Block house for interior decoration: features of the material and work with it

For interior decoration of premises, a block house is often used, which is a competitor to ordinary lining. Thanks to the technical characteristics of these products, it is possible to create a relaxing microclimate inside the house. Let’s take a closer look at the features of the block house, as well as interesting options for interior design through this building material.


The block house is made of high quality wood without adding harmful components. In production, manufacturers use not only coniferous trees, but also aspen, birch, linden. Externally, the block house resembles a rounded log, although the back side has a flat shape. This finishing product is used for both internal and external cladding of premises..

Installation of boards is carried out through the existing grooves. The result is a high-quality cladding of various surfaces without gaps and gaps..

Also, the use of a block house allows you to create additional sound insulation in the room..

Advantages and disadvantages

Due to the fact that the finishing building material for interior work is made of high-quality wood, it has certain advantages in use, most of which are based on the characteristics of the wood itself:

  • Environmental friendliness of the product. Does not contain harmful additives, therefore completely eliminates the risk of allergies in humans. Coniferous trees contain volatile substances that can disinfect the air space from bacteria and various microorganisms.
  • Lightweight construction. Wall cladding creates a minimum load on the foundation.
  • High resistance to temperature extremes.

  • Easy to install. Even an inexperienced master is able to carry out the installation of a block house without the help of specialists..
  • Excellent strength indicators. When deformed, errors are easily eliminated by grinding and applying paintwork.
  • Luxurious design appearance. The use of this product as a wall and ceiling cladding allows you to embody the most extraordinary ideas in the interior of the room..

But the block house also has negative aspects of its application, which include the following nuances:

  • to extend the service life of the material, it is necessary to process it with specialized agents (paint, antiseptic, mastic);
  • it is an expensive product;
  • weak coefficient of resistance to combustion, because any wood burns well;
  • poor vapor permeability of products, as a result of which a large amount of moisture can accumulate under the finish.

Despite the shortcomings of the facing material, many owners leave positive reviews about this product..


Manufacturers make a block house not only in the form of a rounded log, there are also other varieties of this product..


A wooden block house is listed as a classic variation of a building material made from deciduous and coniferous wood. Basically, such products have a board thickness of 2 to 4 cm. If it is used for interior decoration of a room, it is necessary to take care of additional thermal insulation. Wooden products should be pre-treated with an antiseptic before laying on the ceiling or walls. Installation is carried out on a prepared crate made of wooden beams or from a metal frame.


The facing product is resistant to high temperature conditions and high humidity, therefore it does not need to be pre-treated with specialized means. A block house made of metal can last for about 60 years. The installation of these products is more simplified when compared with wood material. There is a possibility of installation in any room. For decoration, additional special elements are used..


Vinyl block house is mainly used for interior cladding. This variety perfectly imitates a log, thanks to this material, you can create an original design in the room. Building materials are manufactured in a wide range of colors. The main advantage of the product is that it is inexpensive, and installation will not be difficult. The only drawback of the products is the instability to sudden temperature changes, so they can lose their color during operation..

Each type of block house differs from each other in the installation technology and individual dimensions.. Before deciding on the type of block house, it is necessary to decide on the design solution and the features of the room where surface finishing is planned..

How to choose?

If you decide to decorate the walls or ceiling with a block house, you should take into account some of the nuances that will help you choose the perfect variation for your room..

The first step is to decide on the place where the cladding will be carried out. For the interior decoration of the bath or dressing room, it is not recommended to use coniferous wood, because as a result of heating, the material will release resinous substances that can negatively affect the human body. Contact with such materials may result in burns. Better to give preference to wood products made from linden or aspen.

The choice of products is also influenced by the size of the room. For spacious rooms, select models with a large board width.

Thus, you can visually increase the space in the room. Keep in mind that in small spaces, installing a block house will take up a useful space. In this case, purchase a structure with a minimum thickness, which should not exceed 1.5 centimeters..

Installation instructions

After you have decided on the choice of building material, you can proceed directly to its installation. Before installing the block house, experts recommend keeping it in the room where the installation will be carried out. This is how he gets acclimatized. Otherwise, during the period of operation, the finishing product may deform, which will lead to a complete replacement of the entire structure..

