Ceiling design: beautiful solutions for interior decoration

The design of a house or apartment has many components, among which there are simply no more or less important, each detail is significant in its own way. That is why it is necessary to pay great attention to the design of the ceilings in the home and the choice of a suitable way to decorate them. After all, not all design solutions will be attractive in a particular interior..


In practice, the design of ceilings is not something separate from the decoration of the room as a whole, moreover, it is subordinated to this design as an integral part of it. If you can still experiment with the walls and tell everyone that “this is an accent like this”, then the upper part of the room should be strictly harmonious in relation to the surrounding space.

Some of the owners use antique or antique motifs decor, noble refined furniture. Against this background, the ceiling, covered with frivolous romantic images, will look frankly alien.. Better to maintain a balance and either update the entire interior at once, or use a solution in the spirit of “simple and clean”.

With an extreme lack of funds, it is advisable to give preference to the traditional inexpensive methods of finishing the ceiling – painting and whitewashing.

Types of structures

Thanks to the efforts of modern industry, a huge number of ceiling finishing options were at the disposal of builders and repairmen. Nevertheless, all this diversity is clearly subdivided by the number of tiers to be equipped..


This category includes painting and whitewashing, the use of simple decorative plates. They try to choose such a solution due to the fact that:

  • it’s cheap;
  • the work is technologically simple;
  • the minimum height is absorbed;
  • everything is reliable and elegant if the basic principles are followed.

The only problem is that the geometry is limited to one plane. Yes, defects in the base can be hidden, but the wiring is not always able to be masked.


Ceiling structures with two levels open up much greater decorative possibilities and even allow you to set the visual distribution of zones in the room as a whole. By choosing quality materials, they will prove to be impervious to water and invulnerable to ultraviolet radiation. But at the same time, it will take longer to mount the structures, and the cost of work increases significantly compared to finishing in one layer..


The presence of several levels at the ceiling at once significantly expands the possibilities of designers; they will be able to embody even the most original, most radical ideas without resorting to additional decorative means. There is an opportunity to focus on each of the functional areas, choosing the ideal stylistic solution specifically for her.. In large rooms, the complex structure of the upper part looks sophisticated and luxurious..

Difficulties are only caused by the design of such decorative systems and the practical implementation of ideas. The slightest mistake or carelessness of installers often leads to irreparable consequences, forcing to redo all the work from scratch.

Materials (edit)

With all the efforts of technologists and developers of new materials, some people remain firmly committed to whitewash. But it is used less and less often, because it gives good results only on an extremely flat surface, the joints of which are neat and do not form large differences in height. Moreover, the “good” result in this case means that when you have to remove less material from floors and furniture products. The need to work with a caustic substance, constantly keep your head thrown back also attracts few people..

The only justification for using whitewash is cost savings – no other option compares to it in terms of cost. And if everything is done correctly and mistakes were avoided, you can get an attractive appearance of the ceiling.

Usage wooden planks and planks perhaps not only in a house made of timber or logs; Moreover, in houses made of concrete, brick and other artificial materials, they add a sense of naturalness.

Some people use to decorate the ceiling wallpaper, but such a solution is not always appropriate and must be carefully coordinated with the design of the room as a whole. The variety of wallpaper appearance, color, texture and even relief greatly simplifies the selection, but it is still better to coordinate the final choice with experienced designers. Among all wallpaper materials, specialized ones are more attractive than others. They are ideally adapted to the conditions in the upper part of the room and retain their external appeal for a long time..

It is better to refuse wallpaper in bathrooms and kitchens, as well as on any surfaces that are not even and smooth enough..

A large part of home ceilings is decorated polyurethane plates or expanded polystyrene structures. According to the method of execution (laying), such solutions do not differ much from wallpaper, but they allow to increase the protection against water. In addition, when using such structures, it is easy to cover minor deviations from perfectly flat planes..

But it is precisely small, if the deformations are more significant, it will be necessary to additionally level the base or look for a fundamentally different way.

When choosing a material for tiles, it is necessary to take into account their chemical composition: some plastics and other synthetic mixtures can emit harmful substances, especially when burning. It is also necessary to find out what kind of glue is recommended by the manufacturer, and not deviate from the instructions of the instructions.. PVC-based panels are considered by many experts to be the best decorative means for the ceiling:

  • long serving;
  • mechanically strong;
  • absorbing extraneous sounds;
  • effectively resists strong heat, moisture.

Due to these properties, it is possible to use spotlights with halogen lamps (which create a rather strong heating, in contrast to LED ones). PVC perfectly closes pipes and various wires laid on the ceiling.

Plasterboard structures no worse than those created from synthetic boards, while they have excellent design potential, mask any defects and bad-looking details. Importantly, drywall is good for creating both single-level and multi-tiered ceilings, it bends well and allows you to form fancy contours. But finishing the upper part of the bathroom will have to abandon this material, it is too sensitive to the action of water drops and vapors. In addition, drywall sheets are mounted only on a well-prepared frame, errors in the creation of which will lead to significant defects..

