What is a porch for a summer residence and how to refine it?

The porch is an important component of the country house. It can be made from different materials and have different designs. There are many options for how to arrange this house building. In this article we will find out what a porch for a summer residence is like and how it can be refined..

Primary requirements

Many country houses are built with a porch. This erection only seems insignificant. In fact, the porch plays an important role. It complements the entrance area, and can decorate the general appearance of the building. Like any other adjoining structures, the porch must meet a number of important requirements.. In no case should they be neglected..

  • The porch structure must have an odd number of steps. There must be more than three of them. We should not forget about the installation of high-quality railings. If all of the above requirements are met, then the design will turn out to be not only easy to use, but also safe. Using stairs without railings and with an inappropriate number of steps can be both dangerous and completely inconvenient..
  • The type of door leaf leading to the country house is also important.. The width of the porch depends on the type of this part. If the door is single-sided, then the optimal parameter is 1.5 m, and if the door is double-sided – 2 m.
  • The depth of the site, located directly in front of the entrance door, also plays an important role.. At least it should be 1 m larger than the door leaf. If the space is too modest and small, then the owners and their guests can easily fall from such a porch and get unwanted injuries..
  • It is advisable to design and install a porch simultaneously with the construction of a country house. Otherwise, you may be faced with the fact that the structure will begin to warp, will undergo severe shrinkage..
  • In the manufacture of a porch for a summer residence, it is required to use only high-quality and strong materials. For example, if wood is used for construction, it should only be reliable, free of putrefactive traces and hints of destruction. Only if the building material is of high quality, the porch will turn out to be really safe, practical and durable..

The requirements for country porches are simple, so it is not so difficult to comply with them. The main thing is to responsibly treat each of the listed points..

Species overview

There are different options for summer cottages. Each of the structures has its own structure and installation features. They must be taken into account before proceeding with the design and construction work.. Let’s take a closer look at the most popular types of porches for summer cottages and find out what features are typical for them..


An attached porch is one of the most popular types of entrance structures. Usually, such options have in their device not only a railing, but also a visor. Often, attached structures are built from wood.. Structures made of such material, with proper care, can serve for many years.. The methods of attaching the extensions under consideration are different.


The built-in structures of the adjoining porches are also equipped with a handrail and a canopy. These structures often feature attractive balusters.. Built-in extensions are considered the most reliable, but at the same time the most difficult in their design and installation.. Such structures are being built simultaneously with the main suburban construction. Both buildings are equipped with a single roof.

If the construction of the main country house is only planned, then this option will be optimal.


The porch for the summer cottage does not have to be attached or built-in. There are also the simplest simplified constructions. They consist of a small platform and several steps.. The main advantage of such a porch is its low cost.. In installation, conventional structures also turn out to be uncomplicated and do not cause any particular difficulties. You can attach the component in question to the country house at any time.

Materials (edit)

A high-quality and beautiful porch for a country house can be built from different materials. You need to be very serious about their choice.. It is on the chosen material that the complexity of the installation work will depend, as well as the operational characteristics of the adjoining structure.. Consider what qualities different materials have that are suitable for building a porch for a summer residence.


It is the one-stop-shop solution that is most often used. Craftsmen and homeowners are attracted to concrete by its affordability, as well as the reliability of ready-made structures that are made from it. Besides, a concrete porch is not so difficult to mount, and after all installation work is completed, it can be finished with a variety of facing materials. The result is both reliable and beautiful structures designed for a long service life..

Over the years, the concrete structure can be repaired if the need arises. It can be supplemented with any chosen decor.


This material is also as reliable and practical as possible.. It is advisable to install brick porches on your own only if the home master has the appropriate knowledge and skills. If there are none, it is advisable to contact experienced installers..

Most often, concrete is the basis of brick porches.. Other suitable materials can be used as a coating for finished steps.. For example, it can be tile or porcelain stoneware – there are a lot of options. A brick staircase, like structures made of other materials, can be supplemented with comfortable and beautiful handrails. To protect the integrity of the finished brick structure, you can install a canopy. Then you get a great covered porch..


The porch leading to the country house can also be made of metal. Such a structure will look interesting and extraordinary.. The main plus of metal steps and railings is their maximum reliability and durability.. A well-made construction will last for many years. But such solutions also have their disadvantages..

Metal is susceptible to corrosion, therefore it needs regular treatment with special anti-corrosion agents. In winter, when operating such porches, there is a high risk of injury, since it is very easy to slip and fall on metal steps..

Metal structures with forged elements look especially impressive and expensive. But they have one serious drawback – a very high cost..


Very often, porches for a country house are made of wood. Quite good designs are obtained not only from boards, but also from simple wooden pallets. The finished structures look very neat and attractive. In construction, they turn out to be not too difficult, since wood is a simple and malleable material.. However, the wood will have to be regularly treated with fire retardants and antiseptics in order to reduce its fire hazard and prevent rotting. Natural material will not be able to last longer than metal or brick, even if it is provided with perfect care..


Before starting the installation work, it is very important to draw up a detailed project of the future structure, which will be located immediately in front of the entrance to the summer cottage.. Consider several ready-made options.

