Ceiling “starry sky” in interior design


The trend to decorate the ceiling with an unusual design is gaining more and more popularity. Among the wide choice and design possibilities, the theme of the starry sky is a particularly popular technique. The mesmerizing blue and twinkling stars leave no one indifferent. Therefore, we study all the nuances of star ceilings.


The “starry sky” ceiling is an original stylistic technique for the design of the suspended structure. This is a plasterboard type of suspended ceiling, the component parts of which are a stretch canvas and built-in lighting. Sometimes other materials are used instead of film.

The uniqueness of the design lies in its perception. Often the effect is very realistic, erasing the boundaries of the upper floor.

This system has a frame made of metal or wood. The materials and fasteners used for it are lightweight and reliable enough. This allows you to complete the design of varying degrees of complexity, without exceeding the permissible weight load on the load-bearing walls and foundation..

Plasterboard sheets, cut to the desired shape, are attached to the frame.

The material used is lightweight, bends well and is able to take any shape. It is he who is a kind of case for the stretch panel.. If desired, it can be painted., it is compatible with any type of backlight.

The sheets differ in different thicknesses, in addition to decorating the ceiling, they perform the function of absorbing noise and some thermal insulation.

The central part of the system is the tensioning web. Depending on the type of raw material, it can be film or textile. In the first case, a high performance PVC film is taken as a basis. It keeps its shape perfectly, can have a different texture (matte, glossy, satin), due to which it is possible to convey the desired atmosphere. In the second, the panel looks expensive, resistant to low temperature conditions, but less elastic.

Advantages and disadvantages

You cannot ignore the characteristics of the ceiling in the form of a starry sky. They are made up of its merits and demerits..

Let’s consider the main advantages:

  • Such ceilings are original and unusual. They fill the space with positive energy. You can relax by looking at them.

  • They are appropriate in different rooms of the home. With a creative approach to decorating the ceiling with such a system, you can decorate a nursery, living room, bedroom, study and home library..
  • Variable designs. They can be selected individually, taking into account the characteristics of the ceiling of a particular room. The systems are applicable when arranging a ceiling with a broken perspective and openings for a fireplace, column or other complicating element..

  • The materials used for the construction of the ceiling structure are made on modern equipment using new technologies. Their quality makes it possible to do without adjusting or dismantling the system for many years.
  • Some types of ceilings in the form of a starry sky allow for floating technology. The hover effect is unmatched by any other design. In addition, there are structures that can rotate..

  • There are many possibilities for creating this design. Among them there is always one that will suit even the most demanding customer..

  • Techniques for fulfilling the starry sky are varied. You can choose between styling, fluorescent ink, built-in backlighting, or photo printing.

The structures use materials with a high level of fire resistance. They are easy to maintain and easy to clean..

  • The tension web is resistant to deformation. It will not sag over time, crack or fade. Dyes used for the star effect are resistant to sunlight.
  • The materials of construction are compatible with any type of modern lighting installation. If you approach the design of the ceiling thoroughly, you can use composite lighting..

In addition to the mass of advantages, there are also disadvantages.. Let’s note them:

  • The construction of such systems will take a lot of time and labor. Unlike classic tension structures, you will not complete the design in a day..
  • Budget possibilities do not always coincide with the design idea. To create a beautiful design, you need a lot of components, even with a small ceiling area.
  • A heat gun is needed for high-quality tension of the panel. Professional craftsmen have it, at home you will have to use improvised equipment to heat the canvas.

    • Not every type of texture used allows you to achieve the desired result. Sometimes the canvas has a high reflectivity, this prevents the chosen theme from being realistic..
    • Unlike the materials used to create the structure, backlighting often complicates the care of the ceiling covering.
    • Particularly complex design with the use of several types of backlighting will cost a lot.


    The uniqueness of ceilings in the form of a starry sky lies in the fact that they can be entered into any stylistic direction of interior design.

    Drawing on the business cards of each style, you can harmoniously decorate your ceiling with a night sky with twinkling stars in the following styles:

    • classic;
    • modern;
    • ethnic;
    • vintage.