A block house made of wood must be treated with special antiseptic products, which will reliably protect the product from the appearance of mold and mildew. The next step is to process the finishing product with a fire retardant. This impregnation reduces the risk of ignition of materials when exposed to open flames. This is especially important if the decoration will be carried out in the kitchen..

Before installing the block house on the walls, it is necessary to make waterproofing indoors..

For this purpose, you can use isospan. Once the vapor barrier is installed, the thermal insulation can be installed. The material should have a low heat conductivity. Foil-clad penofol belongs to it. If the wall of the room is made of concrete, then the insulating materials are attached using a specialized adhesive.

Installation of the lathing

The installation of a block house must strictly be carried out on a crate made of wooden beams or metal suspensions. The bars are installed in a vertical position at a distance of 60-70 cm from each other. By means of a building level, beams are mounted in the corners of the room. Between the installed bars in the upper and lower regions of the structure, a rope is pulled along which the remaining wooden slats will be installed in the future.

The installation of the panels must be started from the lower area of ​​the structure, referring to the building level. Fastening of finishing products is carried out using self-tapping screws. When installing the panels, the groove should be at the bottom and the tongue at the top. Upon completion of the installation of the panels, the joints formed between the wall and the products must be closed with decorative panels..

The construction market offers a wide range of special products for wood processing. These include varnishes, stains, primers. Experts recommend using varnish or wax. After processing with these means, the structure will only need to be cleaned of dust with a damp sponge. Wax can reduce the risk of wood decay. It is also possible to paint the panels in any shade.

If you find any roughness and defects on the surface of the building material, they must be eliminated with sandpaper. After that, it is necessary to treat the product with a stain and let it dry completely. The final step is varnishing the wood flooring. It provides excellent protection against UV rays and high humidity. For this, special means of deep penetration are suitable..

How to combine?

Modern designers offer many ideas for decorating premises using a block house. Often this product is used in combination with decorative plaster mix, paints and varnishes and wallpaper. Natural building material is in perfect harmony with various types of stone and glass, as well as with forged elements.

Often, walls and ceilings in a bathroom are decorated with a combination of a block house and natural stones..

In the bedroom, only one of the walls can be finished, as a result of which an atmosphere of tranquility is created.. Also, wood, releasing useful substances, is able to positively affect the body. The use of wooden materials allows you to create the image of a simple peasant estate or a merchant’s yard. Heads and skins of animals are used as a decoration to create a hunting lodge..

An original design option can be created using both a block house and a lining at the same time. You can decorate with such building materials not only walls, but also the ceiling surface, as well as some furniture details..

Spectacular design ideas

Modern designers offer stylistic design through a block house not only in country houses, but also in an apartment.

Finishing with this building material is in perfect harmony with such styles in the interior:

  • Russian style;
  • provence;
  • country;
  • Scandinavian style.

High quality wood finishes look great in the kitchen, thus creating a cozy indoor climate. If the kitchen furniture is made in light colors, then the finishing material is chosen to match. When decorating a kitchen in the Russian style, all furniture should be made of natural solid wood. As a decor, you can use earthenware and wooden dishes, decorating details in the form of folk painting.

The walls in the living room can be decorated with a block house made in any shades. Modern style requires the use of the most extraordinary colors. If the owners are lovers of severity and elegance, you can sheathe the walls, ceiling and furniture set with a block house in dark shades. In this case, the furniture should be massive and comfortable, decorated to match the walls and ceiling. Never use bright colors. A special home comfort is obtained if there is a fireplace in the guest room. Crackling wood and dim lighting create a romantic atmosphere in the room.

The rest room requires light pastel colors, so the finishing coat should be decorated in such colors (beige, blue, white, pink). Light colors of the walls allow you to choose any headset in the room. Small-sized rooms, decorated in light colors, visually increase.

In the corridor and hallway, you can use a combination of a block house and euro lining. For small rooms, finishing materials of light colors (gray, light brown) are used, dark tones in the hallway, on the contrary, will create discomfort.

You will find out even more information about the interior decoration of the block house in the next video..

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