Returning to tile products, you should pay attention to products made of wood fibers and MDF, which serve for a long time, do not pose a particular danger and tolerate moisture well.. MDF and fiberboard are able to appear not only in their own appearance, but also as imitations:

  • natural brick;
  • natural stones;
  • tile and ceramic tiles;
  • wooden surface from any species.

To diversify the appearance, you can use enamels and paints of various compositions, apply decorative films, sheathe the surface with slats “under the beams”.

When choosing foam the adhesive used to hold the boards must be chemically neutral. Otherwise, the design element may lose its attractiveness..

In the middle price group, the leading positions are occupied by suspended ceiling structures, which simultaneously enhance aesthetics and cover various technical communications. The advantage over the options already described is that, in addition, ventilation systems can be laid inside and recessed luminaires can be installed..

Cassette type finishing provides for the use of strong and well-protected metal blocks. This solution is practiced more in public buildings than in residential buildings, but its practicality is beyond doubt.. Rack format the ceiling serves sometimes even longer than the one based on cassettes, it resists the effects of water quite well, requires only relatively simple maintenance. Mirror format should be chosen by those who wish to create an exquisite and stylistically powerful appearance of the space, add light and amaze observers with depth.

Stucco plaster ceiling it makes sense to do it in interiors decorated as pompously and aristocratically as possible. Even in the most luxurious setting, it will look attractive and create a pleasant feeling. But the variety of gypsum options is huge, among them there are those that are suitable for houses of the middle price category..


The designers have developed many interesting moves that fit perfectly into the modern style and meet the most stringent design requirements. A deep white ceiling can be decorated with lights that shimmer like distant stars.

You can decorate the top of the room in a slightly different way, using a strong color difference between parts of the structure. Lighting fixtures are placed in one of the segments.

The overwhelming majority of decorators believe that embossed or even structures with one tier in height, equipped with hidden lamps, should be used..

Sloped ceilings look original and unique, especially often such structures are used in attics, where they allow you to beat a non-standard configuration. In order not to create an unnecessarily variegated and aggressive combination, it is recommended to use discreet colors when finishing the beveled top. As always in design, either form or tone can have a pronounced originality, but not both.. Preference should be given to white and milky tones..

There is a widespread belief that tree trunk ceilings are inappropriate in modern style. However, this is just a delusion: there are special techniques to overcome the apparent inconsistency. In the high-tech format, two key requirements must be met: objects must have strict geometry, but at the same time, their outer contours should not be too sharp. If you need to decorate a room in the spirit of modernity, you will have to combine other materials with wood, both natural and synthetic.. The only prerequisite will be strict harmony between the parts of the room..

A modernist kitchen is usually finished with wide clapboard, pre-varnished. Sometimes decorative structures are placed in the upper part of the room, making the interior less monotonous. The selection of material and its processing must be impeccable, it is necessary to choose wood that would not have the slightest defects.

The most unusual ceiling designs involve the use of artistic murals. It is recommended to entrust such a task to professionals, because this is a rather laborious and tedious task. If, nevertheless, it is decided to decorate the upper part of the room yourself, you need to draw up a clear plan, calculate the need for dyes and prepare special forests.

The plots for application to the surface can be anything – but it is worth considering whether they really fit or just liked for a short time. After all, if after a few weeks or months the appearance of the ceiling gets bored, it will not be possible to fix the situation without a new expensive repair. It is not at all necessary to take as a basis the motives of the old palace architecture, you can just draw the sky.

Floristic plots and various kinds of abstract compositions are no less popular..


But no strict adherence to the canons of style, no thoughtfulness of combinations of colors and materials will allow you to form an attractive design if the lighting is not properly prepared. It is also very important to achieve savings in electrical energy, which is steadily increasing in price from year to year.. There must be at least 0.2 m from the spotlight to the nearest wall. In a room shaped like a regular rectangle and without complex ceiling elements, the chandelier should be suspended in the very center.

When the stretch ceiling is being mounted, it is unacceptable to bring the luminaire closer to the seam of the film closer than 150 mm, neither in the horizontal nor in the vertical plane. For your information: the power of a single spotlight (spot) is enough to illuminate only 1.5 square meters. m in the room. When arranging devices in a symmetrical pattern, it is important to maintain the most uniform distance between them, as well as between each light source and walls..

Chandeliers and pendants are a classic solution for lighting ceilings, they are responsible for the main functions in most cases..

Such solutions can serve not only to obtain a luminous flux, but also to decorate the interior as a whole. It is worth considering using, in addition to basic lighting fixtures, spotlights and directional lamps. The most interesting effects are created when LED strips are used..

