Features and scope of eurolining

Wall decoration inside the house is done in various ways. But wallpaper, tiles and decorative panels are not suitable everywhere. Sometimes you need a universal material that allows you to cover the surface of a residential building outside and inside..


Euro lining is a covering that is formed from a simple board. It is machined in all four planes and is equipped with a tongue-and-groove connection. Typical width with studs is 96 mm, without studs 88 mm. The thickness of the coating reaches 1.6 cm.The processing is carried out within the framework of a single technology, wood from one batch is necessarily taken.

Euro lining differs from the “simple” variety in that:

  • it is made more carefully;
  • divided into varieties;
  • has a sophisticated profile.

The moisture content of the feedstock is a maximum of 15%, that is, chamber drying is required. It is forbidden to classify products shorter than 120 and longer than 400 cm as eurolining. The tongue is made deeper, and the variation in dimensions between individual parts should be minimal. The reverse side is covered with furrows that drain condensate. Professional manufacturers are sure to wrap the shipped goods with a film that shrinks under the influence of temperature.


Assessment of rock properties is of great importance for the correct choice. So, linden is considered the highest quality and most worthy material. An array made of it works well in places with high temperature and humidity, such as a bathhouse or a sauna. Superior performance translates into higher prices for consumers. Aspen turns out to be the only acceptable alternative..

Softwoods are recommended for indoor and outdoor installation. But hardwood is allowed only in interior decoration..

The advantages of aspen lining are:

  • light color;
  • ease;
  • mechanical stability;
  • zero risk of cracking.

The pine is of medium density, rather heavy, immediately recognizable by its characteristic reddish-yellow tint. Gradually, the color becomes somewhat darker. Under the condition of processing with special mixtures, pine lining is extremely resistant to the effects of microscopic fungi, gnawing insects. A glued block can be easily obtained, painting and impregnation with stains does not cause technical difficulties. Larch varies in tone from light yellow to red-brown.

Such a coating is durable and hardly warps. Even negative weather conditions will not affect the properties of this material. The use of cedar gives good results. Such wood is distinguished by its strength and value, it looks more beautiful than the mass-used types. Another advantage is its good aroma, provided by substances beneficial to health..

The difference between the spruce lining is a light yellow color and a solid fortress. It is quite simple to process and paint it, so the cost is relatively acceptable for most people. The use of other types of wood raw materials is rarely practiced..

Scope of application

Spruce tree is used on balconies, but only after specially impregnation. The point is low resistance to water, significant temperature and attacks of harmful insects. Larch is used both inside and outside the house, and is highly valued due to its practical qualities. Ash and oak products are recommended for living rooms with low humidity, look beautiful and serve for a long time. To apply eurolining for interior walls, the material is carefully prepared to prevent rotting and swelling..

Contrary to popular belief, European lining is suitable not only for utility rooms. Modern designers and developers have managed to refute this assessment. Wooden blocks are perfectly combined with tiles, various wallpapers, plaster and so on. Euro lining can be applied to walls and ceilings to the same extent. But in the second case, the laid canvas should be placed as tightly as possible..

Whether it is necessary to specially process the boards of eurolining before laying on the ceiling, many are interested. There is no special need for this, you only need to dry the material at room temperature for at least 14 days. It is highly undesirable to speed up this process at home. Larch is not suitable for a bath, there it will very soon take on an unpresentable look. Coniferous wood is also bad there, especially in the steam room, since careless touching can cause a burn.

Alder, due to the increased concentration of tannins, is excellent for decorating a steam room. Such a tree absorbs water abundantly and allows little heat to pass through. Birch stands out for its bright texture, but does not tolerate high humidity. But it will be great in dressing rooms or in rest rooms, subject to antiseptic treatment. For your information: fastening the lining in damp rooms, unlike a regular room, must also be protected from moisture.

The lining is even better than the usual type in baths, because it is equipped with a deep joint of the groove and the ridge, it has an enlarged spike. Water drainage is more active. The surface hidden behind a layer of material is better ventilated. With vertical layout, an increase in the tolerated temperature is achieved by reducing the resource. Basically, this method is suitable for steam rooms with dry air and for saunas..


The classification of the lining is determined solely by the quality of the feedstock. There are no standards for this. More precisely, there is also GOST 8241-88 and East German DIN, but both regulations do not meet modern realities for a long time. The standard from the GDR, for example, allows knots up to 0.5 cm wide to fall out even for class A; in category B, the appearance of bluish shades is generally not considered a violation.

