Choosing a window sealant

Any window system requires the treatment of seams and joints with a special window sealant. This niche of goods on the domestic market is filled to the limit with offers from Russian and foreign manufacturers. Making the right choice is difficult, but possible.


A window sealant is a mixture that looks like a paste. It is plastic and contains various components. An important feature of such compositions is their ability to harden after application to the surface. Thus, a special layer is formed, which is moisture resistant and airtight. With the help of window sealants, structures can be protected from temperature fluctuations, the effects of weather and atmospheric phenomena. Also, such mixtures are responsible for the attractiveness of the structures..

Criterias of choice

You cannot buy the first material that comes across for sealing window systems, which you liked with the label, price or praise of the seller – this will be a gross mistake that will not allow you to achieve the desired result.

Before going to the store, you need to answer yourself a number of questions:

  • where the work will be carried out: indoors or outdoors;
  • what material the work surfaces are made of;
  • what loads and influences the treated areas will be subjected to;
  • whether the sealant will be painted on top.

When the answers are prepared, the choice of the composition will be greatly facilitated..

Let’s analyze the criteria that should be taken into account in the first place.

  1. Performance is the most important criterion to consider when making a choice. It is better to overpay for a high-quality composition than to replace it after a short time.
  2. The color of the composition is selected in accordance with the color of the window structure. Many manufacturers offer a wide range of colors, so there are no problems with color matching. If, nevertheless, it was not possible to find the desired shade of sealant, then a universal transparent material will come to the rescue..
  3. The time of year that has been assigned to the job also influences the choice. For the autumn and winter periods, you need to use materials based on thiokol and polyurethane. With large temperature differences, it is recommended to use butyl compounds.
  4. For the price, if you want to save money without sacrificing quality, you need to choose acrylic materials.
  5. The presence of aseptic additives prevents the development of harmful organisms (mold, fungus). Sealants with these additives are advantageous.

It remains only to create an image of the ideal sealant:

  • the consistency is flexible and elastic so that the composition can easily penetrate into the smallest cracks;
  • high adhesion relative to those materials on which the sealant will be applied;
  • high resistance to mechanical influences, climatic conditions typical for the region of residence, and sunlight, which is a powerful source of destructive ultraviolet radiation;
  • the ability to stay on a vertical plane, and not drain from it;
  • chemical neutrality with respect to materials that will adjoin or in any way come into contact with the sealant.


Window sealant can be created from various materials, which determines its properties, features and the area in which it can be used. By composition, hermetic compounds are divided into several varieties..

  • Silicone – the most affordable of all options. The most commonly chosen material is white, although some manufacturers offer a wide range of colors. This material is used to insulate structures and fill gaps. The silicone sealant must be applied to a well-cleaned surface, otherwise the adhesion performance will be very poor. Wet surfaces are also not suitable. The silicone mixture fills fine cracks well and shrinks a little when dry.
  • Acrylic can be applied to areas treated with foam. It is a good and affordable material that adheres well to many types of surfaces, even wet ones. Most often, white varieties of sealant can be found, although transparent materials are also available. Acrylic sealant can be used as a putty for gaps and cracks that may appear after a window is installed. This is a vapor-permeable material, it is able to absorb moisture and darken a little.

  • Polymeric the composition is often referred to as liquid plastic. Such sealants have a short curing time and exhibit excellent adhesion properties. Such advantages somewhat pale in comparison with the high cost and the ability to burst under the action of loads. It is not always advisable to take a polymer for sealing windows.
  • Butyl created on the basis of polyisobutylene, suitable for interior use. The filler is chalk, the amount of which forms the strength characteristics of the composition. Its amount should not exceed half of the total composition, otherwise the sealant will crumble and dry out. Also, the material contains paraffin and oily substances, which are responsible for high adhesion characteristics. It is a vapor barrier, which is an important advantage..

  • Polyurethane the material has been on the market for a long time, is popular, and is a good option for sealing joints and filling cracks. After hardening, the mass increases in volume, which ensures a good seal. With this installation tool, the thermal insulation characteristics of the structure can be significantly improved. The user is not afraid even of the high cost, since it is fully justified by the excellent characteristics and durability..
  • Thiokol the composition in its structure has polysulfide components. For its solidification, you do not need to create special conditions and adhere to certain rules. You can work with such material in any weather and at any time of the year. Performance is also maintained regardless of external conditions. This material is great for outdoor work..

  • Polysulfide the material surpasses its competitors in fluidity, density and viscosity. It fills in all, even very small, cracks. The composition is two-component, which causes different drying times, in some cases this process may even take several days. Such a sealant is not afraid of high temperatures and ultraviolet light, it is frost-resistant and durable. It is advisable to use it for ebbs and for sealing glass units. The only drawback is the high cost, which is fully justified by the performance characteristics..
  • Suberic the composition is an absolute novelty, which, despite its short period of existence, has managed to win the favor of users. The main part of the composition is allocated to cork chips. Such compositions are used in many areas, the maintenance of window structures is no exception. The characteristics and characteristics of cork sealants are so high that many other materials are relegated to second place..

