Everything you need to know about mansions

Not everyone in our time has the opportunity to build a luxurious mansion. More often people choose more compact and affordable options.. But if there is an idea to make the dream of building a mansion come true, you should find out as much as possible about such buildings..

What it is?

A mansion is fundamentally different from a home. First of all, by the fact that it is located in a separate place. There are no other houses in the neighborhood, and if there are, then they are at a fairly distant distance, since the mansion presupposes not just a large modern house designed in a certain architectural style, but also an impressive area of ​​the territory.

Such a building looks very luxurious both outside and inside, the usual addition is a beautiful manicured garden, which is most often occupied by a specially hired gardener..

There must be a swimming pool with a relaxation area, and again, a separate person is watching over its cleanliness and order around.. Elite mansions require a sufficient number of personnel who are responsible for order and decent maintenance in the order of all premises..

A mansion is often not just a big house and a garden. Other premises may be located here, including a separate guest house, summer gazebos for recreation, a stable, a tennis court. It all depends on the addiction of the owners. Someone loves dogs and keeps several dogs of elite breeds on the territory of the mansion. And someone is proud of rare plants and sets up a real botanical garden.

In the house itself, most often there is a sufficient number of spacious rooms, and provided not only for all family members, but also for guests.

Another distinctive feature of the mansion is that it is intended for permanent residence, and not for summer pastime or visiting on certain dates and days..

Origin story

The history of the emergence of mansions dates back to ancient Rome. The dwellings belonging to the wealthy aristocracy were called just that.. Although too large buildings with a huge territory were called palaces. In those days, such structures had defensive fortifications, which helped to resist enemies.

Wealthy Europeans, starting from the 15th century, considered it necessary to build houses of a lightweight type, that is, without any protective structures.. Wealthy people had several mansions in which they could live at different times as needed..

In each country, the mansions had their own architectural differences and nuances of the arrangement of the territory. But the meaning remained the same: the building was supposed to amaze with its luxury, and the property – with its volumes..

In the 19th century in America, mansions became more compact and were often located on the same street.. But this made them no less luxurious. The owners experimented with different architectural styles and furnishings.

Mansions of the XX and early XXI centuries were designed and built based on the requests of the owners and their hobbies. On the territory could be located a winter garden and an extensive greenhouse, a huge swimming pool and a home cinema. In many houses, the compulsory premises were an extensive library and study. And in some cases, such houses could include a billiard room or bowling hall..

Projects overview

The construction of a wooden or stone mansion is a rather lengthy process that requires the work of professionals in the field of design documentation and construction. Yes and it is difficult to imagine a person who has sufficient funds to build a mansion and wants to build it on his own.

However, the scheme of the future structure can be presented to the developer in order to draw up a full-fledged plan on its basis, based on the requirements and needs of the future owners, according to which the construction will be carried out..

Construction time depends on the complexity, volume, architectural delights and other nuances that are discussed at the preliminary stage.

It is clear that a small two-story mansion will require less time than a huge building, consisting of 3-4 floors and including complex architectural elements, as well as additional buildings on the territory. The layout of all floors is negotiated in advance, whether there will be a house with a swimming pool, a winter garden or a separate hall for showing a movie or playing sports. All these nuances are of great importance. It is worth considering with a specific example how the plan of a future mansion might look like..

In this case, a small two-story mansion is presented, intended for permanent residence of a family and having all the necessary premises for work and rest, as well as for a pleasant pastime..

  1. The first floor has a very spacious living room, a separate dining room and a fairly spacious kitchen. In addition, there is a large bedroom, a dressing room, a storage room, a vestibule, and a staircase leading to the second floor. The room has two bathrooms. The mansion has a beautiful wide porch.
  2. On the second floor there is a gallery, two bedrooms, a dressing room, a boudoir. There are also two bathrooms and a very spacious balcony..

Another variant of the mansion’s layout looks no less attractive..