If you need to get a product of the “Extra” grade, the technique of joining boards is usually used. Without her, you would have to pay for such a product an absolutely unimaginable amount. After all, the number of perfect pieces of wood of sufficient size, even in a forest of the highest quality, is small. To protect the material, it is often even transported in a vacuum container. Fasteners are most often included in the delivery set. A rare consumer of the 21st century will agree to buy a product with such characteristics. A typical description of the European wall paneling of the “Extra” group according to technical standards provides for the complete absence of cracks. The required material is obtained using a number of mechanisms..

In addition to the drying chamber, you need:

  • circular saw;
  • end;
  • jointing;
  • thicknesser;
  • four side sander.

The authenticity of the category must be verified by direct examination. No labeling or accompanying documentation can replace such a test. If the seller refuses to demonstrate the product from the purchase, it is better to refuse. It is recommended to check selectively several boards from the top, from the middle and from the very bottom. As for category A, it may be even better than premium products or slightly worse, it all depends on the specific manufacturer..

Most importantly, the detected defects should not be covered with paint if they meet the requirements for the variety. Only varnish is used for camouflage. Additionally, wax and oil help to decorate the surface, give it a luxurious look..

Even on a lining of the worst grade, it is unacceptable:

  • through cracks;
  • cracking reaching the end;
  • rotting coverage of more than 10% of the material;
  • the appearance of more than 3 wormholes per 1 running meter. m.

Dimensions (edit)

Having dealt with the types of material, it’s time to familiarize yourself with its standard dimensions. The size of the groove is 0.9 cm (0.4 cm more than that of simple types of lining). If the lamellas are joined, the groove can increase up to 1.5 cm. The length varies, as already mentioned, from 1.2 to 4 m; the standard thickness varies between 1.3, 1.6 and 1.9 cm.

Width has such normative values ​​as:

  • eight;
  • ten;
  • eleven;
  • 12 cm.

The specified dimensions are suitable for cladding even a large room (hall). The size of the studs of 8 and 9 mm is equally suited to the standard requirements. Differences from standard dimensions are no more than 0.5 cm in length, 0.1 m in width.The maximum deviation of thickness is 0.07 cm, and in terms of the spike scale, it is only 0.05 cm. These requirements were invented for a reason, but in order to exclude the occurrence of cracks and loss of appearance.


The coloring of the lining is no less important than its size or other points. Most manufacturers paint this material in one way or another. A universal solution in many cases is white or beige. If you want to decorate the interior, any bright paint is radically used. It is used: even an initially inconspicuous surface can be transformed with your own hands.

Slightly indifferent warm shades make an excellent choice in bedrooms and kitchens. But the study or the corridor, which are of a purely utilitarian nature, are painted mainly in cold colors. Returning to white paint, it should only be applied where there is least risk of clogging. You should also be more careful with pearlescent shades. Despite their external effect, they get dirty extremely quickly, and this only intensifies in bright rooms..

Despite the relative simplicity of self-painting, an industrial coating is still preferable. It is deliberately even and clear. The quality of the paint is strictly controlled at the plant, they even check it in laboratories selectively, which is impossible in everyday life. There is no need to talk about less time and effort, and about the elimination of errors. Moreover, the goods arrive already dried and fully fit for assembly..


Installation can take place in various ways. After impregnation, the wooden slats dry for 48-72 hours, at the same time the wood adapts to the microclimate of the premises. Then they form a crate for the slats, attaching 1 inch pieces of wood at a distance of 500-600 mm from each other. When facing external surfaces, it is better to lay insulation between the surface and the sheathing. Its choice is made individually..

After completing the preparation, the coating itself is mounted in a vertical or horizontal course.. The second option is chosen mainly by those who intend to expand the perceived space. It is advisable to orient the rack grooves downward in order to exclude the accumulation of dust and dirt. Quality control is carried out every 7-10 rails. The last board will be more difficult to fit, and a lot of time will be spent.

Vertical layout implies the ability to visually raise the ceiling. In addition, it differs in that it allows you to put lining of various sizes. Action is required from the corner, the boards are attached to the grooves of the previous rails. The first board is attached to nails, the caps of which are overlapped with decorative caps. Clamps are attached to the rear wall. Whether to cover the hats driven inside the final board is up to the builders themselves..

