Arched drywall: types and ideas for designs

Arched drywall: types and ideas for designs

Stylish design developments often use arched vaults for interior doorways, for decorating a niche in the kitchen or creating curvilinear multifaceted curved reliefs in the interior space of a room. For these purposes, a new building material was developed – arched drywall. It greatly simplifies installation work and allows you to independently build arches in the right places at home.


Arched drywall has a thickness of 6 mm, which is half that of the usual material of this series. The layered structure is similar to the usual one, but it has an additional layer of glass fiber, which makes the sheet flexible. GKL for arches has increased moisture resistance, which allows you to expand the field of application to areas such as kitchens, bathrooms and toilets.

The size of the gypsum board sheet is 1.2×2.4 m, weight – 17.1 kg. Such dimensions and weight are available for processing by one person, there is no need to attract additional workers to work with this type of drywall.

Advantages and disadvantages

GKL has high fire resistance, good resistance to high temperatures allows it to be used to decorate walls and openings in the immediate vicinity of an open fire: a stove, fireplace or gas stove. However, the presence of fiberglass in the structure of the sheet makes it difficult to process with sandpaper or a plane..

The lightness of arched drywall parts does not require the construction of reinforced frame structures. The material does not need special devices for fastening to the frame, ordinary self-tapping screws are enough.

The high quality of the outer layer of gypsum plasterboard determines a low consumption of putty, you will need to apply one layer of finishing putty.

GKL lends itself well to dry bending at a bending radius of 100 cm. The ability to bend greatly simplifies and shortens the installation time. A tighter bend requires wetting of the top layer on one side, which at this thickness reduces the strength of the thin material. To increase the strength of the structure, a two-layer coating is used. Good flexibility makes this material indispensable for complex undulating vaults and arches..

Do-it-yourself arch construction

The device of the opening from the gypsum board is not difficult for a person who is a little familiar with the basics of construction.

  • The arch frame is initially mounted from a metal profile, for this, depending on the radius, after 7–10 cm, the side edges are notched on the profile, the profile is bent and reinforced in the opening. For structural strength, vertical stiffeners are installed in several places.
  • Measure the desired size and cut a strip for the arch from the long side of the drywall sheet. This is important, since the fibers of the fiberglass are arranged in a certain way, and the material works in bending only in the longitudinal direction..
  • It is necessary to determine the radius of the arch. If it is more than 100 cm, then a dry bending method is used and is attached to the frame from the middle to the edges with a pitch between the screws no more than 15-17 cm.
  • For a steep arch, the “wet” bending of the sheet is used.. Make a template out of solid cardboard. A strip of gypsum plasterboard is cut out of the required size and rolled with a needle roller. Moisten on one side, trying to do it evenly, not allowing the back side to get wet. The wetted sheet is placed on the template and gently bent, being careful not to break the dry side of the gypsum board. The bending is carried out from the center to the edges, having reached the desired radius, the strip is fixed with improvised material, bars or in another way. After complete drying, screw onto the frame.

How to make an arch from a Gibson cardboard with your own hands is shown in the video.

Types of arched structures

The arched vault is a versatile structure that is widely used in interior design. Arches in interior openings gained popularity, they can be simple semicircular or have a wavy line. Vaults can be used for zoning rooms, separating the kitchen from the dining room or the hallway from the living room. The arch pattern can be continued on the ceiling or wall, which includes it into a single architectural space. Flexible gypsum boards allow you to create the most bizarre outlines of the arch.

The arched vault, decorated with bookshelves, emphasizes the functional significance of the study area and creates additional storage space. The opening of the shelves should be decorated with items that do not create a feeling of clutter. To do this, they are selected according to color and external features suitable for a given interior..

Another use for the vaulted structure is a portal for an artificial fireplace. It can be finished with natural or artificial material like stone, wood, tiles with tiles. The semicircular vault will make this structure realistic, especially if you place an electric or biofireplace there..

Arched drywall is indispensable in the design of niches for TV in living rooms. The wall gains volume and depth. It will be difficult for beginners to independently complete complex structural elements. To begin with, you can choose one or two arched niches and decorate the wall in the living room with them..

Flexible gypsum board is successfully used to create curved shapes on suspended ceilings. Niches with plasterboard lighting will add expressiveness to the room. The style of the 60s of the twentieth century with simple laconic forms will be complemented by a radial arch with LED lamps. The same semicircular shapes on a two-level ceiling will make the room taller and more spacious..


  • Thinking over the decor of arched interior aisles or niches, it is worth remembering that several arches in one room should be decorated in the same style.
  • High pointed arches will add height, a wide arch will visually expand the boundaries of space.
  • Arched structures that separate a warm balcony or in a window niche look spectacular. Rejection of doors in favor of arches adds useful space and gives unique features to the interior..

Beautiful examples

The imagination of designers can be embodied in different styles:

  • High tech;
  • Classic;
  • Minimalism.

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