Backlit two-level stretch ceilings: interesting ideas in the interior

Backlit two-level stretch ceilings are rapidly gaining popularity. There are many options for the style of their design, which is due to the variety of colors and textures. The installation process is quite simple and can be done by hand within one day..

Design features

Two-level stretch ceilings take up some part of the room’s space. Therefore, it is best to mount them in rooms with a ceiling height of at least 2.5 m. You should also not forget about the lighting method – massive chandeliers or lamps look gorgeous mainly in spacious rooms and halls. In a small space, they will look bulky..

With this type of ceiling design, it becomes possible to hide communications (wires) and surface irregularities. But despite all sorts of advantages, it will not be possible to carry out the installation of lighting devices in the usual way, this will require special materials and tools.

As a backlight, a common option is an LED strip, although you can also purchase a fiber-optic thread, a Duralight cord. It is recommended to use the built-in backlight as an additional source of illumination..

She will not cope with the role of the main one, since she is not able to spread a bright, distinct light throughout the room. With its help, you can achieve only various optical illusions in design..

Advantages and disadvantages

Stretch two-level ceilings have many advantages, especially in comparison with similar structures made of plasterboard. First of all, tensile structures are easy to install. The ceiling is installed in a short time, and no debris or unused parts are left behind. There is no need to carry out further putty after installation..

Stretch two-level ceiling provides a huge selection of design solutions, you can easily find a beautiful design for any room (living room, bedroom, kitchen, nursery or hallway) of various sizes and shades. With the help of such structures, an original and unique design is obtained..

Also of the advantages, one can single out the lightness of the design itself and the ability to organize optimal lighting. With the help of correctly executed stretch ceiling illumination, you can create unusual effects in the interior..

Despite the lightness of stretch ceilings, they have a reliable and durable fastening. The canvas adheres perfectly, no defects appear.

You can also note a few more advantages:

  • soundproofing;
  • long service life;
  • use of environmentally friendly materials;
  • fire resistance.

The disadvantages of this type of construction depend on the type of base material (canvas).

To install a stretch ceiling, a fabric or film can be used. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. Fabric ceilings are slightly more expensive than foil ceilings. Film ceilings have a wider variety of colors, textures and effects. Fabrics, on the other hand, are limited in the choice of color, among the shades mainly soft, dull, pastel prevails..

Of the disadvantages of a film ceiling, it can be noted that it:

  • not suitable for poorly heated premises;
  • seams may be visible on it.

The fabric absorbs and retains odors well, and can also lose the saturation of the shade under the influence of moisture.

A significant advantage of fabric structures is that they can be used in the case of low ceilings, since it is lowered at the level of 2-3 cm, and the film – at the level of 5-7 cm.

Materials (edit)

The structure of a two-level stretch ceiling consists of the stretch fabric itself and a two-tier frame. For the manufacture of the frame, aluminum profiles or plywood are used, as well as fastening and connecting moldings.

By the type of surface obtained, the following types of film web are distinguished:

  • matte;
  • glossy;
  • translucent;
  • embossed;
  • pearlescent.

Photo printing can be applied to the film canvas, for example, to create the effect of a starry sky.

Style and design

In what style the ceiling will be made, it also depends on the purpose of the room. To decorate the living room, you can consider original, bright and non-standard design ideas. The bedrooms are dominated by soft colors with rounded lines. The ceiling in the hallway or hallway can be decorated with various illuminated geometric lines.

The bathroom has no special design restrictions, both light shades and saturated colors are suitable for its design. The kitchen can be delimited by functional areas (the place of eating and the place of its preparation) using stretch ceilings.

The mirrored surface of the ceiling not only gives the room a luxurious look, but also visually stretches the space. A combination of a film with a mirror effect for the top tier and a matte fabric for the bottom tier is often used. If you want to use your drawing on the ceiling, you can just print it. The effect of the starry sky is created in various ways: using an LED strip or small LEDs, as well as a film with a ready-made sky pattern. In the latter case, the backlight is provided by an ordinary night light..


With the correct and interesting lighting installed in the two-level ceilings, you can give the premises a visual spaciousness, an atmosphere of luxury. Unusual effects are created, including 3D. In rooms of various purposes, you can use either neutral, calming light (suitable for bedrooms, children’s rooms), or bright contrasting light (kitchen, study).

