House project 8 by 9 with an attic

In the modern world, most people do not try to build a huge country house that looks like a castle or fortress. It is very expensive, it is difficult to keep track of such a house, and not everyone wants to make a lot of empty space. In this sense, houses with an attic are gaining special popularity. They are an excellent option when saving building space and building materials, while the living area can be much larger than a conventional one-story house..


When building a house with an attic, several fundamental factors must be considered. One of the most important is lightweight materials. Do not overload the foundation with either furniture or unnecessary building structures.. Most architects and builders believe that there should be one room in the attic – without any partitions..

If it is necessary to make them, then it is best to give preference to drywall as a very light material..

It is important to think over the thermal insulation of the second floor, because this space will be exposed to large temperature differences. From the bottom, heat rises from the first floor, and to overthrow there is a roof through which a large amount of heat can go. It is also necessary to think over waterproofing, because moisture can enter the house through the roof, it can also get through the walls.

The main positive aspects of building houses with an attic include:

  • savings on building materials;
  • saving construction time;
  • ease of communication from the first floor;
  • low heat loss through the roof;
  • with the correct order of work, residents can equip the first floor as a living area;
  • the ability to use the second floor as a personal office, workshop or as a recreation room;
  • an opportunity for the residents of the house to show their design skills.


Considering the most typical project of a house from a bar with an attic of 9 by 8 m, you can see a large hallway. Ground floor area – 72 sq. m, so this fact cannot be surprising. And this hallway leads to all the rooms on the first floor..

The kitchen occupies 10 sq. m and has common doors with the living room – this option is convenient in a house in which guests are often received. Living room area – 20 sq. m. This allows you to place a large number of furniture, interior elements. You can also get to the bathroom from the hallway. Its area is almost 1.5 sq. m.

This position of the rooms on the ground floor leads to the fact that the main focus should be on the living room. A working corner can be organized in it, which will not be limited by a wall, but by a cabinet, a rack, or the separation can be done using various wallpapers. Also in the living room you can collect guests, and the large area can be used as a dance floor.

It is also worth noting the presence of utility rooms on the ground floor: a storeroom and a furnace. Their total area is 8 sq. m, but the importance of these rooms cannot be overestimated.

In general, the first floor can be considered as a room for morning, afternoon and active evening. It is important to properly arrange the living room and kitchen: these rooms will be the most popular on the ground floor, and possibly throughout the house. You can also use the living room as a guest bedroom.

According to the rules for the construction of the attic, it has an area one third less than the first floor.. In rare cases, it is possible to correctly use the area more, because the sloped roof does not allow this. You can get to the attic using a ladder, in this case it looks like a spiral.

When you go up to the second floor, you find yourself in a small hall, which cannot be used for any economic purposes. From this hall you can get into three bedrooms of different sizes. Each room has a window designed in such a way that there is a lot of daylight in the room..

Although this fact should not really matter, because the main time for these rooms is night.

Also in this layout, the smallest room can be used as a full-fledged study..

In this case, it is impractical to locate a workshop: the neighborhood with sleeping rooms is extremely poor..

There is also a bathroom on the second floor. You can install both a shower cabin and a bathtub in it..

Beautiful examples

The layout of the 8×9 house implies a total area of ​​about 100 sq. m. A large number of rooms allow you to show your own designer talent and make each room in a special style. You can also choose a general style for each of the floors, because the first floor is designed for active action, constant movement and work. The second floor is reserved for relaxation and immersion in your own thoughts. If children live in the bedrooms, then their rooms can be made in bright colors to cheer up.

You can also use wallpaper on which you can draw: before going to bed, children will be pleased to depict their dreams and ideas.

Attic house designs are gaining popularity. This is much more profitable than building a two-story house, and its area is almost the same. For a family of 3-4 people, an option for such a house with a total area of ​​about 100 sq. m is the most suitable option.

House project with an attic, see below.

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