Albes slatted ceilings: types and features of installation

Albes slatted ceilings: types and features of installation

Albes slatted ceiling structures are well known in the domestic market of building and finishing materials and are a popular solution for ceiling decoration. The Russian company of the same name has been manufacturing these products for 20 years, which has managed to establish the production of high-quality steel and aluminum systems over such a period..

About company

Albes products are of high quality and long service life. The company has its own engineering group, which is engaged in the study and implementation of the latest technologies and takes into account all the wishes and comments of consumers.

The priority direction of the company is the production of products that meet strict sanitary and hygienic standards.. This allows the use of slatted structures for cladding ceilings in sports, medical and educational institutions. For each series of products there is the necessary accompanying documentation in the form of a quality passport and a certificate of conformity. The company has repeatedly become the winner and prize-winner of prestigious building materials competitions, has a large number of certificates and honorary diplomas.


The Albes strip ceiling is a suspended metal structure that has an aesthetic appearance and is easy to install. In the manufacture of panels, the method of cold rolling of sheet metal is used, followed by stamping of blanks. The raw materials for the production of slats are aluminum and galvanized steel.. The thickness of the sheets does not exceed 0.6 mm, the length is 3-4 m, and the width of the lamellas varies from 5 to 20 cm. On an individual order, it is possible to produce panels, the length of which reaches 6 m, and the presence of special connecting elements gives the impression of their continuity.

The front side of the metal slats is coated with a polymer compound, which provides a wide range of colors and a wide variety of textures that imitate various materials. The surface looks interesting under natural stone, patinated copper and wood. Along with flat shapes, the production of perforated surfaces has been established, allowing you to create interesting relief images and volumetric combinations..

The fastening of the rails to the guides is carried out using aluminum or steel combs with a thickness of 0.6 to 1 mm and equipped with a special locking structure made in the form of snap-on tongues. Fastening elements such as hangers, spacers and stringers are also included in the rack ceiling system. Fixation of the guides to the bearing surface is carried out using spring hangers that allow you to adjust the location of the lamellas and are responsible for the reliability of the fastening of the entire ceiling structure.

The frame of the perimeter is usually made of U-shaped profile steel RРР 18 or its modification PL, due to which the necessary hardness of the ceiling structure is provided, which ensures the perfect service of the ceiling throughout the entire service life..


High customer demand, numerous accolades and the growing popularity of Albes slatted ceilings due to a number of indisputable advantages of this material:

  • Durability, increased strength and reliability of the structure allow you to forget about repairing ceilings for a long time. With regular maintenance and observance of operating conditions, the service life of metal structures is practically unlimited.
  • Excellent reflective qualities of some models allow you to visually raise the ceiling and make the room brighter.
  • Attractive design and a wide variety of textures and shades allow you to choose a model for a room for any purpose.
  • High mechanical, chemical and anti-corrosion resistance of the panels makes it possible to use the material in rooms with high humidity, workshops of industrial premises, in unheated and condensate-prone spaces.

In the event that the panels are made of galvanized steel, the surface must be covered with an anti-corrosion solution..

  • Installation of a slatted ceiling in combination with a sound-absorbing substrate will provide high heat and sound insulation qualities of the structure, significantly reducing the heat loss of the room and guaranteeing high-quality protection against extraneous noise.
  • Absolute incombustibility of materials guarantees complete fire safety of the ceiling structure, which increases the overall safety of the room.
  • Easy to care for. You can wash and clean the slatted ceiling by any means except abrasive compounds.
  • High environmental safety and hygiene of products is due to the properties of the material of manufacture. The metal is not subject to decay, is not of interest to insects, and is not prone to mold and mildew. The surface of the panels does not emit toxic and toxic substances.

  • Simple installation allows you to perform the lining of the ceiling yourself, without using additional equipment and without resorting to the services of professional builders.
  • The ability to embed lighting bulbs and create a multi-level curved design provides great opportunities for the implementation of design solutions and the implementation of artistic images.
  • The presence of a ceiling space allows you to install any engineering and technical equipment in this area.
  • The price of slatted ceilings is significantly lower than the cost of other types of decorative ceiling coverings – this allows the material to be used for finishing large areas, for example, shopping and sports halls, swimming pools and industrial premises.