    In each case, the design is individual. This could be:

    • night sky;
    • space map;
    • space;
    • nebula;
    • falling stars;
    • solar system;
    • Milky Way;
    • supernova explosion;
    • rotation of the galaxy;
    • highlighting constellations.

      The choice of drawing depends on the preferences of household members, their interests, as well as age. For example, complex drawings are undesirable for small children. Easy ceiling decoration is enough for them..

      Dark tones have a negative effect on older people. Ceiling decoration is accomplished through several techniques, including stickers, Oracal and glowing wallpaper. Consider the main.

      Hanging panel

      This option is nothing more than a particularly durable composite disc. This design is rather complicated. The panel itself is usually manufactured in the factory. Its installation is carried out assembled. The desired image is made in production: this is airbrushing or photo printing.

      Fiber optic threads are embedded inside the disc. It is due to their shine, when the structure is turned on with the help of the remote control, the effect of twinkling stars is created.. If you want to feel the unity with space, you can turn on the soundtrack (the system has a sound module). The system allows you to vary the shade of the luminous flux and its intensity.

      Ribbon and cord

      One of the most common types of ceiling decoration to give it the effect of the night sky. Usually, an LED strip or cord is used for such purposes. Flexible strip lighting around the perimeter allows for floating or floating ceiling technology.

      To make the image three-dimensional, it is embedded inside the stretch fabric..

      In order for the effect to be sufficient, the required power and the number of LEDs per square meter are calculated. m.If you need a lot of them, you will need an additional substrate.

      For the correct effect, buy a tape of white or neutral shade. In this case, it is undesirable to use an RGB model inside the structure..

      Photo printing and fiber optics

      Due to the use of new technologies, it is possible to preliminarily apply photo printing to the panel. This service is individual: you select a drawing in accordance with the required dimensions from the catalog or your own picture. You can pick up a drawing of a stellar nebula, space-themed compositions with planets. This method is convenient because the figure will have a lot of shades and white dots under the stars..

      If you place an optical fiber in these places, bringing the fibers to special holes, the effect will be more realistic than other analogs. For greater realism, threads of different thicknesses are selected, as well as their mixing. For a good effect, their number is about 130 – 150 pieces. It is even better if, in addition to photo printing and optical fiber, flexible tape is included in the design..

      Luminescent paint

      In addition to the basic options, sometimes the ceiling is decorated with fluorescent paint. During the day, it is practically unremarkable. The whole effect can be appreciated in the evening, when the room gets dark..

      The technology is a derivative of photo printing: paint is applied to the canvas in the form of a certain pattern. When it gets dark, the ceiling will be strewn with stars. You can pick up harmless dyes, which will allow you to design a children’s room in this way.

      Pins and crystals

      Such designs are, rather, stylization. The effect is achieved by means of strip illumination along the perimeter of the panel. Starpins pins and Swarovski crystals play the role of stars. PVC film is used as the basis for the starry sky. It is pierced, pins of one or more shades are inserted into these places. When the backlight is on, it creates the effect of the stars shining. To make the effect diffuse, fiber optic is mounted inside.

      Scope of application

      These designs are appropriate in apartments, private houses and summer cottages (unheated in winter). In the latter case, raw materials are used that are resistant to low temperatures. This design is used in finishing the ceilings of offices, clubs, studios. Let us briefly note the main differences in the design based on the living rooms of an apartment or a private house..

      Living room

      Bright touches, a flight of imagination, it is only undesirable for the panel to fill the entire area of ​​the ceiling. Due to the dark color of the coating, this can visually add heaviness to the interior. The design can have 2 levels.

      A good solution would be to use a translucent film of matte texture.. For more realism, it is preferable to bring fiber optic filaments of different thicknesses..


      Small soft inserts with a simple image. Stylization is preferable, perhaps a glass type of surface with decoration of the coating with shimmering crystals and built-in spot lighting. In the bedroom, glossy types of textures are not needed: this will create emotional tension. Black and blue tones are undesirable.