Too high ceilings visually lower, creating a purposefully thick shadow in some part of the room. Low ones raise, directing light fluxes in a certain direction. In rooms with an irregular geometric shape, both solutions are equally applicable, but with one amendment – central chandeliers cannot be used.

In children’s rooms and sleeping quarters, it is advisable to use light sources with soft backlighting that bring light upward. For the living room, it is recommended to use several lamps at once, each of which is “responsible” for its own area and helps to make the room more comfortable. All functional areas of kitchens should also be highlighted with their own groups of lamps. Corridors and bathrooms are most often illuminated by point light sources, the combinations of which are selected individually.

It so happens that you need to choose lamps for a very dark space; the original way out of the situation is the placement of stained-glass windows, hiding lighting devices behind them. Then a non-standard effect appears – as if the light is coming from above, and at the same time it turns out to be natural in appearance. When forming lighting systems, it is worth considering the mass of their elements..

Ideas for different rooms

Working with your own hands or inviting professional repairmen, you will have to take into account the differences between individual rooms. Any kind of ceiling can be used in the living room, with rare exceptions, all of them are ideal. The most modern option, but at the same time the most expensive, is the tension solution. When you need to make repairs in a small guest room, mirrored suspended structures are much better..

Serious financial constraints are relatively easy to get around, you just need to choose plaster hemming elements. The only undesirable varieties are suspended cassettes and panels made of polymer materials. Technically, they are good, but associations with the halls of clinics or official institutions negate these advantages..

A different approach manifests itself when choosing the ideal ceiling for the bedroom. Here, the upper part of the room should by no means attract undue attention and stimulate positive emotions. On the contrary, the ideal is the surface on which the gaze only slides, without clinging to anything. Mirrored ceilings in bedrooms are unsuitable, as are metal slats. Classic format – stretch fabric with a glossy sheen. In addition to him, you can apply:

  • drywall sheets;
  • MDF;
  • ceiling tiles.

In children’s rooms, the best way to decorate the space is the residents’ own imagination. Beautiful pictures, cartoons, starry sky – these are just a few typical examples..

The kitchen, including in the one-room “Khrushchev”, is distinguished by continuous evaporation of liquid, jerky temperatures and increased demands on hygiene. Therefore, it is necessary to take care not only of an attractive appearance, it is equally important:

  • moisture resistance;
  • fire safety;
  • ecological and sanitary characteristics;
  • ease of care and cleaning.

If in other rooms you can sometimes come to terms with an uneven ceiling, then in the kitchen it is categorically unacceptable. The slightest drop leads to the accumulation of dirt and grease, soot and other deposits. It is advisable to make the surface as flat as possible, and it is difficult to find acceptable alternatives to tension and suspended canvases. Whitewashing and painting, wallpapering are unacceptable, since such materials are not durable enough in difficult conditions.

Bathroom ceilings are subject to the same requirements as in kitchens. But the absence of a significant area in most cases makes it possible to consider a suspended ceiling (rack or mirror) an ideal choice. In “Khrushchevs” such a step is also suitable, provided that the surface does not have significant drops, and too much space will not be absorbed.

There are much more opportunities for decorating modern buildings. But you will have to take into account that in the first 2-3 years the new building will inevitably sit down, therefore finishing materials will have to be mounted with a margin.

In private houses, the design of ceilings must be thought out taking into account not only external features, but also with the maximum level of thermal insulation. The optimal solution therefore turns out to be a choice in favor of frame structures. The difference between suspended and suspended ceilings is that in the former, the installation of the frame under the front layer precedes the insulation, and in the latter, vice versa..

The studio can be nicely decorated with light neutrals that add space and height. As for ornaments and bright colors, you need to concentrate them in a certain place to avoid clumsiness in the room..

Beautiful examples in the interior

You can decorate the space with multilevel ceilings by creating outwardly protruding relief forms (over beds in bedrooms, over “islands” in kitchens). When the upper part of the room is sheathed with wood or clapboard imitating it, and light furniture is placed below, it is possible to provide a combination of such motifs as:

  • naturalness;
  • pomposity;
  • comfort.

A ceiling that matches the color of the walls (finished in the spirit of natural wood) is perceived better than a regular surface. The framing around the perimeter in the form of white relief stripes, behind which the lamps with the most romantic external effect are hidden, turns out to be quite useful.

The creators of this interior were clearly inspired by the desire to make the atmosphere as close to nature as possible. The ceiling with an imitation of the starry sky is in harmony with the landscapes on the walls. And the lack of bright color accents that would draw attention to themselves is very appropriate..

              And this children’s characteristic feature is cheerfulness and a festive mood. The pink floral arrangement against the background of the main white ceiling harmonizes very well with the pinkish motives of the walls, curtains, carpet and accent pillows. The sophisticated wood color of the flooring only emphasizes the overall design.

              For information on how to choose the shape and design of the ceiling, see the next video..

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