Aluminum strip ceilings are available in several collections, each with a unique design, relief and style of execution.

  • German series It is represented by slats with a width of 8.5 to 18.5 cm. The panels have a rectangular shape, a strict and discreet design and are used for a closed installation method. The closed method assumes a dense arrangement of the laths among themselves and the formation of a homogeneous surface. German models are available in a wide range of colors and can have both smooth and perforated surfaces..

  • Italian series represented by panels made of rolled aluminum and having rounded edges. Expanded mesh models also belong to this collection. The Italian ceiling is designed for both open and closed installation. The essence of the open mounting method is to form surfaces with loose lamellae. The gap between adjacent slats may not be covered or decorated with colored inserts.

The width of the interpanel space is usually 1.5 cm. Mesh models are mounted only in an open way. The Italian collection is made in restrained classic colors in a smooth or embossed design. The width of the slats is 8.4 cm.

  • Omega series represented by aluminum panels that do not have a side recess and are intended for a closed installation method. The width of the slats varies from 5 to 15 cm. The presence of narrow slats in the collection allows you to combine several slats of different widths and colors, placing them on one guide. This technique looks very impressive and is perfect for rooms made in high-tech, metallic, techno and minimalism styles..

  • Curvilinear systems are designs characterized by smooth bends and transitions. The use of models of this series is an excellent solution when finishing uneven ceilings, as well as in cases where it is necessary to go around the elements of engineering communications or other obstacles. Models are produced on the basis of the Italian series and have a perforated wavy surface. The direction of the waves can be both longitudinal and transverse..

  • Cuboid view represented by aluminum lamellas with a pronounced rectangular cross-section. Thanks to this structure of the slats, the formed surface acquires a strict relief. The model is designed for open mounting.

  • V-shaped panels are also used for open installation and give surfaces a distinct geometric embossed pattern. The slats are 4 cm high and 4.4 cm wide.

Color solutions

Albes products are presented on the modern construction market in a wide variety of shades. The color of the panel is formed by powder spraying during the production process and covered with a polymer compound on top. Thanks to modern dyeing technology the colored surface is not affected by ultraviolet radiation and is able to retain its original color throughout the entire service life. The most popular are white, available in matte and glossy versions, and metallic, also available in two versions..

Chrome-plated products with a smooth mirror surface are also popular. They are available in three versions: chrome, superchrome and superchrome luxury. Mirror slats make the room much brighter and visually increase the space. Gold, beige and light beige are also popular. The most colorful options include black, blue, dark gray tones, as well as copper and crimson..

Combined models are equally interesting. Looks spectacular with golden stripes on a milky background or green strokes on a white panel. Imitations of natural materials are popular: wood, pearls, granite and marble. The company is also engaged in the manufacture of slats according to customer sketches, taking into account preferences in color and relief..


Before starting the installation of the guide structures, the surface of the ceiling plate should be primed.. In the event that work is carried out in a room with high humidity, antifungal mixtures must be used for processing.. After the base has completely dried, it is required to start applying the markings for the corner profile, which is applied in a single plane around the perimeter of the room. For more accurate delineation, you must use a building level or laser.

Then, using a punch, holes should be made in the corner profile with a pitch of 50 and at a distance of 5 cm from the edge. The corner profile is attached to the walls with dowels, after which the locations of the suspensions and the guide profile are marked. Suspensions are mounted 40 cm from the wall with a step of 1.5 m.

After installing the suspensions, you can begin the installation of the stringer frame structure, in which the rails will be placed. To do this, you should hang combs on the hooks with which the suspensions are equipped. Then slats are inserted into their grooves and fixed until they click..

After all the panels have been placed, it is necessary to align the formed surface, which is carried out by tightening and loosening the suspensions to the desired length.

Albes slatted ceilings are a popular finishing material – they allow you to form a beautiful, strong and durable coating, as well as decorate the room and emphasize its style..

For information on how to install a slatted ceiling in a bathroom, see the following video.

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