High porch for a private house

A high porch for a private house will not only become a spectacular design for the front of the dwelling and the entrance group, but also protect the front door from precipitation. It can be solved in different designs.

Design options

A porch for a one-story house with a high base can be solved in different designs:

  • a small platform with a handrail;
  • with a canopy;
  • open or glazed veranda.

For small houses, compact structures are used when decorating entrance groups; for two-story cottages, you can build a porch closed on top and glazed on the sides.

When conducting the construction of a high porch, it is important that it can not only decorate the site with landscape, but also provide a number of important technical tasks:

  • reliably protected the central entrance from precipitation;
  • did not interfere with the opening and closing of doors;
  • ensured the unhindered entry of large items into the house;
  • did not create dangerous situations when climbing and descending to small children and the elderly.

The porch itself becomes the hallmark of the facade, drawing attention to itself and looping around the architectural solution of the cottage. When choosing a suitable design, you should pay attention to several important characteristics:

  • type of construction;
  • construction material;
  • the presence or absence of a canopy.

The porch can be simply attached to the finished home or built into its load-bearing walls during the construction phase.

Depending on the material used and the size of such an extension, it can be open or closed, large or small. It all depends on the financial capabilities of the home owners and the features of the architectural project of the house..

We select materials

For a small country house made of wood, it would be appropriate to build a wooden porch. For a cottage made of brick or aerated concrete, it can be built from different materials:

  • wood;
  • bricks;
  • stone;
  • concrete;
  • metal structures.

The choice of design determines not only the type of building material from which the house itself is built, but also their price, as well as the skills of using construction techniques for brick, metal, wood.

How to do it yourself?

Before starting the construction of a high porch, an extension project should be developed and calculations should be made based on the measurements made. When choosing a suitable structure for a wooden porch, you should pay attention to the features of the formation of steps.

The easiest way is to build steps for a high porch based on the simplest and most common design: a stringer, which is also called a bowstring.

This is the support beam on which the corner cuts are created. Then the steps are attached to them. Below is a drawing of such a structure..

A wooden staircase is usually made at least 1.2 m wide, using 3 stringers for this, between which a distance of 0.5 m is left. On this basis, you can build a porch on one and two sides. When building a wide porch with a high staircase, calculations should be carried out to draw up a specific drawing of the porch in order to follow the data obtained later.

For construction, it is better to take coniferous woods, which are better protected from moisture due to natural resinousness.. Boards can be treated with special protective compounds that will enhance the strength and moisture resistance of the entire structure.

It is also necessary to think over the overhang of the steps, which will prevent the accumulation of moisture on their surface during rain and will not allow ice to form in winter..

To do this, you need to make a step with a slight outward slope. The standard overhang is 1–2 cm per 1 m with a step surface width of 40 to 50 cm.

You can arrange the structure so that the water flows inside. To do this, you need to leave a gap of several mm in the structure. The space under the high wooden porch needs to be concreted. This will provide a foundation for the porch, which will increase its strength and better drainage of water from it.. To mix the working solution, you will need to take:

  • 1 part cement;
  • 3 pieces of sand;
  • 3-4 parts of crushed stone.

When the concrete surface has set, it is necessary to make a cement screed on it.. The wooden staircase must be ready before concreting the area under the porch.. If, during installation, press the lower end of the ladder into the concrete that has not yet hardened, then you can create a good and durable stop for the entire structure. After installing the stairs on the concrete platform, the upper part of the porch must be sheathed with a terrace or ordinary board, treated with a protective compound.

When using concrete mix for arranging a high porch with a staircase, it should be borne in mind that the height of the structure should be equal to the height of the foundation of the house, and the porch should become a continuation of the house. Before arranging a concrete porch in the place of its connection with the foundation of the house, a gasket should be made from one layer of mineral wool. This will avoid cracking the porch and reduce the load on the foundation of the house..

The working mixture is poured into a wooden formwork, which should repeat the shape of the future porch. The surface of the steps must be additionally reinforced with a metal mesh.

Using the kosour principle as a basis, you can build a high porch from metal channels, to which an L-shaped corner is welded.

Planks or porcelain stoneware slabs can be used as step surfaces..

Beautiful examples

In self-construction, the choice of material depends on the ability to process it and the availability of special tools for connecting structural elements. The simplest type of high porch that you can build yourself is a classic wooden structure made on the basis of support beams-stringers. DFor such a porch it will not take a lot of money and time to build it. If desired, it can be erected in a short time and for a novice builder, if the above rules are consistently followed. There are many beautiful options for arranging a wooden and cement high porch that you can take as a basis for your home..

How to make a porch with your own hands, see the video.

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