Choosing curtains for curtains under a stretch ceiling

Choosing curtains for curtains under a stretch ceiling

A good renovation will not bring a sense of comfort as long as the outside world is peering through an empty window. Curtains, tulle, lambrequin, curtain accessories, decorated by a designer, transform the room, make it cozy and protected.

The window is beautifully reflected on the glossy surface of the stretch ceiling. It seems fantastically high with airy tulle and stately curtains descending from the depths of the ceiling..


The stretch ceiling itself is a decoration of the room, and in combination with the effectively decorated window it becomes an accent for any interior. He is beautiful, diverse, hides all the ceiling blemishes. Easily assembled within a few hours. The ceiling can be located in one plane or make up a complex multi-level structure, equipped with extravagant lamps. The canvas has a matte or glossy surface, a varied color palette, it is stylized with drawings to match the interior.

Ceiling finishing does not require preliminary preparation, except for the installation of a window curtain rod before stretching the canvas. If this is not done in advance, the curtains will have to be placed on the wall.. A special niche is prepared for the cornice string, the absence of visible fastening, produces the effect of the appearance of curtains literally from nowhere.

In the design sense, the curtain is not tulle, but a curtain holder near the ceiling, thanks to which the window decorated with curtains looks so amazing. It is important to mount it correctly. It is impossible to hang PVC film, it is deformed, therefore, they resort to creating a niche. A slit for curtains is formed at the window using a plasterboard frame or tension structure. The size of the niche depends on the protrusions of the radiator, the window sill and the massiveness of the curtains (narrow – for light curtains, wide – for volume curtains).

The length of the eaves can be at the level of the width of the window or in the entire wall.

Stretch ceiling curtains have their own advantages:

  • beautiful visual effect of tulle floating created by the hidden structure;
  • baguette, strings, loops, hooks are not visible, which forms a more accurate look;
  • a similar window design is acceptable for any interior style;
  • curtains in the reflection of gloss “stretch” the space and create the appearance of high ceilings;
  • when using Roman or roller blinds, the illusion of unity of the canvas and the wall is created;
  • if you place LEDs inside a niche, the tulle will have a beautiful, distinctive look.

The LED strip does not heat up and is safe for fabrics, it is equipped with a remote control with a program for switching to various color combinations, which will make the window and its reflecting ceiling effective and attractive.


Visually, when the curtains are hidden, it does not matter what material they are made of. But the severity of the textiles and the compositional load influences the choice of a durable cornice.. Curtains for curtains are made of a variety of materials.

  • Aluminum. This material is lightweight and reliable. It does not look as solid as wood, but it has a reasonable price. Withstands light to medium textiles even with three strings.

  • Steel. For more massive curtains with heavy tulle and lambrequin, the steel version is suitable. The cornice, decorated with wood overlays, looks attractive. It costs a little more than aluminum, so it makes no sense to purchase it under light curtains. Curtains of this type with forging elements are used in exclusive cases, for some interior styles.

  • Plastic. The most budgetary, lightest and therefore popular, but at the same time durable, can withstand a serious load. They look quite aesthetically pleasing and varied (like stone, wood, etc.), the curtains can easily move along them.

  • Wooden. The most expensive and respectable. They look massive and are suitable for large rooms with high ceilings. Curtains can withstand the load of textiles of any severity. They are required to support certain interior styles..

Curtains for curtains look like curtain rods, when buying, check the equipment (rings, hooks, fastener, plugs). There are two types of fastening: open and closed (mortgage). In the first option, in addition to strength and price, the aesthetic component is important, the color, texture, combination of curtains with ceiling plinths are taken into account. In the second case, it is enough to decide on the material and the curtain movement system.. The tulle built into a secret niche will look airy and “floating”.

Structurally, the cornices have several types.

  • String. It contains one to three strings and brackets. For free movement of the curtains, the strings must be well tensioned, with excess length, additional brackets are used.

