Drywall crab: pros and cons

Drywall crab: pros and cons

Plasterboard sheets are often fastened with crabs, which are best suited for joining such materials. Consider the basic principles of working with such fasteners, their types, as well as the pros and cons of their use..

Features and Benefits

Crabs are used when installing metal bases, no matter how complex they are. To understand the correct use of fasteners, it is worthwhile to figure out how a metal base is created..

Most often, drywall structures are fixed on a metal base. An iron lattice is usually used as such a frame, which is a kind of analogue of the spine for the construction. It is she who becomes a support for walls, partitions, ceilings and so on..

Sometimes drywall sheets are simply glued, in which case a base is not required. But this method is acceptable only when the surface is sufficiently flat. Otherwise, fasteners are used on a metal frame..

As a rule, the frames are based on guides and rack profiles. Sometimes wood frames can also be used, but they may not be used in all structures. All metal profiles require fasteners.

In this capacity, you can use screws, dowels or self-tapping screws. However, the listed fasteners are inferior in reliability to crabs. You can also use a cutter. It is quite capable of replacing the crab, but such fasteners are outdated. This explains their low popularity..

Crabs are recognized as the most modern, practical and convenient option..

When using them, the duration of installation work is significantly reduced. Securing the base with crab fasteners provides the structure with a sufficient level of strength. In addition, such parts are quite flat, so they do not form drops and protrusions..

The advantages of using such fasteners:

  • can be installed in large areas;
  • when using a single-tier crab, a rather rigid frame structure is obtained, so that you do not have to worry about large static and dynamic loads;
  • very often, with the help of crabs, suspended ceilings are connected, this is one of the most suitable fasteners for such a design.

Thus, the main advantage of crabs over other similar fasteners is their reliability. Also, a positive moment of choosing such fasteners is an affordable price. Thanks to the combination of these two qualities, crabs are so popular today in the construction market..

Types of fasteners for gypsum board

Allocate two-level and one-level types of fasteners. Siblings are used to connect drywall in one line. Such fasteners occupy one level and are located perpendicularly. The thickness of the parts is slightly less than a millimeter. The fasteners must be snapped onto the profile. In this case, it is imperative to calculate the load. If you exceed twenty kilograms per square meter, you must additionally fix the profile using self-tapping screws.

Two-level are used to connect profiles occupying different levels. This is their fundamental difference from the previous type of fasteners. To secure a two-level crab, install two self-tapping screws on each side.

When sold, such details are deployed. Therefore, before installation, each fastener must be bent in such a way that it takes the shape of the letter P.


With the help of the devices under consideration, you can create a reliable and effective fastening that increases the strength of the structure..

The functionality of crabs is obvious:

  • With their help, plasterboard bases are fixed regardless of the plane in which they are located.
  • The use of such fasteners is independent. At the same time, the fastening is simple and as reliable as possible..
  • Such parts are distinguished by a high level of strength, which is ensured by a special design..

It is important to take into account that all connectors must be evenly distributed over the drywall..


Crabs are used for:

  • connections of elements of suspended ceiling structures;
  • fixing the frame for plasterboard walls and partitions.

Let’s consider step by step how to install crabs correctly:

  • it is necessary to take fasteners so that its antennae are directed downward;
  • crabs are put on the metal profile until it clicks;
  • after that, each of the antennae of the crab must be bent and fixed;
  • then jumpers are mounted.

The strength of the frame will depend on whether the fasteners are installed in the right amount and in the right places.

Location features

Fastener tasks can only be done efficiently when each is in the right place.

In order for the base to be reliable and serve for a long time, it is necessary to take into account some features:

  • careful calculation of the location of fasteners, due to which frames and drywall sheets will be fixed in the most reliable way;
  • the creation of a diagram in advance, thanks to which the installation of fasteners will be easier and faster (the diagram should reflect the places where the parts will be located);
  • ensuring the reliability of fastening with the help of special screws, which are also called bugs;
  • inadmissibility of any work before fixing the fasteners.

How to choose?

The creation of a metal frame is a very important undertaking. Shortcomings and mistakes can lead to serious problems. A drywall structure can deform and even become unusable. The same goes for the careful selection of components. The reliability and durability of the structure depends on their quality..

In the fastener market, some brands are particularly popular (for example, the well-known company Knauf from Germany). They occupy a leading position due to the high quality of their products, which is confirmed by numerous positive reviews..

Responsible manufacturers take into account all the nuances (the possibility of temperature and humidity changes in the room, various types of base coat, etc.). This is really important, because fasteners must be resistant to adverse external influences..

For example, some firms use a galvanized layer for additional protection of parts, take into account the adhesive characteristics, and provide the coating with an anti-corrosion effect. That said, good manufacturers also care about how the part looks. The cost of components depends on the brand, but usually it is quite affordable..

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