You can also use an ordinary chandelier to illuminate the room, but it is preferable to choose non-standard lighting means for beautiful stretch ceilings. Thus, the originality of the design will be even more evident..

You can choose LED strips as lighting, spotlights or pendant lights, fluorescent lamps, as well as lamps of unusual shapes. Glass in lamps can be opaque and transparent (it can also be mirrored). Frosted glass creates diffused light that is evenly distributed throughout the room. Clear glass directs light in a targeted manner and is ideal for rooms that require clear visibility.

When using LED strips, it is necessary during the installation of the frame to place a special shelf in which it will be held. This way of organizing the lighting will create the effect of a floating ceiling, since diffused light will fall on the upper tier of the ceiling. The shelf with tape will not be visible from below after installation.

In this option, it is undesirable to make the upper tier transparent or mirrored, it is better to choose a matte surface, because elements of the wiring and frame can be reflected on the mirrored ceiling.

Installation tips

Installation of a two-level stretch ceiling can be done by hand in a few hours. The main thing is to make sure that the surface is even; if there are distortions, then it is necessary to set the necessary levels of the frame with the help of a laser. When tensioning the web, it is important to straighten it completely so that no defects arise..

Even at the initial stage, it is necessary to think over where the lighting devices will be located and their type. Fix the bars in advance in the right places. A drawn drawing will greatly simplify the task, in which all parameters will be displayed: the height of the levels, their shape, the location of light sources.

Installation work is recommended to be carried out in warm enough rooms with low humidity. This is necessary so that the canvas stretches well and does not sag in the future..

Before installing the frame, it is necessary to completely clean the ceiling from previous coatings (putty, whitewash, paint). If there are depressions and other irregularities, then they need to be leveled. After that, plastering and priming of the ceiling is carried out with the addition of antiseptics..

After cleaning the surface, you can start fixing the wooden blocks. on dowels for the future frame. U-shaped or V-shaped profiles can be used instead of bars. Upon completion of these works, an aluminum profile or plywood (the base of the frame) is attached to the bars. The bevel of the installed profile to the wall must be smooth.

After installing the frame, a metal profile with a harpoon is attached around the entire perimeter of the wall, with which the stretched canvas will be held. At this stage, it is imperative to monitor the level of fastening, because later even small defects will be very noticeable, and to eliminate them, you will have to dismantle the entire frame.

As soon as the installation of all profiles is completed, the frame is ready to tension the web. First, the canvas is pulled to the lower level, and then to the upper one. When using a film cloth, it must be blown with a warm gas gun to achieve a flat and smooth surface without wrinkles..

To tension the canvas, you need to push it into the harpoon of the metal profile using a spatula. First, fastening is carried out at the corners of the structure, and then along the entire perimeter. The ceiling is stretched to the upper level using the same technology. At the end of the installation work, it is necessary to close all the seams with decorative inserts so that there are no gaps.

When mounting lighting sources, in the places of specially installed bars, it is necessary to burn a hole in the canvas (in no case cut through). After the fixtures are fixed, and the place of fastening is closed with special decorative inserts. When installing a ceiling frame with LED strips, you must remember to make a special shelf for them..

For information on how to install a two-level stretch ceiling with lighting, see the following video.

Beautiful examples in the interior

  • An example of using LED strip to achieve the effect of a floating ceiling. The lower level of the ceiling has a mirrored surface, built-in lamps are used.
  • The stretch ceiling has a rounded shape, with a chandelier in the center of the circle. The outer circle is illuminated from the inside by an LED strip, and along its perimeter – by built-in lamps.

  • The lower tier of the ceiling visually separates household appliances and the cooking area in the kitchen from the rest of the space. A chandelier of an unusual shape is used, the upper tier with a mirror effect.
  • Duplex ceiling with pendant lights.

  • Original stretch ceiling with yin-yang pattern.
  • A simple example of a polygonal top tier with LED lighting.

  • Very interesting design of the ceiling with levels in the form of a flower and with a large chandelier.
  • Ceiling decorated with a variety of geometric shapes in contrasting colors.
  • Two-level stretch ceiling with a rather strong mirror effect.

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