Dulux paints: pros and cons

Each type of finishing material has its own special characteristics, possessing individual properties. When carrying out interior finishing works, professionals pay great attention to the selection of paints and varnishes. Quality paints have an attractive color, while meeting environmental standards. Dulux paints are extremely popular with a wide range of existing products in hardware stores and markets..


Dulux paints are produced by the AkzoNobel manufacturing company. Paints and varnishes of this famous manufacturer are used all over the world, the demand for products is really great. Finishing products will surprise you with a rich palette of colors, high quality and optimal cost.

In the catalog with the presented product options, you can find paint with different characteristics. – special texture, resistance to negative influences of external factors, individual brightness and saturation of colorful shades.

The Dulux brand presents products that are ideal for painting kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms and bathrooms..

Today Dulux paint is produced in 26 countries. And the consumer market is constantly growing. The products have long been appreciated by experienced designers and construction specialists..

The manufacturer is very careful in the choice of raw materials, which is necessary for the manufacture of paints and varnishes. The popular brand Dulux continues to improve its product.


Matt paints are chosen to cover minor minor defects on the ceiling, wall and floor surfaces. The components that make up this material increase the opacity level. The use of paint that creates a textured coating is considered the most fashionable novelty..

Paints and varnishes have optimal viscosity. This characteristic will save time allotted for repairs. Dulux products can be used by a person who decided to paint for the first time. Professional experience for staining with such paints is not required.

Dulux paints are absolutely safe for health.

The manufacturer carefully selects the components for the manufacture of its paints and varnishes. Therefore, these compounds can be used when painting walls in a house where allergy sufferers, pets or small children live..

Paints are also used in rooms with high humidity. The paint coating will not wear off when exposed to moisture, temperature extremes or steam.

Usually paints and varnishes have a corresponding unpleasant odor, which will interfere with finishing work and adversely affect health. Dulux paints do not have a strong chemical odor. Special elements also greatly reduce the drying time of the paint coating.

A large amount of material is not spent on 1 m2 of surface for painting. When painting, the existing recommendations should be followed so that the material, when applied, can retain the coverage and brightness of saturated colors for a long time..

Among the wide range there are products designed specifically for paintable wallpaper. There are products that are intended for working with concrete coatings and wood substrates..

There are no drawbacks to paints and varnishes.


Classify materials by composition.

  • Water. The basis of this composition is a latex and acrylic type of polymer. These components are responsible for the reliability and strength characteristics of the material, protecting the paint coating from high temperatures. Before applying such ready-made formulations, you need to dilute them with ordinary water..
  • Organic. This type of paint and varnish product is made from alkyd resins, where the resins act as binding components, connecting other substances. For the decoration of living quarters, the organic type of paints is rarely used..

Color solutions are also classified by texture..

  • Glossy. It dries to a shiny and even coating. It is necessary to apply these paints only on a previously prepared, sanded surface. These products are often used to decorate minimalist and high-tech rooms..
  • Matte. Matte paint will result in a glossless finish. This option will be ideal for painting surfaces with small defects..
  • Semi-gloss or semi-gloss paints. This type is considered the golden mean between the first two options. After painting, the coating will have a slight sheen, cracks and tiny flaws will hide.

These paints will be the ideal solution for defects and problems in ceiling and wall coverings..

In addition, the “Dazzling White” paint will eliminate imperfections on the surface without plastering and additional financial costs.


Water-based solutions practically do not have a specific odor and are considered environmentally safe. This type of composition is referred to as detergent paints, the paint coating is easily cleaned of all kinds of contaminants. Such a finishing material, if desired, is tinted using different colors for this. To create harmony in the interior, the main thing is to decide on a shade of finishing that can overlap with the color of the furniture. Water-based solutions are used for painting walls and ceilings.

Latex paints are highly resistant to moisture and abrasion. All these qualities, respectively, are reflected in the cost of the material..

Another advantage is the low consumption of paints and varnishes per square meter and the ability to hide small cracks no more than a millimeter thick. The paint coating has excellent vapor permeability. Vapor permeability allows the walls to “breathe”, and this does not cause condensation, which can lead to dampness, mold and mildew.

The base, painted with acrylic paints, will not suffer from the negative effects of direct sunlight and will not crack due to dampness. Accordingly, acrylics are considered the best cladding for kitchen and bathroom walls. The paint can hide small chips. Some acrylic paints change color slightly when completely dry..

The silicate type of paints is referred to as mineral compositions.. In their production, liquid glass is used. The features include a low elasticity index, this does not allow the use of paint based on defects and cracks.

The main thing in the coloring process is to protect the body, face and hands. To do this, be sure to wear overalls, glasses, gloves..

Silicone paints will be useful when you need to instantly hide small cracks on the surface. This is made possible by the unique elasticity. A high-quality paint coating will save the surface from the accumulation of dirt and moisture. If you first prepare the base for applying paint, the coating will last a long time, retaining its original brightness..

Color palette

The range of products includes warm, dark, cold, pastel, bright and light shades. The variety of colors consists of more than 200 thousand different shades.

A variety of factors affect paint color:

  • type of lighting (light source can be natural or artificial);
  • the existence of other shades in the room;
  • room size.

All of the above aspects must be taken into account in order to get the desired shade..


The type of light source where the walls, ceiling, and floor are to be painted plays an important role in the selection of paint and varnish material. Natural lighting is very different from artificial light from lighting fixtures..

For example, a deep blue hue will only fully unfold in daylight or under fluorescent lighting. Incandescent lamps have a warm and bright light that gives the blue color a greenish tint. By the way, the blue color is in perfect harmony with a bright red or orange hue..

The cost of the paint and varnish material depends on the volume and the corresponding composition. When painting a large square, it is better to purchase a paint and varnish material with a volume of 10 liters. The components contained in the composition also affect the price indicator..

The best option for painting a wide variety of surfaces is to choose a silicone paint. This coating will last a very long time due to its high elasticity..

When choosing paints for painting a children’s room, it is better to dwell on products that contain antibacterial, antiseptic substances in their component composition. Such components will protect the coating from the appearance of fungus..

The mineral type of paints looks like a new whitewash. Detergent dyes are best used for dyeing wet rooms, smoking rooms. Washable cover can always get rid of accumulated smoke and dust particles.


    Most of the existing reviews are positive opinions. Consumers appreciated the existing assortment, as well as the accompanying benefits, which include a long service life and resistance to negative external influences. Buyers like the optimal cost of Dulux paints, the manufacturer supplies products without extra charges.

    Dulux products can be a very good purchase for your home., if you carefully familiarize yourself with all the characteristics of the product in advance and analyze how the paints of this brand meet your requirements.

    Dulux paint tips are waiting for you in the next video.

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