Acrylic paint in spray cans: pros and cons

Acrylic paint is an easy-to-use, practical, profitable and very effective finishing compound. Products in spray cans are very popular in the market of paints and varnishes. This form has a number of advantages over the formulations in cans..


Spray paint in cans is easy to store, transport and use. The products are used for decorating various materials. The spray is easy to apply on both horizontal and vertical surfaces.

Thanks to the spray effect, the aerosol is evenly applied to curved and unusual structures that are difficult to paint using rollers and brushes.

The paint is suitable for working with metal, wood, stone, plastic and other materials. Finishing compositions are used by both professional decorators and repairmen and homeowners who decide to freshen up the interior or carry out minor repairs.. When used correctly, the paint copes with any given decoration task without problems..

Products with various compositions and technical characteristics are sold in the format of spray cans. The finishing material has a number of advantages and disadvantages, which you must definitely familiarize yourself with before purchasing and using.

All paints in spray cans can be divided into separate types, in accordance with the composition:

  • Acrylic paint.
  • Alkyd.
  • Nitroenamels.

Each option has individual characteristics, and at the same time, the paint is universal (it is suitable for application on various materials). The subject of this article is acrylic compounds. Let’s dwell on them in more detail..

Composition characteristics

Acrylic paint is the most common of the various colorants. The high demand is due to environmentally friendly components, as well as the absence of toxicity and unpleasant odor. The main elements of the composition are acrylic resins, as well as emulsions, soluble in water (water diluent is universal).

Due to these components, the substance acquires special elasticity and practicality.. The paint is able to withstand prolonged and intense loads. Even in the process of deformation of wood due to temperature, the material retains its integrity and attractiveness. The drying process is minimal. A thin layer can dry in about 20 minutes.

The paint demonstrates high levels of resistance to increased moisture, although the compositions were originally developed for work in dry rooms.

Balloon acrylic paints are great for working on a variety of surfaces, especially wood. The texture of the material can be varied: matte, semi-matte or glossy (mirror).

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of this material include:

  • Readiness. The product is always ready to use. The paint does not need to be diluted, prepared, poured into a special tray and other similar work. All that needs to be done before work: shake the container a couple of times and start staining.
  • Shipping. The paint can be transported in both large and small batches, without fear for the contents of the spray cans. A special device will not allow the substance to leak out. The container is absolutely airtight, not allowing even the persistent and strong odor characteristic of paint to pass through.
  • Convenience. The paint does not take up much space. It can be placed even in the smallest pantry. During operation, the balloon is comfortable to hold in the hand. The elongated shape is practical and ergonomic. The material does not dry out during storage.
  • Simple use. No additional tools or equipment needed. One spray can replace the paint can, brush and roller. This significantly saves material costs for repairs and the time of its implementation..
  • Drying speed. The composition dries very quickly. The maximum time is 5 to 6 hours.

  • Range. The huge range of colors attracts the attention of both ordinary buyers and professional designers. In product catalogs you can find metallic colors (bronze, gold, silver), classic and pastel shades, bright colors, chrome and other options. Not only the color of the composition differs, but also its texture after drying.
  • Careful painting. The substance in the spray can help paint over hard-to-reach places that cannot be reached with a roller or brush. In addition, the paint will lay evenly and neatly. Fine spray will reach any small and invisible elements.
  • Price. The price for quality products is quite affordable. The average consumer has the ability to buy several cans at a time. This is quite enough for coloring a standard room..
  • Originality. In the shops of finishing materials you will find products for unusual decoration. Connoisseurs of original decor will love pearlescent, fluorescent, shiny and other amazing paint.
  • Versatility. This type of paint can be used in different rooms of a residential building (bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, hallway and other rooms). This paint is also used by artists who paint in various techniques..
  • Aesthetics. Due to the uniform application of paint, the finished coating retains its attractive appearance for many years.

To the above properties, you can add several more advantages of paint: reliability, practicality, wear resistance, durability, resistance to moisture, frost, temperature and much more..

These characteristics may vary, depending on the components in the composition, additional ingredients and the manufacturer..

Each product has a reverse side of the coin and acrylic paint in cylinders is no exception.. Let’s get acquainted with the disadvantages in order to fully appreciate the products of this type:

  • Combining several colors, creating a special shade, will not work..
  • To perfectly paint the surface with a spray, you will have to adapt. Otherwise, smudges may remain..
  • If you want to create an original drawing, you can’t do with a stencil. For standard painting of walls, floors or ceilings, you will need masking tape. This will help create a crisp, clean edge..
  • It will not work to change the thickness of the paint.
  • It is possible to use paint in spray cans in an open area only in calm weather, otherwise the paint will be sprayed in all directions, without reaching the required surface.

Tips for selection and use

If you are planning to go to the store for the first time for acrylic paint in spray cans, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the tips for choosing products. Experts identify the following rules:

  • Consumption. Be sure to pay attention to paint consumption. The solution in cylinders must be applied in several layers, the optimal number is 2-3. Knowing the consumption indicator, you can correctly calculate the required amount of products..
  • Texture and aesthetic properties. The decorative aspect is as important as the technological one. The final effect after drying will change the interior. It can be metallic, gold plated, chrome or any color from the spectrum. To make your choice more convenient, use the special tones catalog.
  • Additional element. If you want to fully reveal the color, you need white paint. An achromatic color is preliminarily applied, and on top of it – the main one. White is the best canvas for any shade.
  • Material. While most spray products are versatile, you need to consider the material you intend to paint. Some manufacturers make specialized formulations designed exclusively for specific surfaces..
  • Storage. Because of the easy access to the contents of the spray can, store the paint in a closed pantry or out of the reach of children and animals..

Also, do not forget to adhere to the storage conditions, otherwise you risk spoiling the product ahead of time..


Acrylic paint in spray cans appeared on the domestic market for a long time, and since then interest in this product has not faded away. Abroad, such paint is also in great demand due to its convenience and other advantages. On the vastness of the worldwide network, many reviews have been collected characterizing acrylic paint in a special format.

Positive reviews (about 90% of them) indicate that this is a quick, convenient and profitable way to carry out local repairs, and a huge variety of colors with expressive aesthetic properties makes it possible to translate into reality the most daring ideas of decorators.

How to make an effect "Craquelure" acrylic paint in a spray can, you will learn from the following video.

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