  1. In the basement floor, in addition to the boiler room and other utility rooms, there is a garage for two cars, as well as a spacious gym.
  2. The first floor has a veranda, plus there is a separate kitchen, dining-living room. In addition to the bathroom, hallway and dressing room, there is also an office..
  3. On the second floor there are four bedrooms, united by a hall, and a bathroom.

Internal arrangement

Inside, the mansion should be decorated in the same style. This applies to the living room, kitchen, and other rooms. Since the hallmark of a large mansion is luxury, then styles that are characterized by the use of expensive materials, an abundance of various architectural details, and exclusive furniture will be quite appropriate.. And these include certain styles.

  • Modern. Symmetry and strict forms are unusual for this style. Therefore, it can be represented by smooth curved lines resembling plant stems or tree branches. A bizarre arch and original furniture will be quite appropriate here. In general, the style is interesting for its unusual forms, but at the same time it cannot be called pretentious and filled with a lot of decorations. Light colors prevail in decoration, special attention is paid to lighting. A sense of space and lightness must be present.

  • Baroque. Of course, only very spacious rooms can be designed in this style. When using light finishing materials, there is always a place for expensive jewelry. Often there can be antiques, art objects, whole art galleries with original paintings by artists. Furniture is only expensive, frescoes are also a distinctive feature of this style..

  • Gothic. A style associated with mysticism and ancient castles. Such an aura can be created in your own mansion, you just have to pay attention to the distinctive features, which include: the color scheme of dark tones (blue, purple, burgundy, violet), as a finish, more often – marble, metal, glass, sometimes wood … Be sure to use stained glass windows, stucco moldings, carved doors. A large fireplace can become the central part of the interior in the living room..

  • Victorian. This is also the epitome of luxury. The fireplace is a must here too. At the same time, the color scheme is restrained, but there is a lot of gilding in the decoration, it can be on chandeliers and lamps, picture frames and candlesticks, on furniture. In textiles, of which there should be a lot, floristic motives prevail..

  • English. A more restrained and austere design option, but taste and style are felt in every little detail. The need for expensive high-quality furniture upholstered with natural materials is as undeniable as the presence of a fireplace and an extensive library. A characteristic feature is the abundance of wood, which is present in decoration and furniture..

The owners of the mansion can choose other stylistic directions.. For example, you can decorate your rooms in the classic style, and in the Japanese, and in the loft, Provence style. It all depends on the vision of the owner himself, the main thing is that everything looks harmonious.

Most often, a professional designer is hired to decorate mansions, who will ensure compliance with the concept of a particular style..

The most expensive mansions in the world

There are a lot of rich houses in the world. And each country has its own attractions. It is difficult to unambiguously identify the most expensive mansions located in different parts of our planet.. But you can highlight several interesting options..

  • In the American city of Aspen, there is a luxury mansion with a total area of ​​1207 sq. m. The caretaker’s house alone has an area of ​​370 sq. m. But the main feature of this estate is its unique location. The Roaring Fork River flows right on the grounds of the mansion. At the same time, the house is located in the center of the ski resort. This mansion has a value of $ 39.5 million.

  • Huge eco-house in Florida worth $ 26.5 million it is distinguished by unusual equipment, there are a large number of solar panels, the pool is equipped with a rainwater harvesting system. Recovered wood was used in the construction, thanks to which it was possible to prevent the destruction of 40 thousand square meters. m of forests. Interesting features of the house are glass racks in a separate wine storage room and an aquarium with a volume of 7.5 thousand liters..

  • The Gemini mansion in Florida is also amazing and not only with its cost, which is $ 135 million.. The master bedroom is 557 sq. meters, there are 3 of them. In addition, there is a golf course, a tree house and a huge number of bathrooms – 47. The very area of ​​this building includes 5850 square meters. meters.

Beautiful examples

Mansions may look different, but in general they are always luxurious houses built in the same style, where everything is thought out to the smallest detail..

  • Magnificent mansion with an original pool, an abundance of light disposes to rest.

  • A mansion with strict canons. Everything here is designed in the same style, clear symmetry and geometry are present in everything, from architecture to lawns..

  • The mansion, built of wood, looks very harmonious, especially against the background of an abundance of greenery and trees.

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