  • You can supplement the house and even slightly expand its entrance area by installing a wooden porch with a long and wide area in front of the door. In this case, the railing should be installed both along the steps and along this site..
  • A very beautiful, but expensive solution is a metal staircase with chic wrought iron railings and a canopy with a wrought iron frame. The diagram shows a structure that is simple in shape but looks luxurious..
  • The porch can be made as simple and small as possible, yet neat and attractive. The above diagrams show buildings with a small number of steps, gable canopies and ordinary railings without decorations or forging. In execution, such solutions will be very simple..

You can draw up a project yourself, or you can order it from professionals. It is recommended to resort to self-compilation only if you are well familiar with such preparatory stages of work..

How to build with your own hands?

It is quite possible to make a strong and beautiful porch for a country house with your own hands. If you take all the work as seriously as possible and rely on step-by-step instructions, then the installation will take place quickly enough, and the result will be very good. Consider the phased production of a high-quality porch using the example of a concrete structure.

  • First you need to make a foundation pit. You should learn everything about the parameters of soil freezing on the site. The foundation pit must be dug with depth so that it meets the level of freezing. After the completion of the installation work, shrinkage will occur one way or another, but with the right actions and calculations, it will not be “fatal”. As soon as the pit is ready, it will be necessary to align its walls and bottom. Then the base is covered with gravel. The layer height should be approximately 10 cm. It is recommended to tamp the crushed stone.
  • Then you can fill the foundation. A concrete solution is prepared in certain proportions. As soon as it is ready, the pit can be poured. The volume of the applied solution must be sufficient so that its top is equal to the ground. The surface of the concrete layer is leveled with a rail. The horizontality of all bases must be kept under control. The solution will set for about a week. It is recommended to cover the surface with polyethylene.
  • Next, they put the formwork. It can be built from planks. Of these, 2 side shields are knocked down. Their dimensions should correspond to the dimensions of the future porch. The verticality of the bases should be controlled using a level.
  • When the formwork is ready, concrete can be poured. Before this, you can still install the reinforcement mesh. It is laid at the base of the porch and on each step, and gravel is also added. Having poured concrete solution into the formwork, the surfaces are leveled with a rail, everything is checked with a level. Actions will be needed approximately the same as during the installation of the foundation. The poured mortar will set for about a week. After that, you can start removing blemishes and cleaning the structure..

As you can see, making a concrete porch is extremely simple. After a while, it can be beautifully finished, for example, painted or revetted with porcelain stoneware. Each owner chooses for himself how best to arrange the porch leading to his country house.

How to decorate?

After installation, the finished porch for a country house can be left as it is, or it can be effectively decorated. Thoughtfully and tastefully decorated structure will look much more attractive and stylish. Even the simplest and most discreet country porch can be supplemented with decor so that it will look very expensive. We will find out how you can decorate a finished porch for a summer residence.

  • A win-win solution – decorating with live plants and flowers. They can be fixed on the railings and other foundations of the structure, or they can be planted around the steps. In this case, color combinations can be very different. This decor looks especially impressive and magnificent in spring and summer, when nature comes to life..

  • It is possible to refine the porch by fixing curtains in its structure.. They can have a variety of colors and textures of the fabric – there are a lot of options. The choice of a harmonious material and its shade depends on the style and color of the country house itself. Correctly selected and installed curtains can comfortably highlight the entrance area, while making it very stylish..

  • A finished porch made of concrete or wood can be sheathed with other more attractive materials.. It can be a beautiful blockhouse, masonry or its imitation. Interesting cladding can radically change the appearance of even the simplest house porch..

  • A hospitable rug will help to refine the entrance area., tall vases of flowers, beautiful decorative figurines and even stylish lighting fixtures. The choice of the optimal decor depends on the style in which the country house and its adjoining plot are sustained.

The appearance of the finished porch is as important as the interior of the country house.. The owners should work out and think over all interesting ideas for decorating the entrance area in advance..

You can arrange the path to the country house both minimalist and truly luxurious. The main thing is to monitor the consistency of styles.

Beautiful examples

As mentioned above, a walk-through place such as a country porch can be done stylishly and tastefully. Almost any design can be beautifully beaten. Let’s look at some interesting and attractive examples..

  • A wooden staircase with graceful balusters and a visor with wavy decorative elements will look very beautiful and discreet. The entrance area will be perfectly refreshed by the porch, painted and universal snow-white shade. This option will look especially attractive against the background of the light facade of a country house made of a log or bar..

  • In front of a house trimmed with white siding or other type of panels, a wooden porch painted in a calm pale brown shade will look harmoniously. Railings can also be made of wood, and black metal rods can be installed between the wooden parts. The design will turn out to be very neat and attractive..

  • An interesting solution is a brick porch with a wooden white railings, on the steps of which there is a decor in the form of wild grapes. The latter should be fixed so that it does not interfere with the movement of people along the steps. Near the very bottom of the ladder, you can put up large snow-white flowerpots with flowers planted in them with multi-colored buds.

  • A chic rounded porch decorated with light-colored stone can also lead to a country house. Such a structure will look good against the background of the facade of a house built of bricks of a similar color. On the sides of the front door, zones marked with a stone for planting different flowers and plants will look spectacular. The composition will turn out to be very rich, but also expensive..

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