After completing all the work on assembling the fences, it will be necessary to strengthen all the fastening sections, make sure that the structure is installed correctly and securely. Now you can proceed to the final processing of the homemade railings.
  • The processing of fences can be done with sandpaper or a grinder. It is necessary to get rid of absolutely all irregularities, roughness and other similar defects on the tree..
  • When all the flaws are removed, the finished railings will definitely need to be smeared with a special antiseptic impregnation. Also, homemade handrails can be painted in a suitable color..

The device of homemade railings can be absolutely anything. The master can make ordinary racks, or he can install beautiful balusters. The finishing of the structure is also possible very different. The main thing is that all the details are in harmony with everything around..

Watch the video on how to make a railing for a porch.

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