      The design looks better here in soft and diluted shades..


      Depending on the age of the child, it is possible to decorate the ceiling with luminous stickers or similar wallpaper, as well as luminescent paint. This will eliminate the need for a night light, will interest the child and allow him to relax..

      Teenagers will love the spaceship porthole design.

      Cabinet and library

      These are places where you can convey the desired mood using the theme of the starry sky. Since the premises are replete with small accessories (for example, books), you should not stick to a complex composition.. It is better to use one thing as a backlight: spotlights or tape..

      Design should not distract attention, changing the working mood to rest.


      Here, like nowhere else, a ceiling in the form of a starry sky is appropriate. However, the complexity is added by the broken perspective of the roof and the number of slopes, as well as the fact that the roof is both a ceiling and walls. For this reason the insert of the tension web is often small. If such a design is not possible, the interior of the attic space is decorated with stickers or glowing wallpaper..

      Open plan

      The reception of turning on the decoration of the ceiling with an accent in the form of a particle of the starry sky is performed in a certain functional area. This is more often a guest space or an area above the bar. But if you want to designate the dining space, you can decorate it, for example, with a floating ceiling of the night sky with LED lighting. It all depends on the taste preferences of the customer and the appropriateness of the design against the background of the overall design concept.

      How to do it yourself?

      Let’s consider an example of the construction of a “starry sky” ceiling with luminous LED stars and fiber optics. It is performed on the basis of a stretch ceiling and drywall. You will need components for the frame, suspensions, an LED generator, fiber optic filaments, spotlights or tape, a fishing (painting) net.

      • Initially, a frame is created, a base is prepared, a crate is made.
      • Mount plasterboard elements of the desired shape, pre-cut taking into account the desired design.
      • Determine the place for the light generator (making a hatch in drywall). The light generator beams are directed parallel to the panel, perpendicular to the threads.
      • Mark and fix the baguette 12-15 cm below the ceiling.
      • A fishing net is pulled at a level higher than the tension film. It is necessary for pulling optical fiber threads, will reduce the pressure of the threads on the panel.
      • When the net is taut, the threads are pulled. Their location depends on the degree of desired saturation..

      They are installing a stretch ceiling. They heat the air in the room, warm up the film, fix it at 1 corner, make holes in it with a soldering iron with a thin needle at the end (about 60 – 80 pieces per square meter). If a “big star” is conceived, several threads are inserted into the hole.

      • Light guides are pulled to the holes, continuing to fix the canvas in the corners. After all the threads have been added, the film is finally pulled and fixed from the corners to the center..
      • All threads are fixed with special glue. Trimmed flush with panel.

      It is possible not to make holes, but in this case the fibers will have less shine and flicker..

      To add originality, you can decorate the design with flexible tape around the perimeter of the box. Spotlights mounted with the same pitch will also be harmonious..

      Beautiful examples in the interior

      Let’s plunge into the world of the unknown, paying attention to the examples of the photo gallery. They will clearly demonstrate the possibilities of decorating the interior of different rooms..

      The original technique of inserting a square shape. Due to the internal illumination, photo printing looks realistic, the image appears three-dimensional.

      An interesting solution for receiving guests. Interior lighting conveys a special mood.

      The use of a bright shade and unusual pattern fills the bedroom with an atmosphere of mystery. Imagination paints pictures of 1001 Scheherazade’s fairy tales.

      An unexpectedly bright solution that does not contradict the general concept of the topic. Ceiling with stars creates a light feeling, relieves a laconic interior from boredom.

      Stylized technique of using the theme of the starry sky. The basis is a stretch film to match the overall color of the interior.

      The use of caissons in the decoration of the ceiling allows you to achieve a realistic effect of the starry sky.

      A laconic solution that fits well into the interior. Nothing extra. Designed with spotlights and flexible tape.

      An example of arranging a nursery. A small inset of the starry sky fits well into the overall concept of the interior style.

      Ceiling installation "starry sky" see the next video.

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