Features and Applications of Silicone Black Sealant

Features and Applications of Silicone Black Sealant

Sealing various surfaces and eliminating gaps is not as easy as it sounds. It is very important to choose the right solution, only then can the goal be achieved. One of the best options is black silicone sealant.


Previously, when there was no such product, it was possible to finish the seams only as a result of long and painstaking work. But the composition, giving a neutral reaction, turned out to be a real salvation. In addition to its practical value, the material is also useful with a zero hazard level for people, animals and plants..

This mixture has a dense structure and copes effectively with various tasks, such as:

  • filling a crack or seam;
  • repair and sealing of aquariums;
  • increasing the tightness of individual sections of structures;
  • prevention of external destructive influences, especially water.


Consider the most popular samples of silicone black sealant and their scope.

  • Kim Tec effectively insulates windows, doors, aquariums and so on. The sealant blocks the spread of moisture, fine dirt (dust) and harmful odors. Kim Tec Water Resistant is acceptable for indoor and outdoor use. The sealant copes well with glass and metal, ceramic and enamelled, wood surfaces.

Even gluing the aquarium with the composition of the specified brand does not require any complex skills, the result will be ready in 30-40 minutes. But the complete readiness of all seams occurs only after 24 hours. Then you can use the product fully. Although silicone is not paintable, this manufacturer compensates for this with the original range of colors. In addition to black, the brand’s lineup includes completely transparent (Sturm acetate), colored (light gray, brown, beige) and white glue options, which allows consumers to find exactly what they need.

  • Ceresit CS 25. The ideal sealant is considered to be a sealant made entirely of silicone. However, glue containing a small amount of additives also has high performance and technical characteristics..

  • Sikasil SG-20 is one of the most requested options. Such a sealant can be used for fastening parts of the facade, and not only for filling a separate seam or crack. He also proved to be excellent when working with window structures and in the formation of structural glazing..

The mixture is supplied in a container with a capacity of:

  1. 310 ml;
  2. 600 ml;
  3. 20 or 200 l.

The drug is considered initially ready for use and does not contain any solvents, almost does not shrink. The permissible temperature range for operation ranges from +5 to +40 degrees. SG-20 has excellent contact with almost all surfaces that need to be processed in construction or renovation practice. It is stable under moderate UV exposure and blocks the development of corrosion on the treated surface.

  • The use of sealant also gives good results. Abro 85 g, but the area of ​​its application is already somewhat different – it is automobile motors. Such a composition easily survives contact with various technical fluids, with the exception of gasoline. Allows work with water pumps and transmission pan.

  • Black Silicone Modification Adhesives Permatex Adhesive Sealant with the inclusion of synthetic rubber, they hold the seam equally well at temperatures of -60 and +260 degrees. The mixture will solidify after 24 hours. Guaranteed stability in contact with any types of automotive reagents, including motor fuel.

  • Abro 12-AB will help with the repair or replacement of almost all gaskets used in road transport. Using this mixture facilitates the reconstruction of gearbox covers, differential, inlet manifolds and other parts..

The formed liner can be up to 0.6 cm thick. Even after hardening, the mixture retains its elasticity, despite achieving high strength. Oil and water, antifreeze will not destroy the prepared compound.

Subtleties of choice

The easiest way to determine the quality of the sealant is according to the formulation of the composition. The best results (as mentioned above) are achieved when using a sealant, where, apart from silicone, there is nothing.

This mixture is different:

  1. low level of shrinkage;
  2. long-term use;
  3. excellent mechanical parameters;
  4. higher price in comparison with other adhesives.

It should be borne in mind that if a solvent is added to the sealant, it will not work to reveal this by weighing. But if you use such a composition to seal polyethylene, the substrate will inflate and form unpleasant wrinkles. Therefore, it is undesirable to buy a sealing compound anywhere other than large shopping centers and specialty stores..

A high-quality silicone drug forms an extremely strong chemical and physical bond. The high-temperature composition will withstand heating up to 300 degrees, but neither Ceresit CS25 nor acetate Kim Tec 101 have such a valuable property, you will have to choose other mixtures.

    The impeccable quality mixture is supplied in 310 or 315 ml tubes, weighing 0.34 kg maximum.

    If the drug is heavier, there is some kind of additive present. Sometimes the marking does not indicate the type of curing of the sealant, then it is required to unfold its package with the bottom up and squeeze (the acid version will give a vinegar smell). Testing for acidity is very important because acidic sealants create a foul odor during use..

    They are considered versatile and inexpensive, but not suitable for:

    • any non-ferrous metal;
    • cement walls, floors and ceilings;
    • marble surfaces and details;
    • other substances containing alkali even in trace amounts.

    For information on how to wash a car from silicone sealant, see the next video..

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