  • Profile. It is made of aluminum or plastic, easy to process, takes any shape with a bending radius of 0.1 m.Today is the most popular type of cornices.

  • Tubular. Cross-section bar mounted on brackets. It is made from steel, aluminum, wood and is only mounted on the wall. Curtains can be hung on rings or a bar can be threaded through a fabric sewn in a special way.

Jet and profile designs are single-row, double-row and three-row, it all depends on how much textiles are planned to be attached to them (curtains, tulle and lambrequin).

Which is better?

It is difficult to say which curtains are better for curtains, each type has its own functional features. It all depends on the tasks set by the consumer. For light and medium-weight curtains, plastic and aluminum curtains are suitable, for heavy curtains – steel and wood.

Single-row cornices are used for tulle. On double rows, you can place curtains and tulle. On three-row – curtains, tulle and lambrequin. Cornices should be preferred taking into account their functions. If you have not yet decided on the textiles for the windows, and the curtains already need to be installed, then a three-row device will do..

Choosing from the varieties of designs, it is better to dwell on the profile cornice, it is the most popular. Some models of curtains need a tubular version, to obtain beautifully gathered soft folds, the fabric is pierced with a barbell.

Curtains for curtains are wall and ceiling. In large rooms with high ceilings, cornices are hung on the walls; in small rooms, in order to stretch out the space, the cornices are attached to the ceiling.

Window textiles

By installing curtains under the stretch ceiling, you can decorate the window. Let’s try to figure out which curtains are better to choose. Curtains add a finishing touch to the room. If they are chosen correctly, they will become a great interior success, and if not, a great disaster that will have to be seen every day. Curtains come in different colors, textures, styles and styles..

If renovations are made, accents are placed, curtains should be among them. Stretch ceiling is a significant element of decoration of the room, and the curtains are ready to repeat its color in one tone or another (this does not apply to white canvas). They can also be matched with furniture, decor or wallpaper..

Sometimes, to highlight the ceiling or other elements of the decor, the curtains are chosen in a neutral color:

  • all shades of gray are suitable for cold interiors;
  • white, milky, snowy and other colors are used in Scandinavian or modern styles;
  • beige supports the contemporary direction, combined with gold and brown;
  • black suits any tone, it is considered neutral, but in fact it is a very active color.

A good effect is created by bicolor or tricolor curtains, that is, two or three colors are involved in a set of window textiles. This is done in order to match the multiple tonal solutions of the room. One color comes in harmony with the stretch ceiling, and the other with the carpet and chair covers.

Each interior style solution has a corresponding window equipment.

  • For minimalism the curtains are chosen simple and laconic, de jabot and swagi are inappropriate here. Just that rare case when curtains may need black shades, especially if the stretch ceiling is in black and white.

  • Classicism prefers wooden cornices with carvings and gilding. Wall-mounted options are suitable for him, since the classic style is created in large rooms with high ceilings, there is no point in stretching the space with the length of curtains using a ceiling cornice. Classics need heavy, presentable textiles with gilding.

  • Loft style It does not provide for comfort and often does by installing blinds. But textile curtains, even with all the rigidity of the direction, will bring a little comfort to the room. Narrow strong curtains with clear drapery on metal rings are allowed. Possible options for Roman curtains or Japanese panels.

  • Modern – an extravagant, rich style prefers novelties of decor, unusual shapes, allows you to combine colors and textures, creating the appearance of creative disorder. Any curtain will do, it is important that they are modern and one of a kind. Organza, transparent veil, flowing airy tulle go well with glossy ceilings.

  • Gothic with heavy dark curtains maintains the gloomy tone of the stretch ceiling. A rich burgundy, ruby, dark green or metallic brocade is used. Eaves are used massive wood or iron with a forging element.

  • Contemporary – laconic and cozy style. A single-level ceiling in gray, beige or white is played up with a deep gray or brown shade of window decor. Curtains should be straight and clear. This direction is well suited for small spaces..

