Log porch

Recently, builders have been actively using a log to make a porch. Despite the fact that its construction is usually carried out in specialized companies, independently performed work makes it possible to significantly save money and gain new experience that may be needed in the future..

Such a porch is distinguished not only by its attractive appearance, but also by its high quality, as well as resistance to any load, which is of paramount importance for such structures..


A log porch is popular for a number of advantages that make it stand out from other materials.. Today, there are two main types of porch..

  • Closed version that can be equipped with a canopy and sidewall. Some structures of this type are also equipped with a separate entrance door, so they can be used as a veranda.

  • An open modification that boasts ease of assembly. It should be noted that in appearance and design features, this version of the porch resembles a staircase with open railings and a small awning. In some cases, the canopy may be absent altogether, thanks to which the porch is used as a terrace..

The use of rounded logs for the construction of the porch allows you to take full advantage of all the advantages of this material. The resulting design has a number of advantages, among which the following can be distinguished.

  • Strength and durability. Such a porch will not need to be strengthened with additional elements. The main advantage of a log is that it is able to snuggle tightly against each other due to gravity, so such a structure will not loosen even after years of active use..
  • If everything is thought out and assembled correctly and competently, the boards will not creak. This result can only be achieved if the logs are tightly packed. This will prevent friction, which is mainly the cause of squeaks. In the process of building a porch, it is best to use logs processed at the enterprise, since they are distinguished by an ideal shape..
  • Original and attractive appearance. The resulting structure will be quite massive, so it can be ideally combined with the house. If you want to get maximum harmony, you can use a similar finish for the main walls, which will definitely attract attention..


Today there are a huge number of logs that can be used in the process of creating a porch.. The most popular option is considered to be a rounded log, which has a huge number of advantages.. First of all, such a design will be able to boast of an attractive and original appearance. In addition, it is quite reliable and able to cope with any physical activity..

Thanks to this, you can use heavy furniture, which will allow you to create a small veranda..

Besides, the porch can be created using half-logs or from the chopped remains of rounded logs. Of course, the use of such materials will not allow you to get the same high-quality porch as when using a rounded log, however, and the cost will be much lower. In any case, if you strictly follow the developed project and competently approach the process of creating a porch for the house, then the effect will be positive, and the resulting structure will be able to please the owner for many years.

How to make?

The process of creating a porch from a log must be given close attention, since the quality and reliability of the future structure depends on it. First of all, you need to choose high-quality materials that can serve for many years and will not deteriorate under the influence of external factors. It should be understood that the porch will be constantly exposed to atmospheric precipitation and other loads, so all work should be carefully checked, and the quality of the materials should not be in doubt. So, to create a porch from a log, you need to do the following work.

  • A small square pit is buried, the depth of which does not exceed 40 cm. In addition, it is necessary to get rid of the fertile top layer.
  • A mixture of sand and gravel is placed on the bottom of the pit, and the thickness of this layer should be about 10 cm. Thanks to this, it will be possible to create a sand cushion, which should be compacted using a special vibrating plate..
  • Time to install a small reinforcement cage. Despite the fact that a wooden staircase does not have any load, such a frame will have to strengthen the concrete, and also prevent cracks and deformation in the future. Formwork is mounted at the edges, which are made of ordinary boards. The upper edge of these formworks should protrude a few centimeters above the soil surface.
  • After the supporting structure is installed, you can proceed to the assembly of the march. To do this, it will be necessary to fasten several stringers with a self-tapping screw, starting from the first and ending with the highest. In the process of fastening, it is necessary to pay close attention to this so that no moisture remains on the march, as this can negatively affect the strength of the structure in the future and cause squeaks when using the porch. After all the steps are securely fixed, the steps can be installed..

When the installation of the porch is completed, you can proceed to creating a visor. At this stage, it is necessary to be as careful as possible, since the safety of the entire structure depends on this. And it is best to use lightweight materials, and use high-strength self-tapping screws for fixing..

Thus, in order to create a porch from a half-log or rounded log with your own hands, you need to follow the step-by-step instructions and use high-quality materials..

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