In addition to dividing the euro lining into grades and its fastening, you need to pay attention to painting. Situations are different, in some cases, the color that initially seemed pretty, in reality, did not go. Or the design priorities have changed. Or a new repair is made, after which the old color becomes unacceptable. It is important to distinguish between compositions for internal and external work and never confuse them in principle..

Before staining, use protective mixtures, toning stains. Also, instead of paints, varnishes, oils for wood coating are widely used. Which of these options to choose depends a lot on personal preference. We must not forget that the color on the monitor screen or in the printed catalog, and even when you open the can, will not be the same as at the end. Sometimes you have to paint an inconspicuous area for the test.

Snow-white textiles, if diluted with lining and timber, will be perceived even fresher. Bright, luscious walls as a backdrop for light furniture are ideal. But to paint the entire lining in a perfectly white color scheme is unreasonable and uncomfortable. It is much more correct to make a slight deviation from it, add a slightly different color, even if it is only an ebb. To reduce paint consumption, wood is primed with antiseptic additives..

Complex tones with a sense of the presence of a layer of dust help to create a feeling of thoughtfulness, to demonstrate a deep intention. A great step is to combine colorful walls with a white floor or a darker ceiling. But it is not worth combining all three elements at the same time; only trained designers will be able to make a competent decision whether this is justified. Before starting installation, remove all foreign inclusions and dirt from the surface to be finished. The lathing is placed at right angles to the future course of the lining.

It is desirable to work from the corner. Driving a nail into the first plank or tightening a bolt can make the job easier. But the perception will be spoiled, and if necessary, it will not be possible to dismantle the lining, if the integrity is not violated. It is much better to use kleimers, moreover, they are more reliable. And if anything, it will be possible to remove the fasteners without damaging the cladding..

It is advisable to support the lining, which is to be mounted vertically at some distance from the floor, with a “pallet”. This is the name of the rail with a convex contour, which is held on the crate..

It is necessary to dismantle the lining not only if you no longer like it. Gradually, the wood will lose its varnished finish. Its color will also deteriorate. Reconstruction of these characteristics is best done after removing the blocks. All work should be carried out at normal room temperature. Ideal humidity for installation and reconstruction – from 50 to 70%.

The restoration of the appearance begins with the removal of the finishing and processing. Then the material is painted twice (it should dry). Then varnish is applied, dried under normal conditions for two days. Then they mount the lining on the crate. Waiting time should not be wasted, the crate should also be examined and repaired.

The original step is to apply Euro-lining on the walls, differing in tone. Various rooms located side by side are decorated with contrasting colors. An exception is made for very dark colors, which will only create a depressing impression. Another way to show your extraordinary approach is to choose an atypical ornament. So, along the perimeter of the board, you can put it in the form of a square, the inner part of which is trimmed diagonally.

This practice is applicable both in isolation from color delights and in close connection with them. An important role is played not only by the color, but also by the general stylistic concept. For example, in a country setting, white and its various shades are most preferred. It will be no less good in a Scandinavian interior. Then the appropriate color is chosen for both walls and ceilings..

Euro-lining allows you to create an attractive soft interior in an ecological manner. Kitchens are usually either completely sheathed, or with the help of this material, some dining areas are distinguished. An interesting and not yet beaten move is the padding of panels exclusively in the lower part of the wall. To separate dissimilar fragments, good results are obtained by using moldings. If there is no understanding in which room the lining is most appropriate, you need to focus on the bedroom.

The varnish that will be applied to the material should not be intended for baths. It is much better to use special compounds for external or internal work – depending on what exactly is planned. Installation of eurolining on brick and reinforced concrete walls without lathing is not allowed. On a wooden surface, it can be started immediately. But only on condition of an extremely flat surface.

Beautiful examples of interior decoration

      White lining can look quite attractive even in a very light interior. Skillful use of black and colored accents, even if they are inserted succinctly, can demonstrate its charm in this case too. For color contrast, it is a good idea to use various decorative objects and patterns on textiles..

      The light yellow surface looks pretty good if a dark cherry window is used for contrast. But it is better not to blindly focus on ready-made samples, but to take into account your taste and specific situation; observing these principles, you can get a high-quality interior that will last as long as possible.

      You will learn about the installation of the euro lining in the next video..

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