All about square houses

To know everything about square houses is necessary for a fairly wide range of developers. Designs of two-story and one-story buildings in the shape of a square can be a very good choice.. But in addition to the design of beautiful houses with a hipped and a different roof, you need to pay attention to the distribution of premises..

Features, pros and cons

In pursuit of technical characteristics and design, area and selection of building materials, the importance of the shape of the dwelling being created is often forgotten. It is directly related to the appearance of the building and how comfortable it will be to live in. And the square house is in great demand. Its facade looks attractive, at least non-standard.. Even a one-storey building of an average area can accommodate 4-5 people completely calmly, with all imaginable conveniences, if you give it the shape of a square.

If you need to improve the landscape, put up an outdoor pool, set up a garden and at the same time not occupy a large plot, the logical way out is to choose a two-story or attic square house. Some models can be supplemented with garages or terraces. The perimeter of a square building is minimal in comparison with the perimeter of any other building of an identical area (with the exception of a spherical shape, but this is completely exotic). As a result, the costs of materials are reduced, and the construction itself is cheaper. There are quite a few options for the distribution of premises..

Placing the most square house on a plot with any relief (and regardless of the orientation to the cardinal points) is the simplest. Even with a wall length of 12-14 m, it will look relatively compact. The absence of protrusions inside and outside simplifies construction work. There are quite a few ready-made options for square-shaped houses, so in some cases you will not have to order an individual project.

However, there is also a minus: it is unlikely that it will be possible to build such a dwelling on a narrow site..

Projects of one-story houses

Many good square house designs are made of timber. For example, one of these options has dimensions of 8×8 m. Strictly speaking, in addition to one floor, there is also a small attic. The project provides for the connection of the sewerage system, drainage networks and the power grid. Under the hipped roof of a wooden 1-storey building there are:

  • terrace;

  • kitchen and living room with an area of ​​29 sq. m .;

  • 2 bedrooms, 7.3 sq. m each;

  • bathroom with a size of 2.8 sq. m. (the total area of ​​all premises is 66 sq. m.).

From the point of view of design, a one-story square house with a hip roof looks very attractive.. One of these options has a relatively simple structure. Entering inside, people find themselves first in the vestibule, and then in the hall. On the sides of this group of rooms are bedrooms and a bathroom. The largest room turns out to be the living room, reaching a size of 26.22 square meters. m.

But thinking only about the attractiveness of the facade and roof is hardly reasonable. In some cases, the most interesting will be buildings complemented by a veranda. In one of these options, equipment with autonomous sewerage and ventilation is provided.. The premises include:

  • bedroom with a size of 12.8 sq. m .;

  • kitchen of 8.94 sq. m .;

  • hallway;

  • bathroom – as a result, a compact, but fully functioning dwelling is obtained.

Plans for two-storey houses

Here, from the very beginning, it is worth making a reservation: many people strive to make their home as elegant as possible, but not all techniques are permissible in the same way in this case..

So, beautiful tile roofs usually create a significant load on the base. And a two-story house is already very heavy, so you definitely shouldn’t get carried away with such a decision; if you choose it, then only with a clear engineering justification.

With a skillful approach, modern square dwellings can be no less comfortable than buildings with a newfangled dome system. At the same time, they have much more options for a developed layout. So, one of the possible types is complemented by a garage. A place for a car is allocated on the ground floor. There is also a boiler room, a hall and even a second light..

Provide for a second light on the upper floor. Its space is clearly divided into:

  • bedroom;

  • guest area;

  • bathroom;

  • kitchen.

One of the advantages of suburban two-story dwellings is equipping with a terrace with large windows. In one of the projects, the area of ​​the terrace is quite tangible and amounts to 36.6 sq. m. However, the kitchen and living area will be 0.3 square meters. m. is larger, which will delight those who value free space. There is nothing unusual upstairs. Everything is quite predictable – bedrooms, a bathroom, a hall for ascent and descent, as well as a dressing area; also provided for a rather large balcony.

Drawings of small houses can be no less attractive solution in some cases, especially if the site itself is small. In one of these schemes, the entrance to the dwelling with dimensions of 6×6 m is supplemented by a porch. The size of the veranda reaches 6.1 sq. m. Provided and a bathroom (with an area of ​​just over 2 sq. m.). The main part of the first floor is occupied by a 15-meter kitchen and living area; when planning the second floor, they limited themselves to the use of bedrooms and a second light.

You can also take a closer look at an alternative drawing of a small house.. It provides that directly from the vestibule, all incoming will enter the kitchen and dining block with an area of ​​17.9 sq. m. There is a bathroom in the corner. Upstairs there are 2 bedrooms, a hall and a second light. Despite the simplicity of such a solution, it is quite functional and will suit even those who do not have solid budgets..

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