Two-storey house with an attic: beautiful building options

Since the beginning of the 21st century, there has been a trend in which people are trying to change their apartments within the city limits for spacious houses in more secluded places. Unfortunately, having your own home is not only pleasant, but also costly: construction, maintenance and scheduled repairs, heating and other needs are not cheap for the owners. In the case when you want to save money on building a house, you can consider the option of a two-story building with an attic.



An attic is a living space under a roof. At the same time, the height of the residential attic at the highest point should be at least the height of an adult, and ideally should be 2.2-2.5 meters.

When ordering a design project, be sure to discuss what should work out, since under the project of a two-story house with an attic it can be either a full-fledged two-story house with two floors and an equipped attic, or a one-story house with additional living space under the roof.

Now it is worth noting the positive aspects of the attic space:

  • the main positive feature of the attic is heat preservation for the main floors;
  • at the expense of the attic, the total living space of the house increases;
  • saving money and materials during the construction of a house, since for arranging an attic for a living room it is not required to create a reinforced foundation, as for a full-fledged floor.
  • the unusual space of the attic can be interestingly beaten, it is also convenient to use this room for common recreation areas (billiard room, home theater, children’s playroom) or create a cozy and functional space for an office, creative workshop, dressing room.

Disadvantages or features of the attic stem from its advantages:

  • so that the attic itself retains heat throughout the house, it is necessary to take care of the insulation and waterproofing of the attic itself; if this stage of construction is neglected or saved, then instead of preserving heat, it will be lost, and condensates and freezing are also likely;
  • in order to create enough space under the roof for living, the area of ​​the house should be at least 4×6 m2;
  • even if the project for arranging the attic in your house does not imply a large amount of furniture, strengthening the floors between the floor and the future attic should be complete and reliable;
  • the creation of unusual windows in the attic (for example, installation in the roof or the creation of outrigger window openings with a straight roof) can cost 1.5-2 times more expensive than usual.

Materials (edit)

The choice of material for the construction of a two-story residential building with an attic depends on your preferences and funds. Today, the building materials market is so diverse that even very daring desires can be realized..

A brick house, without exaggeration, can be called “durable”. But the price of such a building will be much more expensive. However, lovers of “brick classics” can be advised to stop at a more economical option: use a brick only as a facing material for the facade of a building, and build a house from cheaper materials (for example, timber or foam blocks).

Another material for building a house that is beyond doubt is wood.. A rounded log, a bar of various sizes, a frame house can be used as building elements. The relatively low weight of a wooden structure (in comparison with stone and brick houses) saves money and time when pouring the foundation: a shallowly buried belt or pile with strapping is enough.

However, it should be borne in mind that wooden houses have two significant drawbacks: high fire hazard and the need for structure shrinkage, which can take in various cases from three to twelve months.

Among the builders of individual housing, such material as a foam block is very popular.. Its widespread use is due to the following reasons:

  • laying foam blocks is easy and quick, while the seams are minimal and even;
  • the size of the blocks is larger than standard bricks, that is, they can be laid faster;
  • with the help of flat blocks, various geometric shapes of the building are easily created;
  • structures made of foam blocks are environmentally safe and harmless, do not emit any toxic substances during operation;
  • foamed concrete blocks perfectly retain heat, that is, the house does not need to be additionally insulated;
  • foam blocks are fireproof, resistant to temperature extremes, do not change shape when exposed to moisture;
  • concrete blocks are not susceptible to the influence of microorganisms (molds, insects).


Construction companies can build a house according to a standard project, or if the desired option is not in the ready-made plans, you can create an individual project. The second option will take into account all your wishes, but it will cost many times more..

A very convenient option for permanent residence – a house with an attic and a basement.

The plan of the building shows how many functional rooms can be placed in such a seemingly small building. The plinth makes it possible to hide all technological units and utility rooms. Do not think that if you equip an attic instead of the upper floor, then you will no longer be able to build a balcony or terrace..

For a large family, it is better to consider projects of houses with two full residential floors and an attic.

When the budget for building a house allows you not to save money, pay attention to houses with a multi-level roof. Such projects are more difficult to build than with a flat roof, but visually they look much more impressive..

There are many options for equipping a balcony with an exit from the attic. The terrace can be the upper surface of the garage attached to the house.

Beautiful examples

When the decoration of the local area echoes the decoration of the facade, the same colors and materials are used, this creates a single harmonious picture.

An unusual building project where skylights frame the rounded edges of the roof. New materials for soft roofing will easily allow you to repeat something like this.

For small plots, houses with an attic are ideal: a useful and always so necessary area is added, and at the same time the plots are not cluttered with too large a building.

For romantics, we advise you to equip a bedroom in the attic, and make the windows above the sleeping place in the roof slope: with a clear sky, it will admire the stars.

From a not very large house, something similar to a castle can turn out, the roof in this case has not only a functional purpose, but also a decorative one..

Do not be afraid to experiment, listen to professional designers and builders, and the attic of your house will not be a hassle.

You can see a detailed 3D project of a two-story house with an attic in the following video.

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