Acrylic floor paints: features of choice

Acrylic floor paints: features of choice

In almost any hardware store, you can buy floor paint, which will refresh the appearance of the wooden coating, create a protective layer, preventing the wood from collapsing for a long time. From the rich selection of paints and varnishes provided on the modern market of finishing materials, acrylic varieties for the floor are especially in demand. Consider their advantages and find out the subtleties of choice.

Composition and properties

One of the main advantages of acrylic paint is its composition. The components of the material are acrylic resins, water and coloring pigment. In addition to environmental friendliness, the paint has other advantages:

  • it does not have a pungent unpleasant odor;
  • it is resistant to low and high temperatures;
  • she is not afraid of high humidity;
  • has high refractoriness;
  • the paint is resistant to ultraviolet radiation;
  • it is easy to apply when painting;
  • it dries quickly.

Over many years of operation, the wooden covering, protected with acrylic paint, will not lose its appearance.

Color spectrum

If you have opted for acrylic paint for a wooden floor, you will certainly be pleased with the range of color palette of coloring compositions. Your choice will be offered in traditional shades and the most daring for avant-garde lovers. You can buy the color you like right away, but it is possible to order the color of your choice (some manufacturers will provide a similar service).


Today, domestic and foreign industry offers a huge number of different painting materials. It’s easy to get confused in this variety, but acrylic dispersion paint is the leader in sales and quality. The versatility of its application, quality and high environmental standards, provide positive customer reviews.

When choosing an acrylic paint, you need to pay attention to the manufacturer. Famous brands are guaranteed to ensure the quality of the purchased material.

When purchasing a cheaper product from little-known manufacturers, you need to be prepared for more material consumption, unexpected surprises in the form of bubbles, exfoliation or color stains. The shelf life of the material is also important. It is unacceptable to purchase expired paint or material, the expiration date of which is coming to an end. Acrylic paint for wood surfaces has differences to look out for when choosing.

  • Wood can be of various structures (soft or hard), the consumption of paint per square meter and its composition depend on it..
  • The paint for rooms with different traffic is different. If you choose a material, for example, for a hallway, you must opt ​​for a product with increased wear resistance..
  • Painting is not complete without preliminary priming of the surface, which should be chosen based on the deterioration of the floor and the type of wood.

    Manufacturers of well-known brands of painting materials can offer paints with additional properties in their assortment. It is worth paying attention to varieties with protection against fungus and insects. You can pay attention to the products of companies Aquastrong and Lakra. The small thickness of these coloring compositions will protect the wooden floor from contact with destructive external factors. It will double the service life of the wood, applying several layers will ensure the long life of the wood coating. Water, high or minus temperature of the room are not terrible for wood treated with acrylic paint.

    Each major manufacturer of paints and varnishes has in its range of paints based on acrylic resins. And this is not surprising: acrylic paints compare favorably with others.. The service life of wooden coatings treated with acrylic paint is due to its properties, it:

    • does not lose the brightness of the selected color when exposed to direct rays of the sun;
    • does not form cracks when the temperature drops;
    • does not peel off.

    If you need to paint the floor in areas with more traffic, it is better to choose a paint with a higher wear resistance. Manufacturers will offer this option as well. A small drawback of such an acrylic coating is that this paint has an unpleasant odor, which evaporates when it dries completely..

    Quantity calculation

    Whichever floor paint you choose, the consumption will be approximately the same: 200-300 ml per 1 sq. m.But different indicators (for example, paint brand, quality of the covered wood) can affect the consumption. When purchasing acrylic paint, you should familiarize yourself with the consumption table presented on the package.. This will help to acquire the required amount of material as accurately as possible. It is recommended to take the material with a margin (about 5-10% more than expected).

    Floor care

    The high quality of acrylic paint protects the owners of the house from additional costs for the care of such a coating. You can do whatever cleaning you like best, be it a vacuum cleaner or a damp cloth with detergent. If you accidentally knocked hot coffee to the floor, do not worry: after you wipe it, not the slightest trace will be left on it..


    Neither manufacturers nor consumers revealed any significant shortcomings in this painting material. The only drawback is the fact that after the acrylic paint has dried, it cannot be removed from the tools used..

    It cannot be washed if it is dry, therefore, it is necessary to put the tools in order immediately after painting. In addition, do not forget one more point: since these paints are popular, they are often counterfeited, which damages high-quality materials. It is necessary to buy products only from trusted brands..

    Features of work

    If you want to quickly and efficiently paint the floor, it is better to apply acrylic paint with a spray gun. This is economical and will provide an even coating. If you choose a roller or brush, you need to be careful not to get the fluff on the ink layer and spoil the look. Such painting will take more time and effort; you will have to tinker with constant washing of tools..

    Wear resistant

    Applying wear-resistant paint to the coating is slightly different from the conventional method. This paint is applied only with a roller or brush, while constantly stirring in a container. This is necessary so that stains do not appear on the floor, which will spoil the appearance of the coating.. This paint must be thoroughly rubbed in the direction in which the boards are laid, otherwise bubbles or wrinkles may appear..

    If you missed this point, you can fix everything as soon as the floor dries well..

    After the last coat, rinse it several times with clean water. This will add extra shine to the finish. If you opted for wear-resistant acrylic paint, take care of a high-quality brush or roller, be sure to work in a respirator, ventilating the room.

    Staining sequence

    For the highest quality painting of a wooden floor, you must adhere to several recommendations.

    • Thoroughly wash the floor with water and detergents before applying acrylic paint.
    • Pay particular attention to crevices and areas along the skirting board (if necessary, scrape off any remaining dirt). Paint will not adhere to dirty surfaces.
    • If you find greasy stains on the floor, treat and remove them with a solvent. Grease can push the paint away from itself, which can significantly ruin the look of the job..
    • Fill the cracks, level the convex areas with a chisel. The floor must be perfectly level.

      After carrying out preparatory work on leveling and cleaning the floor, the next stage involves applying a protective layer of primer. This process will take some time, as the primer coating dries up to 3 days. After that, you can apply acrylic paint in two to three layers..

      The rules for choosing acrylic paints and other important nuances, see below..

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