  • High tech – the style of new technologies uses the most modern materials for decoration. Cold colors of stretch ceilings are combined with the chrome shine of artificial curtains. No soft curves, only pleated or straight Japanese curtains.

Each interior is special, so the curtains should be chosen individually for each case..

Mounting options

There are several options for attaching curtains to a stretch ceiling. Traditionally, curtain rods are installed by the open method on the ceiling or walls, then curtains are hung on them. The closed method involves the creation of a plasterboard box in the area of ​​\ u200b \ u200bthe window with a slit for curtains.

Closed way

To install curtains for curtains under a stretch ceiling, it is better to contact a specialist. Or, having a little building skills, you can try to do it yourself. To install the curtain, you should prepare screws and dowels, as well as a drill and screwdriver. The future niche must be calculated in such a way that the curtains can move freely.

You should start with the fasteners of the timber under the profile, it will act as mortgages. The beam is installed using furniture corners. They are attached to the ceiling at a distance of 20 cm from the wall with a window opening. This is the optimal setting for all types of curtains. The beam should be screwed a few millimeters from the eaves. With the help of mortgages, it becomes possible to hide curtains and attach a ceiling sheet. After installing the stretch ceiling, you can hang curtains, since the cornice has already been attached.

The hidden mounting option has its advantages:

  • hidden ceiling curtains are easier to hang;
  • you can nail any type of cornice, regardless of appearance;
  • if the ceiling covering under the curtain does not crumble, it can be left without finishing; drywall is suitable for a rough ceiling;
  • curtains descending from a niche visually lengthen the space;
  • the niche allows you to position the cornice so that the curtains do not catch even a wide window sill;
  • a big plus of the hidden mount is the ability to use the backlight: there are types of curtains that provide a place for installing an LED strip.

If the choice fell on the installation of a stretch ceiling, you should take care of the niche and installation of curtains in advance.

Open way

For fastening in an open or traditional way, a strip of wood (mortgage) or plastic is required, it is suspended from the ceiling until the film is stretched. The size of the strip depends on the eaves (steel requires fewer fasteners).

At the initial stage, the place of attachment of the curtain is noted. Then the profile is attached, under which the film will be installed. Under the window, the bars treated with an antiseptic are marked and mounted. Each stage of work is checked by the level. The ceiling cornice is attached with self-tapping screws to a wooden block.

The film is mounted on top of the mortgages, all work is carried out carefully so as not to damage the canvas.

Manufacturers and reviews

Having spent effort and money for a beautiful textile decoration of the window, you need to pay attention to the cornice, there are no trifles in creating a good interior. It should be of reliable quality, look good and match the style of the room. Among domestic and European products, the following brands are distinguished: Vilma Galeria, Olexdeco, Legrand, Cessot, DDA.

Judging by the reviews, many have installed the cornices on their own. More often they turn to specialists about hidden fastening, creating a drywall box, but some of them succeed.. Almost everyone recommends installing the curtain under the curtains before stretching the canvas, if the moment is missed, then it is better to mount it on the wall.

Spectacular examples for inspiration

A well-installed cornice is a guarantor of a successful window decoration, and flawless curtains are comfort in our home.. Here are some examples of this design:

  • open cornice under the stretch ceiling;
  • effective lighting of the ceiling curtain;

  • a cornice installed in a hidden way, the ceiling is beautifully highlighted along the contour of the curtain;
  • variant of a stretch fabric with a curtain niche. Soffits are installed in the plasterboard construction;
  • hidden method of installing curtains under a multi-level stretch ceiling;

  • air tulle behind a stretch fabric;
  • matte ceiling and curtains with beautiful fiery lighting;

  • curtains, without a hint of cornice, descend from the ceiling, making the room visually higher;
  • a correctly installed cornice and beautifully executed swags, produce the effect of a double window in the interior;
  • the reflection of the window in the glossy ceiling makes the room twice as high.

For information on how to hang a curtain on a stretch ceiling, see the next video.

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