Scope of application

The area of ​​use is largely determined by the type of composition.

Acetate materials or acidic (relative to the scope of application) require adherence to the following subtleties:

  • can not be applied to metal and stone, as surface damage may occur;
  • also poor adhesion to gypsum and concrete walls is noted;
  • it is not recommended to use such compositions for processing plastic frames, since the adhesive properties in this case also leave much to be desired;
  • glass sealing can be performed successfully, since in this case the adhesive properties are at a high level.

Neutral silicone compounds are recommended for the following tasks:

  • can be used to treat window sills and blocks made of materials that are sensitive to acids (such materials are limestone and marble);
  • silicone-based sealants can be used for metal openings, since they do not provoke the development of corrosion;
  • such compositions exhibit good adhesion properties with respect to plastic outer boxes and non-porous (glazed) materials, which are often found between the facade and the window structure;
  • silicone materials are good for sealing and insulating seams from the outside;
  • for interior work, they turn out to be better than acetate materials, since they do not emit an unpleasant and persistent odor when solidified.

Sealants have a huge range of applications.

Many formulations are universal and can be used without restrictions to accomplish the following tasks:

  • protection of seams in PVC structures and window openings from the negative effects of atmospheric phenomena;
  • fixing window frames and glass;
  • insulation of openings for the winter, which must be done periodically before the heating season;
  • fixing window sills;
  • filling cracks and treating external and internal seams that form between walls and windows when installing or resealing aluminum, wood or plastic boxes;
  • performance of work on the processing of seams in structures made of concrete or reinforced concrete, subject to the presence of deformation not exceeding 25%;
  • glazing and sealing of balconies;
  • installation and insulation of ventilated warehouses.


  • “Stiz A” well suited for working with wooden structures, but there are no contraindications to plastic either. The working temperature of the acrylic compound starts from -20 degrees.
  • “Moment” – a well-known trade mark on the building materials market, in particular, compositions for sealing window structures. The manufacturer produces sealants in an extensive color palette, which makes it easier for the user to choose. Compositions with different bases, characteristics and operating parameters are offered by the manufacturer. The price is average and the quality of the product is excellent. This brand is respected among professionals, so you can safely give your choice to the mixtures “Moment”.
  • Tytan Professional – a trade mark that is impossible to pass by. A large line of mixtures is produced under this brand, which allow solving various problems in the field of repair and construction. The manufacturer offers excellent universal sealants and mixtures with a narrow specialization. The affordable cost with such premium quality seems surprising.

  • Krass brand belongs to the LACRA group, which includes a number of large Russian companies. Production facilities are located in various countries: Switzerland, Finland and Estonia. Compositions for sealing window structures Krass are respected by domestic and foreign users, therefore they are worthy competition to many manufacturers. The product catalog contains a large number of formulations with different bases, excellent characteristics and various fields of use..
  • Bauset company specializes in the production of many products for the maintenance of window structures. This number also includes hermetic compounds. The catalog contains many universal mixtures that have a wide scope of use. Among the advantages are affordable cost, excellent quality and durability while maintaining the declared performance characteristics.
  • Isocork and Bostik – these are the trademarks under which a high-quality cork sealant is produced. It is not worth experimenting with other manufacturers, since not all of them have achieved perfection in the production of this composition..

See below for more details.

Useful Tips

And finally, I would like to give some practical advice., which will help you make the right choice and not regret it.

  • Efficiency and reliability are important parameters to look out for first. You may have to overpay for them, but you cannot save on this..
  • The composition of the mixture and the recommendations provided by the manufacturer are information that must be carefully and carefully studied..
  • When working with the sealant, it is important to adhere to the instructions for use and not deviate from it..
  • The conditions that are necessary for the hardening of the composition must be met without fail. Otherwise, the composition will harden poorly and will not gain the full extent of its operational characteristics..

        • When unsure of which to choose, opt for silicone sealant. In many respects, it is better than its competitors; the combination of price and performance is at the optimal level. Polyurethane material has similar properties..
        • If during the sealing process you want to achieve a high noise insulation effect, then it is better to choose silicone compounds.
        • Choosing a well-known manufacturer that consumers speak well about is the right decision. Don’t be afraid to overpay for a trademark, brand, or advertisement. But you get a quality product that will cope with the tasks assigned to it..
        • Shelf life of the sealant. This parameter is rarely paid attention to. And in vain, because such materials, like many building compounds, have a limited shelf life. After its expiration, the sealant loses its properties, becomes unreliable and can ruin all the work done..

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